Coffee with CMAT GK topper Yogesh Sharma92/100 marks in Gk.

Coffee with CMAT GK topper Yogesh Sharma 92 100 marks in Gk

We got a chance to speak to Amritsar based Yogesh while he was packing his bags for Hyderabad. He will be joining TCS this week.


Cetking: Whats the secret of your GK energy?

Yogesh Sharma: It was not a one day effort but years of efforts. I was working on my Gk since last 6 years because of I was participating in various quiz competitions.


Cetking: Participating in quiz competitions is a good idea for GK preparation?

Yogesh Sharma: Yes, I am participating for last 6 years like Tata Crucible which helps a lot esp. in preparing the static GK part.


Cetking: What about the current affairs?

Yogesh Sharma: I like reading newspaper and magazines it helped a lot. Current affair sites like gktoday and cetking’s visual GK helped to gain more marks and get a structured approach on how to prepare.


Cetking: Now students can’t go back 6 years and study everything again.. any shortcuts?

Yogesh Sharma: for me General Awareness was a long term gain rather than a shortcut but students can improve their GK in one or two months. Manorama / Competition Review year books will help in the same.


Cetking: What should be the approach towards GK preparation?

Yogesh Sharma: When read something I try to go into the background details like when you read Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez loses battle with cancer. Try to read complete article like Venezuela is in South America. Venezuela is one of the only 2 oil producing countries in South America. Venezuela is member of OPEC and of course then read about OPEC.


Cetking: Most of the students become active in the last few days of the exam for GK? Can you give students some pointers to start their GK prep? Advice number 1:

Yogesh Sharma: Start with reading about tallest, longest and shortest in India and in the world followed by Capitals, Currencies and Organisations.


Cetking: Advice number 2?
Yogesh Sharma: Personalities are important in CMAT, living and dead both. Read about them like father of geometry, etc. Esp the Indian personalities. Search them on Wikipedia.


Cetking: Advice Number 3?

Yogesh Sharma: Read Newspaper daily, current affair magazines – Business today & business World, Cetking’s Visual Gk material on mockengineering and GK today.


Cetking: Advice Number 4?

Yogesh Sharma: Online forums like Target JBIMS and GK forum by cetking will be very very helpful to practice questions.


Cetking: Advice Number 5?

Yogesh Sharma: Make notes! It’s very important to make notes of the important topics you see and revise them. Normally we see questions but never revise them. Revision will register the answers in your mind so go for it.


Cetking: Advice Number 6?

Yogesh Sharma: You can use options and logical reasoning to solve some questions. Like capitals are easy to predict by using options and narrow down your choices.


Thanks Yogesh this will be very helpful for the students. And All the best for your future and hope you reach your dream college.


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