Fill in the blank based Data Interpretation

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Fill in blanks
We call them modern DI as they are fairly new into entrance exam scene. Traditional DI like tables bar and pie charts are easy to look at but very time consuming in the exams but modern DI are easy to solve and difficult look at.

Lets solve this set. Level of difficulty and calculations will be same as this in actual exam. First task will be to get the values of each of the blanks and than start solving.

A person purchased 5 Gadgets from a shop and sold them online. Given below is the data showing cost price, selling price and profit/loss percentage.

1. Cost price of Laptop is what percent of selling price of Tablet? (approximate)
(a) 138% (b) 182% (c) 142% (d) 154% (e) 186%

2. If there has been a profit of 12% on Tablet instead of 12% loss. Then the new S.P. is how much more than the
original S.P.?
(a) 5216 (b) 5396 (c) 5336 (d) 5316 (e) None of these

3. Profit percentage on Digital camera is what percent more/less than profit percentage on Laptop?
(a) 50% more (b) 33.34% less (c) 33.67% more  (d) 50% less (e) 150% less

4. What is the ratio between profit percentage of Smart Watch to profit percentage of Smartphone?
(a) 5 : 3 (b) 3 : 2 (c) 3 : 5  (d) 2 : 5 (e) None of these

5. What is the overall profit/loss percentage? (approximate)
(a) 22.12% profit (b) 12.12% profit (c) 14.14% profit  (d) 33.12% loss (e) 15.15% loss

Solutions: use P% = SP-CP. /CP × 100 formula
1. CP of laptop / SP of tablet = 35600/19492=182%
2. 12% loss = 19492 and 12% gain = 24808 so difference = 5316
3. Gain on camera is 10% which is 33% less than Laptop.
4. Profit %age of watch and smart phone is same ie 25% so ratio 1:1
5. Overall % will be total CP SP of all 12.12 %