DI MasterClass CAT 2017

DI MasterClass CAT 2017

Master Class Data Interpretation for CAT

Step 1: Solve the expected CAT handout
Download and solve the test in 30 minutes. 16 DI questions. 80% of CAT paper pattern to be based on this handout (analysis done on the basis of last 3 years cat papers)

cetking-data-interpretation-cat-master-class < Download here

Step 2: Watch this video
This video covers pattern, strategy and cutoffs for CAT paper.

Step 3: Cetking way of solving CAT logic section to score 99%ile. Join Cetking program to get strategies for all master class workshops.. Quant, Verbal, Logic and DI. Buy here:



Cetking master class workshops include following:
TITA questions
Selection of set
Selection of question
Ideal attempt
Ideal time per set
Shortcuts on Actual cat papers

Step 4: solutions and your score:
Correct: ____ (questions × +3 )
Wrong: ____ (questions × -1 )
Final score: _____

1 181 is minimum needed to get all calls
2 25 needed in a section to get 2 calls exactly
3 maximum score for no calls is 184
4 Cetking student minimum needs 45 to get all calls in section D.

5 (1) preeti scored a grade
6 (4) same score as manab
7 (2) gauri scored more than hari
8 (3) Utkarsh scores D grade

9 we can find M for 2 people saurav and dravid
10 kaif rahul or dravid anyone can have lowest R index
11 lower score than yuvraj would be kaif and dravid ie 2.
12 best M is that of Saurav

13 univ 5 have to be India or Netherlands but not USA
14 univ 1 can belong to Netherlands
15 None of the listed countries can possibly host three of the eight listed universities
16 Visitors from 2 universities from UK visited
Prof. Singh’s homepage in the three days.

Cetking students can see detailed strategies video for each of these sets in your login.
Advance workshops > Master class > Logic

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