[accordion title=”CMAT Analysis” open=”0″] [accordion-item title=”CMAT 2013 (May) Analysis”] Analysis of CMAT May 2013 actual paper

Quant easy to medium in some ques attempts 22-24.. Most of the questions based on cetking quant book… do 10 ques each…
Verbal lengthy with 16 reading based questions (squat RC and critical reasoning) attempt 20 – 22.. work on Squat RC and CR only.
Logic easy but puzzles little lengthy but all rest easy.. Attempt 21 -23… do 10 ques from different types of RC
Gk easy with around 13 – 15 ques do able. Loads of questions from GK on Mockengg.com …

Detailed PPT for May CMAT 2013 click here>>

CMAT Quant

Arithmetic 8
Modern maths 8
Geometry 2
Numbers 2
Data Int 1
Equations 1
T&W 1
Clocks 1

CMAT Verbal

Squat RCs 8
Long RC 3
Critical Reasoning 4
Vocab 3
Fill in the blanks 2
Grammar usage 2
Parajumbled 1

CMAT Logic

Puzzles 5
Deductions 2
Data Sufficiency 2
Cubes 1
Series 1
Blood Relationship 1
Truth Lair 1
Symbols and Notations 1
Direction Sense 1
Coding decoding 2
Decision Making 1
Critical Path
Input Output 1


Events & Locations 3
Current Affairs 6
Personalities 5
Organisations 2
Science 3
History 4
India related
Sports 1
Books & Authors


First cut analysis of CMAT Feb 2013 actual paper..

Quant easy but little calculation intensive in some ques attempts 22-24
Verbal easier than last year not at all lengthy with 16 squat RC and critical reasoning attempt 20
Logic lengthy esp puzzles but rest easy.. Attempt 21 -22
Gk easy with around 12 ques managable…

Quant overview:
Arithmetic 9
Modern maths 6
DI 1
Numbers 3
Equations 2

Logic overview
Puzzles 9
Data sufficiency 3
Direction 2
Critical 2
Cube 1
Input output 1

Verbal overview:
Squat RC 12
Critical reasoning 4
Vocab 3
Sentence correction 2
Idiom 1
Fij 1
Sentence completion 1
Analogies 1


Politics 5
Organisations 3
India based 3
Largest Smallest – 2
Awards 2
Science 3
Sports 2
Books 2
Locations – 1

Q/A with Rav Singh.. Post ur questions here in comments below and Rav sir will answer them now… Post ur ques below

Live video analysis 9 pm 
Live analysis of CMAT 2013 paper by Rav Singh Cetking on 21st Feb 2013 night 9 pm.. On this link..
Live chat with Rav Singh

Cmat 2013 paper 6pm..
Cetking’s CMAT 2013 actual paper based live mock mock is 100% based on CMAT 2013 actual paper. Look at the target scores in this mock and colleges you can expect. paper will be available on this link at 6 pm
[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”CMAT 2013 (Feb) Results Analysis”] CMAT 2013 (Feb) Results – Analysis:

So, February CMAT’s results are out. You could check the results here. http://aicte-cmat.in/College/Index_score.aspx . Many aspirants, coaching institutes and instructors must have been shocked looking at the scores and corresponding ranks. This is because of the huge increase in the cut off for the same rank from September to February. For example, September CMAT’s highest score was 330 whereas in February, that number reached 376.  In other words, September’s topper would have got a rank of 30+ with the same score in February.

The reasons for this could be:

  1. More number of people taking the test. (1.45Lakh students gave CMAT(Feb) as opposed to a mere 60,000 in September)
  2. CMAT (Feb) being the only exam left after most of the results were out.
  3. CMAT (Sep) being the first exam of the season.
  4. Increased awareness in General Awareness. (GA is the difference maker for most of the aspirants)

Let us look at the impact of the same on admissions. As most of the aspirants would be targeting JBIMS, let us analyze the case with JBIMS.

Before we proceed further, let us compare the milestone cutoffs for Sep and Feb CMATs.

Rank CMAT(Sep) marks CMAT(Feb) marks
1 330 376
10 305 340
50 290 325
100 280 316
200 273 306

This table clearly shows the huge increase in the cut offs. If we observe, 10th rank in CMAT-Sep is equal to 200th rank in Feb CMAT. JBIMS has 120 seats out of which the break up is as follows:


Category No of Seats
H.U – Open 35
H.U – Reserved 35
O.H.U – Open 9
O.H.U – Reserved 9
O.M.S 18
Total 120


Consider HU Open category. JBIMS generally maintains a ratio of 1:3 as seats to calls ratio. So, about 105 HU Open students should be called for the interview. It has been observed that there are 4 students from Mumbai in the top 10. Assuming the same ratio of 40% Mumbaikars, cut off rank for HU Open would be about 250 for JBIMS. To be on the conservative side, let us assume that the cut off is 200. As explained above, 10th rank in Sep CMAT is equal to 200th rank in Feb CMAT.

So, when both the lists are merged, we find 200 out of 210 rankers from Feb CMAT. As the cut off is 200, there would be approximately 190 people from Feb’s CMAT and only 10 people from September’s CMAT, leaving behind the duplicates. This shows the immense importance of February’s CMAT this year and also in the coming years. (This is the first time CMAT has come up with a Sep-Feb model. We shall park the discussion about May-CMAT as of now). So, the cut off would be around 205. But this is the border case.

As JBIMS gives a huge weightage to the written exam (5/6th or 83% weightage), it would be extremely difficult for border cases to have realistic chances. So let us assume rank 100(Half of rank 200) as the safe rank. The cut off for the same would be 316. So, for HU Open category, a safe score should be something above 315. Last year, the cut off through CMAT was less than 300. Same should be the case with other categories too.

So to conclude, CMAT-Feb must have opened the eyes of many coaching institutes, must have broken the hearts of many JBIMS aspirants and has definitely set a new bench mark for the future CMATs.
[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”How Sept and Feb CMAT will be compared”] CMAT 2012 sept results analysis.
Finally CMAT results are out.

17/100 ranks from Cetking…. still counting 🙂

Summary view:
Case 1: JBIMS accepts both CMAT scores cutoffs rank 150 and OMS around 50 rank
Case 2: JBIMS accepts Feb CMAT 2013 scores only cutoffs rank 250 and OMS rank 80.

Lets start with the toppers:

 CMAT Sept 2012 CMAT Feb 2012
Rank 1: Aniruddh Batra – Delhi Score: 330
Rank 2: Ratul Banerjee – Chennai
Rank 3: Gopal Bawal – Mumbai
 Rank 1: Vijay Rawat – Delhi Score: 327
Rank 2: Sujit Kumar Cetking student  – 322
Rank 3: Score : 321

Score of 285 will give decent chance for JBIMS. As there is not much difference between the topper’s score. Hence cutoffs for JBIMS will be almost similar to last year.

Last year last rank thro CMAT was 50 thro OMS (outside Maharashtra student). This year as CET is scrapped CMAT Rank converting JBIMS will be as low as 150 – 180!

Lets see this years toppers.. Rank 1 and Rank 2 are from outside mumbai so their chances in JBIMS will be from OMS category not through Mumbai univ category. So we can assume that every one in three students will be from Mumbai as the cutoffs for JBIMS on an avg is rank 56 hence we can assume 56×3 = 168 will be last rank converting JBIMS.

Range Students above this rank
300 plus 15
290 – 300 45
280 – 290 96
270 – 280 201
260 – 270 397
250 – 260 683
240 – 250 1130
230 – 240 1772
220 – 230 2520
210 – 220 3455
200 – 210 4588
190 – 200 5842
180 – 190 7299
170 – 180 8781

But because this year CMAT is conducted twice a year and JBIMS accepts might accepts both scores:
Case 1: JBIMS accepts both CMAT scores
Now in this case JBIMS seats will get equally divided into 2 (sept n feb CMAT) hence the last rank will be 168 / 2 = 84… Rounding it off… Rank of 100 will make it good chance for JBIMS for Mumbai students and 50 for OMS.

Case 2: JBIMS accepts CMAT Feb only.
In this case JBIMS’s all 120 seats will be filled by CMAT feb 2013 hence rank required will be approx 168 or round off 200 rank holder will good chance for JBIMS and rank 80 for OMS…

However I have not considered GDPI scores here..
Adding GDPI into the game the cutoffs will obviously fall further.. as its cut throat competition in GDPI stage… So the cutoffs will further fall. by almost 50 ranks

Case 1: JBIMS accepts both CMAT scores cutoffs rank 150 and OMS around 50 rank
Case 2: JBIMS accepts Feb CMAT 2013 scores only cutoffs rank 250 and OMS rank 80.

College Rank Score Percentile
JBIMS MMS 96 280 99.80%
Sydneham MMS 257 273 99.66%
KJ Som MMS 265 266 99.45%
Welingkar MMS 473 256 99.00%
GIM 4700 198 90.00%
SIES MMS 1130 240 97.50%
Dalmia MMS 1130 240 97.50%
Top 10 Mumbai 1922 227 96.00%
Top 20 mumbai 4700 198 90.00%
Welingkar PG * 2402 221 95.00%
Welingkar PG ** 7202 180 85.00%
KJ Som PG 4700 198 90.00%

* = For freshers, ** = With workex and profile based
Note: These ranks considers good GDPI scores.

However many stalwarts have not taken this CMAT so numbers will drastically change after feb CMAT results.
[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”CMAT 2012 feb analysis”] CMAT 2012 feb analysis: Was it a CMAT paper or MhCET paper!!!

Paper is in line with CET paper interms of level of difficulty. Was expecting this to be like CAT / NMAT but it was like taking CET paper online loads of questions from CETking handouts and mockengineering.
Solve CMAT 2012 paper online >>


1. Quant – Simple straightforward questions – Easy
2. DI – Simple with minimum calculations – Easy
3. Critical reasoning – Tricky – Difficult
4. Logical Reasoning – exactly same as CET – Easy
5. Verbal Ability – some questions were tricky – Moderate to tough
6. GK – Mostly current affairs with little bit history and name of personalities – Easy to Moderate
7. RC – No long RCs but small one paragraph RCs with inference based questions – Moderate

1. No set based questions like 5 questions on one DI set or one RC.
2. No “big typical” RCs, broken down paragraphs with one question.
3. No sectional timings so feel free to move anywhere
4. All 100 questions in order, don’t need to logout from a section to see other section
5. Paper quite similar to CET paper pattern.
6. The questions were evenly distributed among all areas. Eg Quant section contained questions from all areas no area was dominant.

Order of questions:
Ques 1 – 25 Quant + DI
Ques 26 – 50 Logic
Ques 51 – 75 Verbal
Ques 76 – 100 GK
Though you can skip and move around to any section / question.

Ideal Attempts for colleges:
Quant 16 – 18
Verbal 16 – 18
GK 5 – 8
LR 15+

Ideal Attempts for JBIMS:
Quant 18+
Verbal 18+
GK 8+
LR 18+

Early Start
First time I was on time for any entrance exam but unfortunately I forgot to get my admit card attested. So please do so get your stuff attested. Were told to reach there at 8 but paper started at 9.45 so unnecessary wait and waste of time which was taking its toll on some of the students. But most of the students were chilled out and relaxed as most of them are not taking CMAT seriously. So first advise will be to chill and relax – have a coffee, tea or red bull before getting into the room. One of my students was reading logical reasoning book (input output). Last minute study won’t help so take the chill pill.

First 25 questions QA/DI:

I personally wanted start with QA/DI section and fortunately got the first 25 questions based on Quant. Quant section was very similar to CET papers. Around 10+ questions were directly based on the books and study material you have. Brushing up the formulas will definitely help. The questions were evenly distributed among all sections. Loads of questions were directly based on CETking handouts.

Around 10 of the questions more logic based not a direct application of the formulas similar to CAT but still easier to solve. If you have done the quant thoroughly with proper understanding of the topics then solving these questions will not be a problem.

There were 3 calculations based but straight forward Data Interpretation questions. DI was much easier than expected. If you have attended my workshops then solving DI without won’t be a problem for you.

Quant Verdict:
Ideal attempt: 16 – 18 with good accuracy
JBIMS: 18+ questions
Top 4 colleges: 15+ questions
Top 10 colleges: 12+ questions
Quant: Easy with some tricky questions!
DI: Easy with easy calculation

Final tips:
Don’t leave any type of questions do basics of all questions including geometry, logarithms, etc
Do solved examples of all type of questions
Concentrate on arithmetic


Area Topic Questions
Quant/DI Section Arithmetic


Data Interpretation




Modern maths




Important topics to cover:
AP GP series
Pipes and cistern
Mixtures Averages
Clocks and calendars
Maxima Minima
Venn diagram
Pie chart

Second 25 questions Logical Ability:
Logic was the total shock was expecting a little difficult set but was surprised to see easy single questions. CMAT have tried to cover every topic in CET paper pattern. Will be uploading a similar paper pattern based paper soon on www.cetking.com

Right from series to coding decoding. Deductions to visual reasoning everthing was covered. Puzzles were quite simple with only one question per set.

Area Topic Total
Logic Section Logical reasoning


Verbal Reasoning






Coding decoding


Visual Reasoning


Detailed topics to be done (Sample)
Liar, truth
Leap year
Coding decoding
Series Alphabetical
Blood relations
Direction Sense
Verbal reasoning – Strong weak Argument
Verbal reasoning – Strengthening Argument
Puzzles – Linear Arrangement
Puzzles – Circular
Puzzles – Matrix based
Puzzles – Mathemetical
Puzzles – Venn diagram
Deductions – Multiple statements
Deductions – 2 statements
Deductions – 3 statements

Third 25 questions Verbal Ability:
Verbal section was quite surprising as there was no traditional RCs. It was replaced with single statement based RCs. Which could have been easily solved using our G strategy (taught in CETking workshops). There were very few questions which had confusing or close options.

Single paragraph RCs were typical, mix of science, philosophy, politics and culture based which were quite tricky to solve. There were loads of Critical reasoning questions in verbal section which will help reduce the cutoffs.

Verbal Verdict:
Ideal attempt: 16 – 18 with good accuracy
JBIMS: 16+ questions
Top 4 colleges: 14+ questions
Top 10 colleges: 12+ questions
Verbal ability: Easy with some tricky questions!
RC: Easy with some tricky questions!
Verbal Reasoning: Moderate to tough

Final tips:
Don’t leave any type of questions do basics of all questions including geometry, logarithms, etc. Concentrate on verbal reasoning.

Area Topic Total
Verbal Section Short RCs / Critical Reasoning


Fill in the blanks


Grammar usage








Important topics to cover:
Short RCs / Critical Reasoning – Meaning of the word
Short RCs / Critical Reasoning – Inference based
Short RCs / Critical Reasoning – Which of the following supports the argument
Short RCs / Critical Reasoning – Conclusion
Fill in the blanks – 1 statement
Fill in the blanks – Multiple statements
Fill in the blanks – 2 statements
Sentence Correction

Final 25 questions General Knowledge:
GK was quite easy as compared to other exams.
Most of the questions were based on current affairs on the year 2012, 2011 and 2010!
There were quite a few questions on personalities and their line of expertise.
Solve GK questions given on www.cmat2012.in all last years MAT and bank PO questions are loaded here.

Area Topic Total
GK Section Current Affairs
















Sample analysis


Section Area Topic Questions
Quant/DI Section Arithmetic Equations 2
Quant/DI Section Arithmetic AP GP series 1
Quant/DI Section Arithmetic Pipes and cistern 1
Quant/DI Section Arithmetic Mixtures Averages 1
Quant/DI Section Arithmetic Clocks and calendars 1
Quant/DI Section Arithmetic Production 1
Quant/DI Section Arithmetic Ratios 1
Quant/DI Section Arithmetic Ages 1
Quant/DI Section Arithmetic mandays 1
Quant/DI Section Modern maths Inequalities 3
Quant/DI Section Modern maths Probability 2
Quant/DI Section Modern maths Statistics 1
Quant/DI Section Modern maths Maxima Minima 1
Quant/DI Section Modern maths Venn diagram 1
Quant/DI Section Modern maths P&C 1
Quant/DI Section Data Interpretation Tables 2
Quant/DI Section Data Interpretation Pie chart 1
Quant/DI Section Numbers Series 1
Quant/DI Section Numbers LCM HCF 1
Quant/DI Section Geometry Area 1
Logic Section Logical reasoning Symbols 2
Logic Section Logical reasoning Liar, truth 1
Logic Section Logical reasoning Leap year 1
Logic Section Logical reasoning Coding decoding 1
Logic Section Logical reasoning Series Alphabetical 1
Logic Section Logical reasoning cubes 1
Logic Section Logical reasoning Blood relations 1
Logic Section Logical reasoning Direction Sense 1
Logic Section Verbal Reasoning Strong weak Argument 3
Logic Section Verbal Reasoning Strengthening Argument 2
Logic Section Puzzles Linear Arrangement 2
Logic Section Puzzles Circular 1
Logic Section Puzzles Matrix based 1
Logic Section Puzzles Mathemetical 1
Logic Section Deductions Venn diagram 1
Logic Section Deductions Multiple statements 1
Logic Section Deductions 2 statements 1
Logic Section Deductions 3 statements 1
Logic Section Coding decoding Coding decoding 1
Logic Section Visual Reasoning Visual Reasoning 1
Verbal Section Short RCs / Critical Reasoning Meaning of the word 5
Verbal Section Short RCs / Critical Reasoning Inference based 5
Verbal Section Short RCs / Critical Reasoning Supports the argument 4
Verbal Section Short RCs / Critical Reasoning Conclusion 2
Verbal Section Fill in the blanks 1 statement 2
Verbal Section Fill in the blanks Multiple statements 1
Verbal Section Fill in the blanks 2 statements 1
Verbal Section Grammar usage Sentence Correction 2
Verbal Section Vocab Symonyms 1
Verbal Section Parajumbled Parajumbled 1
Verbal Section Idioms Idioms 1
GK Section Current Affairs Current Affairs 7
GK Section Personalities Personalities 5
GK Section History History 4
GK Section Science Science 3
GK Section Locations Locations 3
GK Section Sports Sports 1
GK Section Abbrevations Abbreviations 1
GK Section Business Business 1
Grand Total 100

Paper was quite simple and in line with CET. So students who were not serious about CMAT should take it as a very good mock paper for CET.
Overall cutoffs for top colleges: 250 – 270 marks.
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