With few days left for CMAT. Selective studies is very important.

Important topics for CMAT 2013
The topic listed here with “OOOOO” should not be missed at any cost.

CMAT Sections

  1. Quantitative Ability
  2. Verbal Ability
  3. Logical Ability
  4. General Awareness


OOOOO – Very important
OOOO – Quite important
OOO – Decent importance
OO – Not very important
O – Avoidable

Section 1 Quant
Time & Distance OOOOO
Geometry and Mensuration OOOOO
Numbers OOOOO
Percentages, Profit / Loss OOOOO
Simple Equations OOOOO
Time & Work OOOOO
Ratios OOOO
Simple and Compound Interest OOOO
Quadratic equations OOOO
Mensuration OOOO
Averages, Mixtures & Alligations OOOO
Probability OOOO
Number Series OOO
Progressions OOO
Alligations OOO
Averages OOO
Inequalities OOO
Coordinate geometry OOO
Data sufficiency OO
Trignometry O
Bar graph OOOOO
Line graph OOOOO
Multiple graphs OOOO
Pie graph OO
Caselet OO
Double pie chart O
Data Comparison OOO
Data sufficiency OOO

Section 2 Verbal
Find Summary OOOOO
Para-Jumbles OOOOO
Identification of Correct statement OOOO
Sentence correction OOOO
RC passages OOOOO
Grammar Usage OOOO
Fill in the Blanks OOOO
Best summary OOO
Fill in the blanks (2 blanks) OOO
Synonyms / Antonyms OO
One word Substitute OO
Para formation OO
Strengthen / Weaken arguments O
Select the most appropriate word O
Odd Man out O

Section 3 – Logic
Puzzles OOOOO
Statement & Conclusions OOOOO
Cause & Effect OOOOO
Assumptions & Conclusions OOOO
Puzzle (Individual question) OOOO
Missing term in the figure OOOO
Course of Action Questions OOOO
Blood Relations OOO
Deductions OOO
Strong and weak Arguments OOO
Input-Output OOO
Direction Sense OO
Statements & Conclusions OO
Decision Making OO
Number & Letter series OO
Cause & Effect O

General Awareness
Economy OOOOO
History OOOO
General Science OOOO
Famous Personalities OOO
Indian Politics OOO
Inventions OOO
Honors and Awards OO
Books and Authors OO
Indian Culture O
Sports O