Essence of the passage 40 must do ques

Essence of the passageEssence topic surprised many CAT takers with directly 4 questions in CAT exam last year making a comeback for this topic. Similarly this year CAT do expect atleast  3 or maybe 4 questions.

40 Must do Essence of the passage questions PDF download here

3 Important Strategies for Essence of the passage questions

1. Attack the Passage

Passive reading will not help you on the CAT RCs. You need to devour passages like a ravenous bear waking from hibernation. Tear apart the passage to find the essence, determine the main flow and structure of a passage, and understand the author’s tone and purpose. Stay out of the details and minutiae. Hungry bears want big meals—not tidbits of berries and moths. Take notes to activate your mind and track this information.

2. Rephrase Question

After attacking the passage, time to attack the question. Read the question and put it into your own words. This will force you to synthesize the prompt and understand what it is asking. Look for hints and clues too. Line numbers, paragraph references, concepts from specific parts of the passage, and any words like “except” or “not”—these clues must be noted to answer the question correctly.

3. Eliminate Wrong Answers

Usually you will need to go through the answer choices more than once. On the first pass, always be on the look out for the common wrong answer types. This is an easy way to narrow down your possibilities. As you go through each answer, make a mental note of possible correct answers or answers that match what you anticipated. Then on your second pass, you should have two answer choices left. This is when you may have to return to the passage to do a little research to confirm that all the information in the answer choice is actually supported by the passage.