Workex documents required by MBA colleges

Right documents

As now it’s time to apply for B Schools.. keep your documents ready.. especially work experience proofs. Some of the B schools give extra marks for workex.. so they are very particular about documents to be produced to claim those browny points..

We hav seen many student who could not claim workex even after having legitimate workex because they could not produce documents on time.. so it’s high time you sort all the documents needed to avoid last minute rush.

Main problem is how to ask..

Ask your HR or Manager about your workex documents and see their reaction. Their expression will be like you hav asked for a promotion for the post of director or 100% hike in salary.. your boss will look at you as if you are a prime suspect in a case.

It happens cuz 99% when an employee ask for a workex documents when he is going to switch companies…

Jokes apart, collecting workex is not that difficult task…


Main documents needed

Let’s start with what all workex related documents are needed to prove that you are working:
1. Appointment letter
2. 3 latest Salary slips
3. Service letter

These are bare minimum things needed to prove your workex. But b schools have fancy demands like letter of reference or appraisal letters. But in most of the cases these are enough.

Managing documents is always a mess for employees of startups and one into family business OR even for ones working at most reputed companies. Main problem is how to ask got documents as you don’t want your manager to know about CAT.. if you tell him trust me ur appraisal is screwed..


1. Appointment letter
Most of you a got a signed appointment letter with you when you joined the company. Even if u got campus placements you must have got and signed a joining letter. Dig it out!
Mostly it will be lying with old your degree certificate folder.. keep a scanned copy or photocopy handy.

In case you work in a start up or family business where you joined on trust n word of mouth. Google appointment letter format and type one for urself.. do remember to take a print on their letter head with company stamp and signature of ur manager obviously with prior permission from them. However don’t put a any fancy post like CEO or MD as panelist can screw you in interview if your company manager did not.

In case you are careless and lazy like me.. (I seriously don’t know where are my college degrees and certificates are kept by my mom) you are in trouble. If you work for a major mnc.. most of them have online system to regenerate a duplicate of you appointment letter.

Or ask your HR for a copy of appointment letter. But they wil be very reluctant to give you copy. Tell them you are applying for car / bike / house loan and you need a copy of appointment letter.. and they will help you… otherwise

2. Salary Slips.
Try to collect last 3 or 5 salary slips as they act as a very strong proof for your workex. Most of the Companies give monthly salary slip as if it’s a certificate but yes they r a momentary happiness infact only happiness in otherwise boring job.. for me happiest day of the month was when I used to get my salary.. remaining 29 days of the month back to bitching about company..

For self employed, family business and start up.. please print your own salary slips with approval from your manager with his signature and company stamp. Google out the format or copy from your friend but don’t put a unbelievable large monthly salary 12 to 20k per month is decent enough.

3. Service letter
Most of the times service letter is given once you complete or leave your company.. they give a letter stating trademark words “Whom so ever it may concern so and so worked with us and his work was found to be satisfactory”. But if you are still working.. you are in trouble asking for service letter..

If you need to apply for gas connection, Passport or even Visa abroad.. you need a letter from employer saying that you are working from this date onwards till today. So let’s ask HR for same!

Go to HR and tell him that you are applying for tourist visa for europe and need a letter from company (if you are in IT.. your HR will be shocked as hardly and IT guy pays for visa from their own pocket.. for most of them foreign trip = on site travel) Or gas connection or passport.. this should do the trick and you complete your documentation. Incase of startup n small companies needless to say. Get your own printouts.

So without delay.. complete these documentation to avoid last minute panic..

Happy learning
Rav singh cetking
Sample documents