40 Must Solve Logic based DI sets for CAT

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Q1 to Q4 are based on the table and information given below. Answer the questions based on it(1994) :
Bankatlal works x hours a day and rests y hours a day. This pattern continues for 1 week, with an exactly opposite pattern next week, and so on for four weeks. Every fifth week he has a different pattern. When he works longer than he rests, his wage per hour is twice what he earns per hour when he rests longer than he works.
The following are his daily working hours for the weeks numbered 1 to 13.

A week consists of six days and a month consists of 4 weeks.

Q1 .If Bankatlal is paid Rs. 20 per working hour in the 1st week. What is his salary for the 1st month?
(a) Rs.1760
(b) Rs.1440
(c) Rs.1320
(d) Rs.1680

Q2. Referring to the data given in Q.187, Bankatlal’s average monthly salary at the end of the first four months will be ?
(a) Rs.1780
(b) Rs.2040
(c) Rs.1830
(d) Rs.1680

Q3. The new manager Khushaldas stipulated that Rs.5 be deducted for every hour of rest and Rs. 25 be paid per hour starting 9th week, then what will be the change in Bankatlal’s salary for the 3rd month? (Hourly deductions are constant for all weeks starting 9th week)
(a) Rs.540
(b) Rs.480
(c) Rs.240
(d) Rs.120

Q4. Using the data in the previous questions, what will be the total earning of Bankatlal at the end of sixteen weeks ?
(a) Rs.7320
(b) Rs.7800
(c) Rs.8400
(d) Rs.9600