Each college form to be filled separately for CAT 2017

Each college form to be filled separately for CAT 2017

Do I need to fill separate college application forms for CAT 2017?
The answer is yes, each college form to be filled separately for CAT 2017.

While CAT XAT NMAT SNAP sounds like a few important entrance exams but giving exam is not enough. Students have to separately apply for the colleges as well.

Fortunately, IIMs have a common application form (cat). Once you fill CAT form your data will be shared with all IIMs and they will give you a call for gdpi round. So no separate application fees to be payed for IIMs.

Other B Schools
For every other B school in India you have to buy their separate forms just like GMAT. MDI SPJain JBIMS IITs FMS. Student have to apply individually to every college. Paying an application fees ranging from 1000 to 2000 per institute.

If you wish to apply for all top 20 to 30 colleges means you need to keep 30k to 50k handly only for the application fees. So obviously we cannot select and apply to all colleges. Therefore selecting important colleges to apply for is very important.

There are many parameters in selecting a Bschool to apply with most important being college ranking and Cat score cutoffs.

Main problem is most of the top Bschools ask students to fill the application form before the cat results are out.

Type A – Before the CAT exam
Some of the B schools like MDI have their deadlines before the cat exam is conducted. Now MDI historically have cutoffs of around 97%ile. Now how can be students be sure of getting 97%ile before even they have seen the cat paper. So they have to rely on gut feeling and their cat Mock scores to take the plunge.

Type B – After the cat exam but before results
Some of the B schools like SPJain FMS will have their deadline way after the cat exam is over but before the results are out. But by this time most of the students get a feeler on how they performed in cat exam.

Type C – After results
Some of the B schools fall in this category like IITs and JBIMS. Where the application form deadline is way after the cat which is best thing for the student but Bschools didn’t get a change to brag about number of Application forms they could sell.

Same is the case with all the other exams XAT NMAT SNAP. Each college application has to be treated separately appart from IIMs.

We will be reminding you of most of the application forms via cetking.com and our page facebook.com/ravgun

All the best

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