1. As per a recent survey by the Business India, this bank has been adjudged as the Best Bank of 2009.
a. HDFC Bank
b. State Bank of India
c. Axis Bank
d. ICICI Bank
2. In a recent development, Wockhardt Laboratories sold its nutritional business and a few other facilities to US based
Abbott Laboratories in a deal worth ….
a. $100 million
b. $110 million
c. $120 million
d. $130 million
3. Which of the following is the largest trading partner of India in the duration of April to February 2008-2009?
a. The UK
b. The US
c. South Africa
d. China
4. In a recent deal Sanofi Pasteur bought the stake of Merieux Alliance in …, an Indian pharma company.
a. Biocon International
b. Shantha Biotechnics
c. Torrent Pharmaceuticals
d. Dr Reddy’s Laboratories
5. India recently signed a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with …. 
a. EU
c. South Africa
d. Malaysia
6. Name the steel manufacturer which entered into a definative business transfer agreementwith Shree Precoated Steels Ltd,
in an undisclosed sum deal.
a. Essar Steel Ltd
b. Jindal Steel Ltd
d. Tata Iron & Steel Company
7. The government has recently allowed the duty free import of this commodity by private traders.
a. Wheat
b. Rice
c. Sugar
d. Edible oil
8. V Shridhar has been appointed as the new chairperson of ….
c. Board of Trade
d. Competition Commission
of India
9. As per the fi nance minister Pranab Mukherjee, the dual Goods and Service Tax (GST) will be implemented by ….
a. April 2010
b. September 2010
c. December 2010
d. January 2011
10. ‘Lighting a billion lives’ campaign was launched by ….
b. CSE
c. RIL
d. AV Birla Group
11. Who has recently been appointed as the CEO of IndusInd Bank? Can you name him from the given options?
a. Rana Talwar
b. Vaughn Richtor
c. Shailendra Bhandari
d. Aseem Dhru
12. ‘Swiss Avant-Garde since 1860’, is the tag line of ….
a. Rado
b. Tag Heuer
c. Omega
d. Cartier
13. Name the fi rst Indian bank that launched the fi rst credit card in India.
a. HDFC Bank
b. SBI
c. Andhra Bank
d. Bank of Baroda
14. This magazine promotes itself by claiming to be ‘India’s number 1 business magazine’.
a. Business India
b. Business World
c. Outlook Money
d. Business Today
15. Find the odd one out. Channel Owned by
a. TV18 Raghav Bahl
b. NDTV Prannoy Roy
c. Sun TV Rajnikant
d. Zee TV Subhash Chandra
16. How The Mighty Fall and Why Some Companies Never Give In has been authored by
a. Brian Tracy
b. Ram Charan
c. Jim Collins
d. CK Prahalad
17. Which of the following represents the expansion of ‘M’, in ‘AMC’?
a. Mutual
b. Management
c. Mobile
d. Manufacturing
18. Which oil fi rm uses the slogan ‘The energy of India’, to promote itself now-a-days?
b. Indian Oil Corporation
d. None of above
19. Who is the Director General of Confederation of Indian Industries (CII)?
a. GVK Reddy
b. Chandrajeet Bannerjee
c. Venu Sriniwasan
d. Tarun Mitra
20. Which of the following represents the repo rate and reverse repo rate on per cent as per the
RBI’s fi rst quarterly review of the monetary policy 2009-2010?
a. 4.75, 3.25
b. 4.50, 3.25
c. 4.25, 3.55
d. 4, 3
21. As per RBI, India’s external debt at the end of March 2009 stood at .…
a. $ 229.9 billion
b. $ 227.3 billion
c. $ 225.4 billion
d. $ 224.5 billion
22. Which of the following taxes contributed maximum to the Central government’s revenue
collection during 2008-2009?
a. Income Tax
b. Corporation Tax
c. Customs duty
d. Service tax
23. As per a recent study by International Finance Corporation (IFC), which Indian city was
ranked as the easiest city for doing business in India?
a. Hyderabad “
b. Bhubaneswar
c. Gurgaon
d. Ludhiana
24. As per National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM), which
of the following represents the projected Indian IT growth (in per cent) in the year 2009-2010?
a. Three to six
b. Four to seven
c. Five to eight
d. Six to nine
25. Which of the following is the largest economy of European Union (EU)?
a. The UK
b. Germany
c. France
d. Italy
26. Which of the following companies is NOT a part of the Future Group?
a. Indus League Clothing
b. Foot Mart Retail
c. Home Solutions Retail
India Ltd
d. Carmichael House
27. Naandi Foundation, an organization engaged in providing safe drinking water, has provided
water to over 700 villages in four states of India. This foundation is associated with ….
a. Biocon International
b. Dr Reddy’s Laboratories
c. Wockhardt Ltd
d. None of above
28. This country has the largest online population in the world in 2009.
a. India
b. China
c. The US
d. Russia
29. Which Indian is the president, global sales operations and business development, Google?
a. Nikesh Arora
b. Shridhar Ramaswamy
c. Ram Shriram
d. Sanjay Kapoor
30. Which of the following represents the new base year for inflation index?
a. 1993-1994
b. 1999-2000
c. 2002-2003
d. 2004-2005
31. Which business group is investing Rs 500 cr in the education sector and has plans to build 350 educational institutions in the next three years?
a. Bharti Enterprises
b. Yash Birla Group
c. RPG Enterprises
d. Essar Group
32. Which of the following personalities has been appointed as the Director General (DG) of
Standing Conference of Public Enterprises (SCOPE)?
a. Proshanto Bannerjee
b. UD Chaoubey
c. Amitabh Kant
d. N Ramachandran
33. This person is the winner of the SCOPE award given for outstanding contribution to the
public sector management.
a. OP Bhatt
b. SK Roongta
c. TS Vijayan
d. RS Sharma
34. Who has been named as the Voice & Data Telecom person of the year?
a. Manoj Kohli
b. Sunil Bharti Mittal
c. SP Shukla
d. Vikram Mehmi
35. Centre for Development of Telematics (C-DOT), that established the foundation of Telecom
industry in India, is celebrating 25th year of its existence this year. Who is the founder of C-DOT?
a. Dewang Mehta
b. Kiran Karnik
c. Sam Pitroda
d. None of these
36. As per The Telegraph, which of the following represents the amount that world has spent
in struggling to come out of the financial crisis?
a. $ 9.9 trillion
b. $ 10.9 trillion
c. $ 11.9 trillion
d. $ 12.9 trillion
37. ASEAN has recently signed an investment agreement with this country which is 8th largest investor in ASEAN having investment value of over $6 billions.
a. Russia
b. China
c. Japan
d. Malaysia
38. The newly-appointed president
and CEO of Shoppers Stop is
a. BS Nagesh
b. Govind Shrikhande
c. Ram Chandra Aggarwal
d. None of the above
39. The Central Electricity Authority that takes care of adding capacity to India’s power is
chaired by ….
a. RS Pandey
b. Rakesh Nath
c. Dhanendra Kumar
d. Rahul Khullar
40. Which of the following represents the rank of Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) in the Fortune Global 500 List of 2009?
a. 89
b. 97
c. 105
d. 119
41. Which of the following represents the worth of the deal as per which Fortis Healthcare
will be buying 10 hospitals from Wockhardt Hospitals ?
a. 504 cr
b. 678 cr
c. 845 cr
d. 909 cr
42. Which of the following represents the exports of India for the year ended March 2009?
a. $ 168.7 billion
b. $ 175.2 billion
c. $ 184.9 billion
d. $ 192.5 billion
43. This country was surprisingly the leading producer of gold in 2008.
a. South Africa
b. The US
c. India
d. China
44. In a very recent development, the Government has hiked the dearness allowance by … to the
Central government employees and pensioners.
a. 5 per cent
b. 10 per cent
c. 15 per cent
d. 20 per cent
45. As per a recent survey conducted by DQ IDC, which of the following companies has been adjudged as the best IT company to work for in India ?
a. I Gate
c. Infosys Technologies
d. HCL Technologies
46. James Gorman will be the new CEO of ….
a. Bank of America
b. Morgan Stanley
c. Standard Chartered Plc
d. Citigroup
47. This Indian domestic airliner witnessed strike by its pilots in the second week of September
a. IndiGo Airways
b. Spicejet Airways
c. Jet Airways
d. Kingfi sher airways
48. BIG CINEMAS is a subsidiary of …..
a AV Birla group
b Reliance ADAG
c Essar Group
d None of the above
49. Who will be the new CEO of Ranbaxy India?
a. Sanjeev Dani
b. Yugal Sikri
c. Malvinder Singh
d. None of the above
50. As per Fortune magazine, she is the most powerful business woman in the US.
a Irene Rosenfeld
b Pat Woertz
c Angela Braly
d Indra Nooyi
1. A recent test shows that a moon rock, one of those brought to earth by Apollo 11 (in 1969) and
Apollo 17 (in 1972), kept in a museum in the Netherlands, is fake. Who was the President of
the US at that time?
a. Richard M Nixon
b. Gerald R Ford
c. John F Kennedy
d. Woodrow Wilson
2. Norman Borlaug, who received the 1970 Nobel Peace Prize, died recently. He was a US ….
a. senator
b. agricultural scientist
c. social activist
d. economist
3. Which fi lm has won the Golden Lion at Venice Film Festival?
a. Lebanon
b. Zanan Bedoone Mardan
c. A Single Man
d. Head On
4. Who has won the tennis women’s singles fi nal at the US Open?
a. Kim Clijsters
b. Venus Williams
c. Serena Williams
d. Evonne Goolagong Cawley
5. Where did the World Championship, in which boxer Vijender won a bronze, take place?
a. Manila
b. Beijing
c. Milan
d. None of the above
6. Launch vehicle PSLV-C14 will lift-off from the spaceport at Sriharikota. How many satellites
will it put in orbit?
a. Eight
b. Eleven
c. Nine
d. Seven
7. With whom did Leander Paes pair to win the US Open men’s doubles fi nal?
a. Mark Knowles
b. Mahesh Bhupathi
c. Lukas Dlouhy
d. Max Mirnyi
8. The National Mission for Female Literacy has been launched to make around 60 million women
literate by the year ….
a. 2010
b. 2012
c. 2020
d. 2025
9. Which southern state recently announced that it would release water from Krishna from Kandaleru reservoir in Nellore district for Chennai?
a. Karnataka
b. Kerala
c. Andhra Pradesh
d. Puducherry
10. The apex court rapped the …government for constructing memorials and statues, spending
huge amount of public money.
a. Madhya Pradesh
b. Chhattisgarh
c. Bihar
d. Uttar Pradesh
11. The Ahmedabad metropolitan magistrate SP Tamang ruled that the killing of Ishrat Jahan
and three others was a case of ‘fake encounter’ by the Narendra Modi government. The killings
took place in ….
a. June 2004
b. September 2004
c. January 2006
d. October 2008
12. The West Bengal government recently announced that the state cannot go ahead with the proposed joint sector Kolkata Link IT township project, which was to come up in ….
a. Mednipur district
b. Bardhman district
c. North 24 Parganas district
d. South 24 Parganas district
13. Adoor Gopalakrishnan has won the best director at the 55th National Awards for the film ….
a. Naalu Pennungal
b. Mukhamukham
c. Anantaram
d. Mathilukal
14. In the UK, the most common name is Jack. The second-most common name is ….
a. Tom
b. Peter
c. Amit
d. Mohammed
15. China has objected to the visit of spiritual leader Dalai Lama to an Indian state. Name the
a. Sikkim
b. Arunachal Pradesh
c. Nagaland
d. Meghalaya
16. Which Indian is the world’s top earning cricketer according to magazine Forbes?
a. Sachin Tendulkar
b. Mahendra Singh Dhoni
c. Rahul Dravid
d. Yuvraj Singh
17. Which championship did Pankaj Advani win recently, which has made him only the second Indian after Geet Sethi to have achieved this?
a. World Professional Billiards Championship
b. IBSF World Billiards Championship
c. US Open Billiard Championship
d. None of the above
18. Which Indian has received the Nelson Mandela Award in recognition of the efforts for promoting minority rights?
a. Salman Khurshid
b. Salman Rushdie
c. Oscar Fernandes
d. George Fernandes
19. In which neighbouring country were Indian priests attacked?
a. Sri Lanka
b. Bangladesh
c. Pakistan
d. Nepal
20. Which country has issued amendments to ease travel to Cuba?
a. The UK
b. China
c. Australia
d. The US
21. Name the new navy chief of India who took over as the head in the beginning of September.
a. Nirmal Kumar Verma
b. Sureesh Mehta
c. Ram Dass Katari
d. Sushil Kumar
22. Which of these states will go for assembly polls on October 13 along with Maharashtra and
a. Sikkim
b. Assam
c. Arunachal Pradesh
d. Tripura
23. In the theft of eight rare monkeys from the Alipore zoological garden, the Brazilian Common
Mormosets were recovered from Chhattisgarh. Where is Alipore Zoological garden situated?
a. Ranchi
b. Kolkata
c. Bhopal
d. Delhi
24. JS Tissainayagam, a journalist from … was sentenced to 20 years of prison for his alleged
involvement in terrorist
a. Nepal
b. Sri Lanka
c. Japan
d. Pakistan
25. Name the fashion designer who has been sentenced to 59 years of life imprisonment for sexually assaulting aspiring models in Los Angeles.
a. Marc Jacobs
b. Anand Jon
c. Jason Crawford
d. None of the above
26. As a tribute Andhra Pradesh chief minister YS Rajasekhara Reddy, which of these
centrally-sponsered schemes has been named after the late leader?
a. Madhyamika Shiksha Abhiyan
b. National Mission on Medicinal Plants
c. Arogyasri Community Health Insurance
d. None of the above
27. Name the recently-appointed vice-chief of army staff.
a. BS Jaiswal
b. Arvinder Singh
c. VK Singh
d. PK Bhardwaj
28. … has been appointed as the new scientifi c advisor to the defence minister and director general of defence organisation.
a. VK Saraswat
b. M Natrajan
c. G Elangovan
d. W Selvamurthy
29. Name this nation which has been suspended from the Commonwealth after it failed to
bring about any progress in establishing democracy.
a. Myanmar
b. Fiji
c. Bangladesh
d. Pakistan
30. Andhra Pradesh chief minister YSR Reddy died in a helicopter crash on September 2. Which of
the other eminent personalities earlier perished in a crash in 
a. Homi Bhabha, 1966
b. Ashok Birla, 1990
c. Madhavrao Scindia, 2001
d. GMC Balayogi, 2002
31. A 10-day-old baby, with its heart protruding out, was operated upon recently in … in a rare
medical procedure.
a. New Delhi
b. Bangalore
c. Mumbai
d. Chennai
32. According to the UN World Economic and Social Survey Report 2009, develop world
consumes … per cent of global carbon budget.
a. 44
b. 46
c. 48
d. 50
33. Name the comic, which is in the dock on charges of racism.
a. Archies
b. Tintin
c. Superman
d. Garfi eld
34. About a thousand people have been stabbed with syringes in this country.
a. Iran
b. Iraq
c. China
d. North Korea
35. In Japan, the opposition has secured a landslide victory after ….
a. 55 years
b. 54 years
c. 47 years
d. 42 years
36. While ISRO had to call off the moon mission following snapping of contact with Chandrayaan-I, ISRO chief G Madhavan Nair has claimed that the mission had accomplished … per cent of its
a. 98
b. 97
c. 96
d. 95
37. This particular object will be used throughout the Commonwealth Games to promote the
games as green event.
a. Bamboo
b. Terracotta
c. Handmade paper
d. Jute
38. This university, keen to set up its fi rst campus in India, finds itself in a land-grab scam in
a. Cambridge University
b. Oxford University
c. Harvard University
d. Leeds University
39. The next four Indian Institutes of Management are slated to open next year in Tiruchirapalli,
Ranchi, Raipur and ….
a. Bhubaneswar
b. Vizag
c. Patna
d. Rohtak
40. Which country tops swine flu tolls, with 557 deaths.
a. Argentina
b. Brazil
c. Mexico
d. West Indies
41. Who has described the BJP as Ku Klux Klan?
a. Arun Shourie
b. Jaswant Singh
c. Yashwant Sinha
d. Vasundhara Raje
42. Which state has announced that it will have equitable standard school education from the next
a. Andhra Pradesh
b. Maharashtra
c. Tamil Nadu
d. Kerala
43. Edward Kennedy, senator of … and brother of slain President John F Kennedy, died
a. Massachusetts
b. California
c. Ohio
d. Texas
44. Which actor has showed interest in taking up franchise of an IPL team for 2011?
a. Hrithik Roshan
b. Saif Ali Khan
c. Akshay Kumar
d. Salman Khan
45. Stefania Fernandez, who has been crowned Miss Universe 2009, belongs to ….
a. Greece
b. Mexico
c. Venezuela
d. Australia
46. Which of these films has won the best feature film award at the National Awards this year?
a. Chak De! India
b. Taare Zameen Par
c. Gandhi My Father
d. Kanchivaram
47. Name this agrarian festival which is celebrated by the farmers in Orissa for ‘eating the new
a. Lakshmi Puja
b. Durga Puja
c. Devasnana Purnima
d. Nuakhai
48. Name the indigenously manufactured T-90 tanks which were recently showcased in Chennai
in a rolling out ceremony.
a. Bhishma
b. Arjun
c. Tank EX
d. Vijayanta
49. Who was the teenager who won the best golfer award at the Inter-Club Invitational Caddie
a. Wasim Khan
b. Jeev Milkha Singh
c. Jyoti Randhawa
d. Shiv Kapur
50. ISRO will be launching its first … satellite that would help in studying the upper atmosphere
and test low-costing positioning system.
a. Russian
b. Swiss
c. Italian
d. German
1. b. State Bank of India
2. d. $130 million
3. d. China
4. b. Shantha Biotechnics
5. b. ASEAN
6. a. Essar Steel Ltd.
7. c. Sugar
8. a. CBEC
9. a. April 2010
10. a. TERI
11. c. Shailendra Bhandari
12. b. Tag Heuer
13. c. Andhra Bank
14. b. Business World
15. c. Sun TV Rajnikant
16. c. Jim Collins
17. b. Management
18. b. Indian Oil Corporation
19. b. Chandrajeet Bannerjee
20. a. 4.75, 3.25
21. a. $229.9 billion
22. b. Corporation Tax
23. d. Ludhiana
24. b. four to seven
25. b. Germany
26. d. Carmichael House
27. b. Dr Reddy’s Laboratories
28. b. China
29. a. Nikesh Arora
30. d. 2004-2005
31. b. Yash Birla Group
32. b. UD Choubey
33. b. SK Roongta
34. a. Manoj Kohli
35. c. Sam Pitroda
36. c. $11.9 trillion
37. b. China
38. b. Govind Shrikhande
39. b. Rakesh Nath
40. c. 105
41. d. 909 cr
42. a. $168.7 billion
43. d. China
44. a. 5
45. a. I Gate
46. b. Morgan Stanley
47. c. Jet Airways
48. b. Reliance ADAG
49. b. Yugal Sikri
50. d. Indra Nooyi
1. a. Richard M Nixon
2. b. Agricultural scientist
3. a. ‘Lebanon’
4. a. Kim Clijsters
5. c. Milan
6. d. Seven
7. c. Lukas Dlouhy
8. b. 2012
9. c. Andhra Pradesh
10. d. Uttar Pradesh
11. a. June 2004
12. c. North 24 Paraganas district
13. a. ‘Naalu Pennungal’
14. d. Mohammed
15. b. Arunachal Pradesh
16. b. Mahendra Singh Dhoni
17. a. World Professional Billiards
18. c. Oscar Fernandes
19. d. Nepal
20. d. The US
21. a. Nirmal Kumar Verma
22. c. Arunachal Pradesh
23. b. Kolkata
24. b. Sri Lanka
25. b. Anand Jon
26. a. Madhyamika Shiksha
27. d. PK Bhardwaj
28. a. VK Saraswat
29. b. Fiji
30. d. GMC Balayogi, 2002
31. a. New Delhi
32. c. 48
33. b. Tintin
34. c. China
35. b. 54 years
36. d. 95 per cent
37. a. Bamboo
38. b. Oxford University
39. d. Rohtak
40. b. Brazil
41. b. Jaswant Singh
42. c. Tamil Nadu
43. a. Massachusetts
44. d. Salman Khan
45. c. Venezuela
46. d. Kanchivaram
47. d. Nuakhai
48. a. Bhishma
49. a. Wasim Khan
50. b. Swiss

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