Difference between Specialised Program Vs Core PGDM

• NMIMS (Capital markets) and Welingkar PGDM
• KJ Somaiya FS and Welingkar PGDM
• SIES PGDM and Welingkar eBiz

Though brand name matters but still you have to realize the differences between the two.

1. Core PGDM
Most of the students are undecided about which program to choose marketing or finance. Core PGDM will help them decide as first is common for all and help students get the flavor of everything. Suppose you are doing your PGDM from NMIMS, KJ Som and Welingkar you can choose your destiny after the first year looking at all the subjects and then making an Informed decision. Trust me you will perform better in life if you do things which you are interested in.

2. Specialized programs
Select a specialized program only if you are interested in the specialization. Specialized program is like MSc / Masters in that subject not a complete MBA. If you are very much keen of finance then selecting KJ Somaiya FS program or NMIMS capital markets make sense. In core pgdm you only learn “core specialization” in second year as first yr is common. So specialized program will help become an expert in that area.

3. Problem with Specialized courses
Every beautiful girl might not be your right partner. Suppose you joined KJ FS… but within a month you realize that you are not that much keen on finance it’s not your cup of tea or interested in some other area. Oops now you are lost. All our lives we have done things based on what’s available rather than what you are keen on! You might get yourself into catch22 position.

4. College brand name
Obviously number one choice should be the college brand name KJ Somaiya FS / IMC is much much better than Chetana or ITM PGDM. NMIMS pharma is better than ITM kharghar. Therefore the specialized programs can give you entry into the bigger brands!!
For some students with lower marks specialized program is their big ticket entry into better colleges. If the placements are common then bingo! you might get same package then PGDM core.

Therefore select the college on the basis of your score, colleges available and off course most importantly your interest.

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