IES Bandra PGDM program 

2012 selection process and experience


MP is nothing but a speech

1. You have to pick a ticket from the bowl with these topics.

2. 5 minutes time to think and frame your mind

3. 5 mins time to speak (you can use the whiteboard behind)

4. after 4th minute bell will ring for conclusion and reminder

5. QA by panelist and students sitting


Topics in the bowl:

Corruption in INDIA

Terrorism in INDIA

Sachin as rajyasabha member

why MBA

Mba and its contribution towards society

Pollution problems

Mess in auto’s

Social network

Most of these topics are discussed in the GDPI clicic:

For the speech structure:

Make a plan and structure tonight:

Minute 1: Introduction

Minute 2-4: content

Minute 5: Summary

Things to be covered in the speech:

Link it to management atleast one line about that

Use atleast 2 statistics in the speech (like india’s 50% population is blah blah)

Use the board to make atleast one diagram.. maybe a bubble diagram on types of pollutions or list of major corruption scandals.

Do summarise in last 30 seconds..

U can use the board during introduction to write main points then use them in speech incase u forget something u can refer that and then use tht to summarise.

Remember TLAM!!!

Be confident, go and rock!


Interviews were more chilled out but they are asking questions on academic and GK part.


Selection Criteria :-
a) Applicants  will be called for Micro Presentation ( M P ) and Personal Interview (PI) based on the details provided in relation to scores in Aptitude tests.
b) Such Short listed applicant‟s name for MP & PI will be displayed on IES MCRC
Website and also intimated to them by email. The Personal Interviews and Micro Presentations f o r P G D M a n d P G D M ( H C P M ) will be conducted during June at IESMCRC Mumbai. The exact dates will be intimated to the applicants by e-mail / Phone and also through IES Website. All Outstation Applicants are advised to make their own travel arrangements in advance, keeping in mind the rush due to seasonal and holiday booking.
c) Information on Micro Presentation (MP):- Applicants will be required to give a short presentation of 5 minutes duration on any current topic of their choice.

Presentation will be followed by a question answer session. As far as Micro presentation is concerned it is meant for assessing communication skills, presentation skills and subject knowledge of the applicant.
d) Personal Interview(PI):- Personal Interview will be conducted on the same day.
e) Final selection will be based on the following parameters for admission.

Like other PGDM programs GDPI score is more important.

Parameters Marks Weightage
Percentage of Marks in SSC  (10 th ) 50 12.5
Percentage of Marks in HSC  (12th ) 50 12.5
Scores of Aptitude / Entrance Test 200 50
Work Experience 50 12.5
Performance in the Micro Presentation (MP) 25 6.25
Performance in the Personal  Interview (PI) 25 6.25
Total Weightage 400 100

Topic choice:

You are free to choose the topic but still stick to management topic dont make presentation on nonsense things like flowers, hobbies, babies, etc… Topics like MBWA, Lean, Six Sigma, Leadership etc etc are good! but you have to work on them..

If you dont have time for that you can pick up any management area you have worked or interested in and make a presentation..

Eg: Working people in IT can make presentation on life cycle of the project

BMS people can take porter’s five force model..

Case study – you can show an example of case study of any company

Company profile – You can take example of google , apple etc and talk about the company



Making presentation:

Last year you could make the presentation at home and bring it to the centre.

Do the same this time if they tell you to make it again at their centre… just copy paste the same stuff!!


5 mins presentation process

1st minute introduction

2- 4 minute content

5th minute conclusion


Presentation templates

Last year I choose and gave one best template to my students and almost everyone used in IES and panelist were surprised.. So this time I am giving u links to choose ur presentation template depending on the theme..


Sample good ppts

Other tips:

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