Most of the mumbai colleges like KJ Som and Welingkar have MMS and PGDM programs.
MMS admission is taken through CMAT exam through centralised process. But for PGDM students have to apply separately for each college.

If you are confident of scoring 270 – 260 plus in CMAT then dont apply to these PGDM programs as you might get MMS call. But I will recommend that apply to PG esp KJ Som n Welingkar as backup.

As most of the PG programs will give you call for GDPI at even 200 score. So your chances are still alive for making into top 4 colleges through PG.

In short:
MMS degree – Apply centrally thro DTE from Jan onwards.
PG degree – Apply to college.


Ranking of Mumbai based colleges through CMAT (MMS & PG)
2. Sydneham (PG & MMS)
3. KJ Som (MMS & PG Core)
4. Welingkar (MMS & PG Core)
5. KJ Som PG (Financial Services) = NIA, Pune PG
6. KJ Som PG (Retail) = SIES (MMS & PG) = Dalmia (MMS & PG)
7. KJ Som IMC Program
8. MET (MMS)
9. IES (MMS)
10. MET (PG) = Indira Pune (PG)
11. IES PG
12. Chetana (MMS & PG)
13. Beyond this no comments
[Cetking & Mockengineering students: We promise you that you will get admission in top 10] Disclaimer: This ranking is view point of Cetking only. Students please do your own research before joining.

Most of the MBA aspirants who plan do an MBA are normally confused them is to go for a MBA from a recognized university or PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management) from a college.

This video will help you identify the difference between MMS and PG courses.


Cutoffs for PG colleges

PG Colleges Percentile Score
Welingkar Core and rest* 90%* 220
KJ Somaiya Retail and FS 85.00% 220
NIA, Pune 80.00% 200
SIES Nerul No cutoffs
Dalmia PG No cutoffs
Chetna PG No cutoffs
IBS PG No cutoffs
MET Bandra No cutoffs
Indira Pune No cutoffs
IES Bandra No cutoffs

*Freshers – 95%ile and workex based 80%ile for Welingkar GDPI Call.

How to apply to PG courses

Unlike DTE’s CMAT application process where you have central application, for PG courses you to apply separately. Go to individual website of the college to apply. The cutoffs of PG courses are lower than the MMS so you have a very good opportunity to apply for good college. For example MMS through welingkar need atleast 99%ile plus while for PG course 95%ile is enough to get a call. So forget about doing MMS from low rung colleges and work hard for GDPI to get into top 10 bschools in mumbai.

Last dates of applications for colleges through CET and their ranking:
1. KJ Somaiya PG –  Website Application form
2. Welingkar PG –  | Website FAQ
3. SIES PG –  | Website |  Application form 
4. Dalmia PG –  | Website | Application form
5. IBS PG Mumbai & Pune
6. Indira Pune
7. Chetana – | Website Prospectus
8. MET Bandra
9. IES Bandra

Difference between MBA/ MMS and PG courses

PG Vs MMS: Universities offer MBA

In India only those management institutes which are affiliated to a university can offer an MBA degree. For this reason institutes via CET / CMAT program (under DTE) like Department of Management Sciences (PUMBA), University of Pune, Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies or can offer MBA / MMS degree, as they are affiliated with Pune and Mumbai respectively. PGDM / PDBDM programs are offered by individual colleges like KJ Somaiya, Welingkar, etc.
It’s a misunderstanding that MBA / MMS is better than PG as most of top colleges including IIMs offer PG degrees as they can’t offer MBAs as they are not affiliated with any university. However, most of these PG programs are approved by regulatory bodies such as AICTE.

PG Vs MMS: Advanced courses
While there are huge similarities in the curriculum of both MBA and PGDM, there are finer points of difference.
MMS / MBA focuses more on theoretical aspects of management and is more exam-oriented. Example you have to take MBA in marketing, finance, HR, operations or systems. While PGDM has a focus on building soft skills and is industry-oriented like they can offer program in Retail, eMBA, Capital Markets.

PG Vs MMS: Flexible curriculum
Since an autonomous institute does not have to follow university standards, it is free to change its curriculum according to industry standards and change in business environment. Some of the MMS / MBA curriculum is 10 years old and students are not taught latest curriculum, and Also a PGDM gives students an industry exposure. Whereas it will take time to change the curriculum for MBAs as it is affiliated with a university and it will essentially follow the university guidelines and changing this curriculum is a very slow process.
However this depends on the college and the faculty teaching the subjects to keep students abreast with the latest curriculum.

PG Vs MMS: MBA cheaper than PG
In compared to PGDM, generally MMS / MBA is more affordable as the fees is almost similar to university standard. You can get a rough idea if you compared the fees of IIM and JBIMS the difference is almost 5:1 if not more. For the colleges which are offering MMS and PG course the difference in the fees is almost 3:1.

PG Vs MMS: Placements
The most important thing for students planning to pursue is placements and thankfully there is no difference from the companies point of view.

However, one should remember that it is not important whether a student pursues PGDM or MMS or MBA. The most important thing is the brand name of the college rather than the course offered.

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