The Common Confusion About CAT 2015

The Common Confusion About CAT 2015

The Common Confusion About CAT 2015
The Common Confusion About CAT 2015

Is CAT online?

What is the definition of ‘online’. It refers to the use of the internet. The tests based on the usage of digital search engines are referred to as IBT or Internet-based Test. And, CAT never allows the usage of internet. Therefore, it is CBT or Computer-based Test.

What exactly is the difference between a computer-based Test and a paper-based test?

Well, the computer-based test hardly affects the pattern of the paper-based test. In fact, there are only two major differences. Firstly, instead of darkening the circle with pen or pencil to mark the right answer, one has to simply click the right option. Secondly, there is no timer shown in a paper-based exam. But, luckily it is there in a CBT.

Is any computer valid to take the exam?

It is not true. A candidate appearing for the CAT has been pre-allotted a specific system – depending on the roll number and test center. This move ensures the transparency of the exam.

How would be the exam, any idea?

Please visit to have a quick walkthrough that how the exam will be! You will also develop a certain level of comfort with this Computer-based Test.

Is there a choice for the test centers and shifts?

Well, regarding the test centers, you may mention your preference in the registration form. It shall be largely considered. However, there is no liberty to choose the shift of your choice.

What are the important dates and deadlines?

Register for the exam between August 06 to September 20, 2015. The downloading the admit card will be available from October 15 till the 1:00 noon of the exam day. The CAT will be conducted on 29 November and the results are going to be declared in the second week of January.


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