Engineers not allowed

Engineers not allowed


Happy Engineers day

Warning this is pro engineers article..

With latest eligibility criteria from IIMA which needs 78% in engineering to be eligible for applying to IIMA.. Isnt it too hard to ask for.. some of the major universities in India hardly give any marks to engineers like mumbai university where 65% will make you cry with job that you are among the best of the brains of mumbai university..

Why sudden hatred towards engineers..

1. Class diversity bul***..
Look at Alma meter… most of the successful poster boys of IIMA are engineers..
Raghuram Rajan
KV kamat
Including Shri Ashish Nanda (director IIMA)

What else you want.. 90% of the Investment banker’s are engineers.. most of the engineers are best performers in marketing.. so I doubt that can be the case.. engineers can participate in any damn discussion..

2. Engineers don’t have calibre.. crap..
Dare anyone doubt the calibre of an engineer.. look at any major entrance exam in India.. you will find toppers from engg background every where.. no more explaination needed here..
Look at the top 100 riches of India
Look at the patents won by indians
Flipkart Snapdeal all major companies are run by enggs..

3. International ranking….
I see this quite often that IIMs don’t rank very high on international rankings. One of the reason – they engineering skewed colleges.. with 90% engineers at IIMs helps explain that.. to make it more appealing for international students which means more dollars.. yes you need to stem the engineers.. can this be the reason?..

Why are engineers penalised for choosing best option available at that was available when I was in 10th class.. I think science was the most exciting thing to do.. so I am going to be penalised for that!!

Anyways only IIMA and B who are fussy about all these things rest of the 17 IIMs have no problems with engineers. So no need to crib about something who is not bothered about us. Let’s focus on what we have in hand…

Note: this is my personal view.

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