1. Where is Gulf Cooperation Council session headquartered?
a. Riyadh b. Oman c. Qatar  d. Al Khurtum
2. Liu Xiaobo is the … person to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize while in prison or detention.
a. First b. Second  c. Third  d. Fourth
3. Who is the CEO of Bajaj Hindustan Ltd.?
a. Kushagra Bajaj  b. Sanjeev Kumar c. Shishir Bajaj  d. None of these
4. Who was the fi rst Indian to win the Miss Universe title?
a. Lara Dutta  b. Sushmita Sen  c. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan  d. None of these
5. Changthangi is a breed of which  of the following animals?
a. Buffalo  b. Goat c. Tiger  d. Elephant
6. Mullaperiyar Dam is constructed on which of the following  rivers?
a. Periyar  b. Kaveri  c. Ganga  d. Yamuna
7. When was Prasar Bharti established?
a. 1967  b. 1988 c. 1967  d. 1927
8. Oud is a …
a. Car  b. Language c. Folk Dance  d. Musical instrument
9. Khan Research Laboratories,  which designed Hatf V is located in which city of Pakistan?
a. Kahuta  b. Karachi  c. Lahore  d. None of these
10. How many times was K. Karunakaran selected as the  Chief Minister of Kerala?
a. 2  b. 3  c. 4  d. 5
11. The Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty was a bilateral treaty between the United States of
America and …
a. China  b. USSR c. India  d. None of these
12. Who is the author of Hard Times?
a. Raj Rao  b. Charles Dickens  c. H. G. Wells  d. H. O. Hume
13. Which is the most spoken  language in the world?
a. Mandarin b. English  c. Hindi  d. German
14. The art of communicating through fi ngers is called …
a. Danology  b. Cytology  c. Oncology  d. Dactyology
15. Who built Eiffel Tower?
a. Louis Williams  b. Gustave Eiffel  c. Brendon Eiffel  d. Quin Nan Mian
16. Atom Bomb was invented in which of the following countries?
a. USA  b. France  c. Germany  d. Russia
17. Which is the driest place on the earth?
a. Sahara Desert  b. Atcama Desert  c. Both a and b  d. Atacama Desert
18. When was the fi rst movie made in India?
a. 1957  b. 1927  c. 1961  d. 1988
19. Which city in Rajasthan is known as Sun City?
a. Rajasthan b. Jaipur  c. Jodhpur  d. Bikaner
20. Which hockey player is also recognised as Magician of Hockey?
a. Dhyan Chand  b. Dhanraj Pillai  c. Ajay Singh  d. Rajesh Tomar
21. The author of God of Small  Things is …
a. Nirupama Rao  b. Vikram Seth  c. Salman Rushdie  d. None of these
22. In which year did the Bengal division take place?
a. 1919  b. 1905  c. 1962  d. 1988
23. Who gave the slogan “Yes we can” during his Presidential election?
a. Pratibh Patel  b. Barak Obama  c. George Bush  d. None of these
24. Who is the current Secretary General of United Nations?
a. Kofi  Annna  b. Shiv Shankar Menon  c. Ban Ki moon  d. None of these
25. Which city is also known as Empire City?
a. Jaipur  b. New York  c. Delhi  d. Katmandu
26. Where is the world’s largest gravity dam located?
a. India  b. Burma  c. Pakistan  d. Nepal
27. Who invented the wrist-watch?
a. Charles Babbage  b. Patek Phillippe  c. Adam Smith  d. None of these
28. In the absence of both President  and Vice President, who serves  the offi ce of the President of  India?
a. Prime Minister  b. Speaker of Lok Sabha  c. The Chief Justice of India  d. Governor of a state
29. Where is the Great Slave Lake  located?
a. USA b. Canada  c. UK  d. Saudi Arabia
30. Which is the longest National  Highway in India?
a. NH 24  b. NH 8  c. NH 7  d. NH 2
31. Who is the supreme Commander of Indian Armed Forces?
a. Defence minister of India  b. Prime minister of India c. President of India  d. None of these
32. Who invented Nylon?
a. William Makepeace  b. Andrew Pitt  c. Wallace Carother  d. None of these
33. Who is the only lady who has won Nobel Prize for Chemistry twice?
a. Madam Curie  b. Carla Arthur  c. Roselyn Black  d. None of these
34. Who is the architect of  St. Peter’s Basilica?
a. James Spencer  b. Albert Ivanovich c. Donate Bramante  d. None of these
35. The national Aquatic animal of  India is …
a. Dolphin  b. Whale  c. Pirana  d. Python
36. National Youth Day is celebrated in memory of …
a. Swami Vivekanand  b. Shaheed Bhagat Singh  c. Chandra Shekhar Azad  d. None of these
37. Which Indian state has the  largest forest area?
a. Maharashtra  b. West Bengal  c. Tamil Nadu  d. Madhya Pradesh
38. Which of the following animals  can survive longest without water?
a. Camel  b. Dog  c. Rat  d. None of these
39. Which African country is in the shape of a horn?
a. Sudan  b. Morrocco  c. Somalia  d. Libya
40. Daughter of the East has been authored by …
a. Jawahar Lal Nehru  b. Nelson Mandela  c. Benazir Bhutto  d. None of these
41. When is the World Population Day observed?
a. December 8  b. August 17  c. October 21  d. July 11
42. Which of the following  countries has a 13 month  calendar?
a. Brazil  b. Ethopia   c. Siberia  d. Finland
43. When did the Foreign Institutional Investors (FII) enter the  Indian Market?
a. 1992  b. 1999  c. 1993  d. 1996
44. The Ryder Cup is associated  with which game?
a. Cricket  b. Football  c. Golf  d. Lawn Tennis
45. The Longest Railway Tunnel of the World, Gotthard Base Tunnel, is located in …
a. India  b. Switzerland  c. Germany  d. None of these
46. Hepatology is the study of …
a. Lungs  b. Liver  c. Brain  d. Kidneys
47. Name the fi rst Indian Woman to receive the Nobel Prize.
a. Mother Teresa  b. Fritz Robert  c. Jonathan Brown  d. None of these
48. Bagalihar Project lies on which river?
a. Ravi  b. Kosi  c. Chenab  d. None of these
49. The Tribal Group Kolam belongs to which state?
a. Andra Pradesh  b. Tamil Nadu  c. Bihar  d. Kerala
50. Wular Lake is located in …
a. Jammu and Kashmir b. Uttar Pradesh  c. Bihar d. Orissa
1. a. Riyadh
2. d.Fourth
3. a. Kushagra Bajaj
4. b. Sushmita Sen
5. b. Goat
6. a. Periyar
7. c. 1967
8. d. Musical instrument
9. a. Kahuta
10. c. 4
11. b. USSR
12. b. Charles Dickens
13. a. Mandarin
14. d. Dactyology
15. b. Gustave Eiffel
16. a. USA
17. d. Atacama Desert
18. c. 1961
19. c. Jodhpur
20. a. Dhyan Chand
21. d. None of these
22. b. 1905
23. b. Barak Obama
24. c. Ban Ki moon
25. b. New York
26. a. India
27. b. Patek Phillippe
28. c. The Chief Justice of India
29. b. Canada
30. c. NH 7
31. c. President of India
32. c. Wallace Carother
33. a. Madam Curie
34. c. Donate Bramante
35. a. Dolphin
36. a. Swami Vivekanand
37. d. Madhya Pradesh
38. a. Camel
39. c. Somalia
40. c. Benazir Bhutto
41. d. July 11
42. b. Ethopia
43. a. 1992
44. c. Golf
45. b. Switzerland
46. b. Liver
47. a. Mother Teresa
48. c. Chenab
49. a. Andra Pradesh
50. a. Jammu and Kashmir

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