A Detailed Guide on Analysis of Mock CATs – Part 2

A Detailed Guide on Analysis of Mock CATs – Part 2



Activity past Mock Exam

After checking your marks and the above metrics for the Mock CAT that you have taken, follow the steps given below.

STEP 1: Figuring out your Potential Score


1. a) Take the Mock again (Second time) for another ONE hour. Give 30 minutes each to both thesections.

2. b) Attempt the questions that you have gone wrong in OR if you have more time, attempt thequestions that you have previously NOT seen/read during taking the Mock.

3. c) Strictly stop after ONE hour (30 minutes each section)

4. d) Check the marks you would have got for the ABOVE ONE HOUR Test.

5. Your Potential score

If you replace worst ONE hour of time that you spent on the FIRST sitting of MOCK with the new marks that you have got for the SECOND sitting, you will find your real potential score in the Mock.

You would see that if you replaced the time spent (one hour) on wrong questions and/or unattempted questions with the time spent the second time around and then calculate your marks; the marks that you get would be your real potential.



Potential score: Your old score would have improved by at least 20 marks had you been able to choose wisely in the actual exam.

If you start doing the above for TEN Mock CATs then you will also get the knack of choosing the right questions and over a period of time the incremental increase in marks for the extra one-hour would reduce.

STEP 2: Solving all questions

Now solve all the questions that you have made mistakes in OR the ones that you have still not attempted after the second sitting.

For any question, give about 4 to 5 minutes to solve. If you don’t get the answer, then go ahead and see the solution.

Write down the solution/steps in a notebook again so that you would remember the same.

Many students just read through the solution and are happy to understand the solution. But, in due course you will forget that. Make it a point to write the solution or redo the problem after going through the solutions once.

STEP 3: Improving for the next mock

Once the mock analysis is over, it is time to look ahead. You have to improve in at least two topics in Quant and probably One type (PI, BAR, TABLE etc.) of  sets in DI and One type of set in Logical Ability.

Go back to the basics of these topics that you have decided to improve for the next mock Solve the exercise in those areas and take individual tests in those areas.

For RC and Vocab, continue to spend at least 30 minutes to improve your reading speeds as well as diction.

Take individual sectional tests in Verbal Area and RC area for improving the Verbal section.

Plan for the Next Mock

Check the strategy you have used in the previous mock and decided whether you want to continue or change the strategy of attempting the paper for the upcoming mock.

Stick to the new plan and post the exam, do the entire analysis of the Mock as laid out in this article.

Happy writing Mock CATs!

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