Dirty Quant shortcut workshop

Dirty Quant shortcut workshop

Quant cutoff clearing – Download handout (right click save as) Dirty Quant Shortcut Workshop handout

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Inequalities | Functions | Graphs | Coordinate Geometry | Maxima Minima

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Visual Geometry | Vedic Numbers | Equations Polynomials | Dirty Quant | Arithmetic

Dirty Quant is a concept coined by Cetking to include all the topics which difficult to grasp for engineers and non engineers alike. Dirty quant comes as a subset of modern maths with maximum weightage given esp in CAT (12/50 questions will be based on dirty quant in CAT)


CAT 12 questions
XAT 10 questions
CMAT 08 questions
NMAT / SNAP 08 questions
CET 04 questions

Download handout (right click save as) Dirty Quant Shortcut Workshop handout


Topics included in Dirty Quant

Coordinate Geometry
Maxima Minima
Special Equations

Modern Maths includes:
PnC Probability
Set theory
AP GP Series
Dirty Quant
Logarithms and
Polynomial Equations


Download handout (right click save as) Dirty Quant Shortcut Workshop handout

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