FMS GD PI Experience 1

X – 93.2 CBSE
XII – 91.6 CBSE
Undergrad Major – 8.66/10
4 months, Analytics

Topic: Democracy benefits only the people with power…
Number of Ppl present – 10
Time: 1 min to think – 10 to discuss – 1 to summarize
Brief Snapshot of Discussion:
The discussion was a moderate fish market but all made points though I don’t really know how valid they were.

I started the GD and made a couple of other points. An average performance from my side…
Other Salient Details: The 1 min to summarize was used by us to summarize individually. 7 of us could talk in the 1 min. It was the group decision to do this. There is no fixed pattern expected.

PI: Started with the extempore.

Panel Members Intro: 5 members. Dont know any of them…
Questions: One of the panel members gave a small intro about me. B.Tech from NITW in Biotechnology. Plays Basketball, Scrabble watched movies. (A tone which hinted pretty dry profile)
So one of the panel members starts off with the extempore topic.

Extempore Topic: In a rat race even if you win you are only a rat.
I was little taken aback since usually it’s about the CAT and the rat race. Since this one was about the being the rat itself I dint have much to speak about. Talked about how the race begins from our school days to getting placed. The only way to get differentiated is to have a different profile skills etc….

Now the interview.
Q: So what kind of movies do you watch? (Movies my hobby)
Me: Suspense, Thriller mainly.
Q: Have you watched Hitchcock movies?
Me: Said a couple. Named them too.
Q: What about Agatha Christie?
Me: She writes. Movies made by others. Talked of Mouse Trap being the longest ever run play.
Q: What about Oriental Express?
Me: Yes. The Murder on Oriental Express is also there.

A small gap with them discussing something in Hindi. Felt they were not interested in me.
Q (Middle Guy): So what is your job profile?
Me: Explained.
Q (Female Member): What is the difference between Character and Personality? (I got an award for excellence in character. Hence)
Me: Explained in a decent way. Talked of how personality involves presentation as well. Character is more ingrained values n all.
Q: Why cloning is banned or not encouraged in humans?
Me: Told the reason. Talked to 2 same persons existing. Moral problem. But dint delve into that…
Q: What is stem cell research?
Me: Explained.
Q: What are your other interests?
Me: Scrabble (No response), Movies.
Q: Reading?
Me: Yes. More of Non Fiction
Q: Last book you read?
Me: Blink
Q: author
Me: Told
Q: What does it talk of?
Me: Told pretty well.
Q: Thank you. That will be it.

Overall the interview was ok. Extempore topic I felt dint have much scope to speak. I could not relate to many things as I would like to have. Even the panel member was like trying to make up a topic. GD too was only ok.

My Verdict: Considering my score is close to lower cut off and their lack of interest in me (At least that’s what I felt) a reject or early WL it should be.

FMS GD PI Experience 2


X : 89.45 %
XII : 90.25 %
Undergrad Major – BE CSE (PSG TECH)
GPA/%age : 7.9

IBM , 6 months

Topic: Democracy benefits those who are in power (though not in slayer’s group)
Number of Ppl present : 9
Time: 9+2 mins (1 min – organizing ideas, 1 min – summary)
Brief Snapshot of Discussion:
Pretty good … Not a fish market. Everyone participated
Other Salient Details: Use the paper given to you properly. They collect it once GD is done.

Extempore Topic:
Books (Still wondering why they gave me this topic)
Easy topic could have made it a lot impressive but did not. Fumbled a bit in the middle. An okayish performance

Panel Members Intro: 3 members. For me 1 asked technical , 1 asked questions related to economic details of our country and 1 asked HR questions like why do you want to leave IBM


Q1 : Tell me about yourself ?
Q2: Why do you want to leave IBM?
Q3: What is the growth rate of our country for the past 3-4 years?
Q4: Who is our competitor when it comes to growth rate?
Q5: Tell 3 points why China is considered as our competitor in growth rate?
Told about exports, population and stuff
Q6: Give me the reason why is china depreciating its value of currency?
Told to show china as world’s strongest country to their people and suppress any social unrest
Q7: What is the difference between bus topology and ring topology?
Q8: What is system development life cycle?
Told about the various steps involved in it

that’s it. Overall a very short interview. Don’t know what to expect from it
it’s a very cool process. Go cool and confident. Ppl with expel 0-2 years brush up your academics.

FMS GD PI Experience 3


X- 70+
XII 60+
Undergrad Major – 70%age

NIL/Sector – 1 year mfg. , 4 yrs. IT

Topic: Competition is best for increasing efficiency
Number of Ppl present -10
Time:10-12 mins
Brief Snapshot of Discussion: Everybody pitched in with some little fish market tin between but I felt it was lot decent as I expected.

I pitched in with how competition is good but Business ethics should not be compromised, Gave example of airlines how competition has increased level of services

Also told most imp part is self awareness, without you don’t know what to do, Gave other side of coin how increased competition in some markets like TV and airlines have skewed profits due to cut throat competition

All in all I have 4-5 entries, I have loud voice and my seat was first which helped I think

Other Salient Details: 1 minute for thinking, 10 mins for discussion, 1 mins to summarize, One candidate summarized well to which I and one another fellow added.

Panel Members Intro: L1, M1, M2

L1: Introduce your self
Me: blah blah in the end I added that I am very outgoing personality

M1: Your ext topic is OUTGOING
Me: I started speaking then he said gather your thoughts

M1: now start
Me: outgoing is one of the things which we do while calling , out going is also personality trait, there are outgoing in flights, I was little thinking in between he said keep on going u have time, in the end I was done by 50 secs, then he said after some time you will be outgoing from this room

M2: What is diff between rack and pinion
A. Dont know sir

M3.One more mech Q
A. gave some gyaan

M2. Diff between 4 and 2 stroke
A. one more fuel efficient other is more power

L1: tell me two dream companies for mech
A: Tata motors and ashok leyland

M1: other than automotive
A: thinking

M1: what about L and T
A: sir I was thinking about it but it is ECC major I mean construction major company for civil engineer

M2: nodding in agreement

M1: tell me one company which makes piston
A: sriram piston

M1: So you are working in XXX, for 1 year
A: Yes Sir I have worked in AAA,BBB, XXX and have almost 5 years work ex

M1: You have so much work ex it is better to go for 1 year ex program
A: Sir, I have decent options in one year but I want to go for two year as i want to go for sales and mktg role as I know that i can do well in that field

L1: CAT %ile
A: told

L1: any other calls
A: told

Ok you may leave

P.S: In the hindsight what i feel is speak well in GD and extempore as they can suffice for a bad PI

FMS GD PI Experience 4


X- 86.33
XII- 79.83
Undergrad- 68.7(telecommunication)


Topic: Coalition politics and parliamentary democracy cannot coexist.
Number of Ppl present: 10(one was absent)
Time:12 min
Brief Snapshot of Discussion: Moderate fish market. One girl was particularly speaking over and above everybody else even if she started after them but managed to get one point across without being interrupted.
Other Salient Details: 1 min given for summary. My group did not use it well. 2 guys were trying to give more pts.

Panel Members Intro:5 members.
Questions: Some really weird questions like what is the Scandinavian triplet, who is the promoter of gramin bank etc.
Finally asked what other calls i have and said thank you, u may leave.

Extempore Topic: Raja
10 secs to organise thoughts and then speak for a min

FMS GD PI Experience 5

X – 89%
XII – 89.7%
Undergrad Major – GPA/%age – Chemical Engg., 82.2%

IT – 4 years

Date : 14th, 1:30 slot
Topic: Social Clause is also a form of protection

Number of Ppl present: 11
Time: 12 mins
Brief Snapshot of Discussion:
Bad start to the day. Topic was a touch tough! So people spoke whatever they could, not sure if all of what we spoke was relevant though I did average at best
Other Salient Details: As whether summary was asked to be written or not, Time given, and other stuff.
Summary time was 1 minute towards the end.

Panel Members Intro: 5 panellists!

P : What is emulsification?
Me: Gave them an answer, was okay but nothing great!

P: What are your hobbies?
Me: Told.

P: Question about tennis, its referral system etc.
Me: Told, though not entirely great again

P: Cricket UDRS, some views asked for, on its usefulness,etc
Me: Told

P: Economics lady wakes up, and kills me by asking about the fears that the US is moving back towards double dip etc.
Me: Gave a very vague answer, not good

P : She added more points and asked something else on the same.
Me: Told her that I wasn’t aware of that piece of information

P: The male – What other calls/colleges did you apply for?
Me: Applied for lots but got a call only from FMS

P: So, did we make a mistake?
Me: Most definitely not sir! I do not think so

P: Laughs ( as if to tell, u are kicked out now! ) This is what I expected you to tell
Me: Laugh ( as if to say, I know the evil designs behind that smile!)

Overall Analysis : Not too great. Felt that there was so little time that they had to analyse us etc. Sadly!

Extempore Topic: Higher education in India
Started off well enough but lost steam ( and ideas ) and was beating round the bush when the time was up! Made about 2 3 okayish points, not bad but not a great one, again pretty average! Some points came to mind ( as expected ) after coming out, shit!

FMS GD PI Experience 6

X – 86.40(Maharashtra)
XII – 83.33 (Maharashtra)
Undergrad Major – GPA/%age – 73.3 (Mumbai)

Work-Ex: 15 months (IT)

Topic: Competition is essential for efficiency
Number of Ppl present -10
Time: 12 min
Brief Snapshot of Discussion: Decent discussion with everybody pitching in.

Panel Members Intro: 4 panelists…
1. Tell me something about yourself
2. What do you do in automation testing?( My domain of work)
3. Difference between automation and mechanization? (Lots of discussion on this and i guess i got little confused here)
4. Gave me an example and asked me to identify if it is automation or mechanization?
5. Why don’t you become an automation expert and move up the hierarchy in your company instead of doing MBA?
6. Name of businessmen who haven’t got a MBA degree?
7. What is vertical?(they call it domain in my company. I explained them)
8. Not convinced….(again some discussion)
9. Three highlights of budget
10. What are infrastructure bonds?
11. What is sunrise industry?..(He was shocked when i said i don know!)
12. Again y mba?

And then they said we are done.

FMS GD PI Experience 7


X : 87 % Karnataka State Board
XII : 84 % Karnataka State Board
Undergrad Major – B.Tech in Information Technology (6.7 CPGA)
Postgrad – M.Tech in Information technology (3.2 / 4.0 CGPA)

22 Months as Research Engineer cum Technical Consultant in Siemens Corporate Technology after M.Tech

Topic: Democracy benefits only a few people with power
Number of Ppl present:9
Time: 14th March 2011. 1:30 PM – 11 minutes (Though it was supposed to start at 1:30 the process for our group started only at 2:40 -2:45 So people try to book your travel mode as late as possible. )

Brief Snapshot of Discussion:
We were given an intro to the GD process. We were told not to make it a fishmarket or else they might have to disqualify everyone. Just before we entered we were told by people who had attended before that some of the GDs became fishmarkets.

It was a good GD with almost everyone pitching in their points. I felt the GD went off on a tangent when people started comparing Democracy with Dictatorship and China was brought into picture. But overall it was a good GD. No Fishmarket at all.

I would have liked to come with a few more points. I usually used to start off with one other person and since the other person would not stop, I usually stopped speaking. But I felt I came out with 1 very strong point and a couple of OK points.

Other Salient Details: They tell us beforehand that we can enter our thoughts in the piece of paper that would have been kept on our seats. They do not let us take them out with us after the GD.
I am not sure whether they do infact check whatever we have written or they just don’t want us to take it out because they don’t want us to help other people i different groups – No idea. But just in case I would ask all of you to make your points legibly and coherently in the piece of paper.

The kind of arrangement that was made for our group was a semicircle of chairs. In this case it would be most benefitting if you are sitting in one of the corner chairs where you don’t have to move your head too much to see all the people in the group.

Panel Members Intro: 1 Gentleman (G)and 2 ladies (L1 and L2) (sitting on either side of the Gent)

Stakeholders: G, L1, L2 and Me

I went inside, wished them good afternoon. It was kinda awkward as none of them were looking at me. I tried to hide my apprehension as much as possible. (I had been meted out the same treatment in a stress interview by IIM L). After a moment or two (They were all looking at something in front of them – maybe my form) I was asked to sit down by the panel.

G: So Vinay, I will tell you about the extempore process. You will be given a topic by L1 (L1 was deep in thought). You will get 10 seconds to process your thoughts and 1 minute to speak about the topic. I will let you know when you have to stop (He pointed out a big stop clock in front of him which could ring a bell too)

Me: Ok sir. (Started looking at L1. My heart was pounding my throat. I had prepared for most probable topics that might come out of my SOP, my name , my Degree etc.) (I had prepared for topics like Confucius, MTech is better than MBA or vice versa, Playing Computer games is bad, FMS is better than IIMs or vice versa etc etc).

L1: So Vinay your topic is Waste Management!

Me: Excuse me? (Never ever in 100 years I could have predicted this topic. It was noway related to my SOP or my life. I then was told that a previous interviewee in the same group had touched upon this topic in their interview.)

L1: Waste Management.

Me: Ma’am is it Waste Management in general or is it specific to something.

L1: In general. Are you comfortable with the topic? If not I can give you one more. Do you know anything about this topic?

Me: (Thought for about 500 ms. Did not know what kind of topic I would get next if I did opt to change it. I had read about waste management quite a bit a long time ago but didn’t remember any of it as of that moment) I know a little about this ma’am. I will give it a shot.

G: Ok then you have 10 seconds from now. (He sets the clock to 10 sec)

Me: (Waste management – What ? Why? How? Example. This was the thought that was going on in my mind)

G: (Hits the bell and off I go)

Me: Started talking stuff that I don’t recollect right now. But touched upon a little bit on what is it. Why is it necessary. How is done. Gave example of Bangalore City and how they are trying to do it. Got into a little specific about e-waste. And also told something about carbon emissions and management of IT hardware etc.

Me: (@50 – 54 seconds) – Uhmmmm.(A pause as I wanted to speak about something else)

G: (Hits the bell)

L2: Ok that was good. Now Vinay, you spoke something about Carbon Emissions. Do you know anything about Carbon Trading.

G: I was about to ask the same question (All 3 of them laugh. I laugh with them)

Me: Went on for about a min or two and explained them in detail.

L2: But according to me the earth is not at all benefitting from it.

Me: Gave some gyan.

L2: … (Don’t remember what she asked but something related)

Me: Gave some more gyan.

G: So you know about this topic well. Now tell me how exactly do they measure the amount of Carbons saved.

Me: (I knew a vague answer. Maybe if could get about 10 seconds of time I could have answered it. But 10 seconds is a premium there. I started of with something vague trying to buy some time and think about the answer in the background but nothing was materializing.)Sir I am not sure of this.

G: Looks satisfied and smiles. No idea why? Did he want to hear “I do not know from my mouth?”
L1: So where do you see yourself 5 years from now? (Still looked bored with the proceedings)
Me: Blabbered out my prepared answer.

L2: So you want to become a Management Consultant huh? Isn’t that just a buzzword used these days.

Me: Well ma’am to be frank that is the work I like doing and if I love the work I do then even if it is or if it is not a buzzword it doesn’t really matter.

L2: So what all exams did you write for B-Schools.

Me: Told

L2: Let us assume you don’t get in any of the big schools but only in the new IIMs (Ranchi, Rohtak etc) what would you do.

Me: I don’t think I would go for it ma’am. I would rather continue working for a year or two and then maybe do an executive MBA than join the new IIMs as I have heard they do not have any infrastructure in place and even though the placements might be good, I doubt the kind of learning that will happen there. (I think this was a mistake. Not sure though. I thought of making it as diplomatic as possible but they wouldn’t let me give one and kept asking the same question until I finally gave the above answer)

G: Ok then Vinay. This is the end of the interview. You can go now.

Me: (So soon? The interview had hardly gone for 10 minutes. Nothing was asked in whatever I had prepared !)

Me: Ok Sir. Thank you everyone.

(The curtain falls )

FMS GD PI Experience 8


10th :- 85.67%.
12th :–84.4%.
engineering: 78.47%.

Work Ex– 42 months IT.
Extracurricular: loads includes 4 first prizes in state and national level events, paper in international conference.

GD Topic: Liberalization has brought in more corruption.

I forced in to start the discussion: talked about the reformations since 1991.About India reeling under pressure and loans.

2nd time–talked about the etisalat telecom and FDI and about the role in 2G corruption.

3rd Time–Said wherever there is money corruption is involved.

4th Time –talked about FERA and FEMA much money stashed away from 1991 till 1999 till FEMA was implemented.

5th Time–Supported one guy when he talked about telecom. Said that telecom prices has come down from 17rs to 1p.

And here and there chipping in ,”yes ,agreed and so on.”

Overall I will rate my GD 7/10. don’t know about how the panel rated it.

Extempore: CRS is a farce.

Talked about mandatory cap of 2% of income for companies on CSR spending. But the 2 % may or may not be spent, companies can show reason for not spending it at the end of the year. Also said that if made mandatory it will not serve the purpose and if not companies will evade it. Was talking about Triple bottom le,the panel stopped me in between.

I was a bit verbose.

I would rate myself 7/10 in Extempore, About points covered and ay of talking, did not falter in between.


Was all on my work ex.nothing related to acads.

1) Why MBA after 3.5 years.

Told about my capabilities and how I am underutilized in my company. Told it takes 10 years to come to management line ,but Since i have the capabilities now then why wait for 10 years, and why not take an early call. Also said that will give me more job satisfaction.

2) What is the process you like in your company. Tell me one process which you have defined and is accepted in your company.


3) What are the qualities which you feel in under utilized?

Ans: told about my management in various events, about dealing with my customers and I need more responsibility.

4) I do not like your company. It is very arrogant.

Ans: Said about the shift in portfolio in last 20 years and how it has affected customers. He seemed satisfied.

Rest all my answers were very precise. Talked about business rational document,tracability matrix, How ,what and why. etc.

The interviewer was satisfied.

I would rate my interview as 8/10.

PS–All my ratings are m perception,dunno what rating the Interviewer gave. But I feel satisfied .All proper.

VERDICT: Don’t know what is in store, but I am hoping for a positive output. Rest praying to GOD ,to support me in achieving this level.

FMS GD PI Experience 9


X – 66% U.P. Board
XII – 70% U.P. Board
Undergrad Major – GPA/%age – ECE 72%

IT – 17 months

Date : 14th, 1:30 slot
Topic: Social Clause is also a form of protection

Number of Ppl present: 11
Time: 1 min for thinking, 11 mins for discussion, 1 min for summary

Brief Snapshot of Discussion:
Awesome topic , So people spoke whatever they could, I did speak 3 4 times, introduces CSR, implementation body, but finally was feeling that i have spoken less, so stopped paying attention to the GD and wrote down points for summary, was just waiting for the last minute bell to ring and blah blah the summary
Other Salient Details: Summary time was 1 minute towards the end.

Panel Members Intro: 5 panelists!

P : Had lunch? feeling comfortable? (So thoughtful yaar )
Me: Told that had a brunch and was

Then came the extempore topic : MAYA

The first thing that came to my mind was mayawati ( As soon as i said her name everybody started smiling ) and i spoke about her for full minute i think as soon as i was going on the other aspect of maya, they stopped me.
(One thing to keep in mind they are 5 in all so need to address each one of them in the extempore, so you will have to literally rotate your neck from east to west )

After that a general discussion on MAYA, mayajaal etc.

They said that they wanted to hear smthing different . But its your take its OK if you spoke about Mayawati

P: Heard about Mayan Civilisation?
A: Yes sir but cant recall jst the name is all i know

P: What was the capital of it? ( jab bola nai pata fir bhi )
A: Don’t Know sir
(Feeling very bad at this time)

P: Three good and three bad things about mayawati
A: told 2 good and 3 bad things

P: The lady in the corner says “You have won a prize in essay writing on Oil conservation” Who is the Oil minister
A: Sorry ma’am can’t recall ( My foolishness… should have known )

P:What other calls?

P:Where will you go?
A:FMS sir

P: Why?
A: had a well prepared answer, but was a bit sad because of not telling the answers, so told about the DU part only and world class faculty and was about to say more, but was cut in between.

P:You will say the same in other colleges also?
A: I said no sir, because they are not in DU so why would i relate them with DU

All laughed, ( i was dumb to say that… i thought they were asking about the DU part so said ) on the other hand they can even consider it as a witty answer

P: No no we were talking about joining FMS
A: Smiled a bit, then Yes sir will say so

Ok Ankur you may leave, on my way out, heard them laughing on the “World Class Faculty” thing .. don’t know were laughing at me on on themselves

Overall Analysis : Not towards the good side, did not get good vibes while coming out.
Let’s see may be the composite scores do some wonders for me

Overall Process : A bit sad after the process as i think i might not get good marks in the PI round

FMS GD PI Experience 10


X : 83.6% (CBSE)
XII : 88.6% (CBSE)
Undergrad Major – 71% (NSIT, University of Delhi)

Work-Ex: 42 months in IT+Telecom

Topic: Uncensored TV programs harm the immature viewer
Number of Ppl present: 10
Time: 11 min to discuss, 1 min to summarize

Brief Snapshot of Discussion:
Overall ordinary GD. At some points during the GD it even became fish market. I had to say please let me finish couple of times to put across my point. Spoke 3-4 times during the GD. Spoke about channels should isolate adult content from mainstream content. Also spoke that we cannot decide about the quality of content, it is highly subjective. Viewer discretion is also more important. Spoke about the negative effects of govt regulation-chinese govt blocking all news on jasmine revolution as it might inspire the chinese people to revolt against the govt. I feel the time was too less to discuss this topic. But that’s how the GD happens in FMS

Other Salient Details: 1 min given to summarize.2 ppl tried but then everybody started pitching in.chaos again.

Panel Members Intro:2 male profs(P1,P2). 2 female profs(M1,M2).
PI Started with extempore

Extempore Topic: My role model.
Spoke about sachin tendulkar and his qualities. How he has remained down to earth even after achieving so much success. Never gets angry or hurl expletives on facing sledging or getting bad decisions. Spoke that i keep him as a benchmark while evaluating myself.

PI Questions(P2 and M2 never spoke):

M1:Why do you think these qualities will come when you become successful? They should be already there in you?
Me: No Ma’am it’s there inside our mind. But when we achieve success, very few of us have the capacity to handle that success. At that time arrogance replaces those good qualities.
M1:But is it a state of mind or behaviour?
Me state of mind. Basically success gets to your head and its very difficult to be down to earth when you achieve success of that scale.
Took example of Yuvraj singh that how he couldn’t handle success initially and was dropped from the team.

M1 still looked dissatisfied and asked P1 to continue.

P1:I’m not able to read your SOP? Do you write like this always?
Me Everything in Data Sheet was in Block letters). Sir it looks neat and easy to read.
P1: Do you have so much time to write like this? I feel you don’t know how to write.
Me Sir whenever i fill any form I write in block letters and I feel it looks more neat and easy to read. My handwriting looks a little shabby when i write in cursive.
P1:So you’ve 3.5 years of work ex. Tell me about your job?
Me: Answered.
P1: What’s the difference b/w wiimax and 4G?
Me: (3G ke aage kabhi padha nahin, Forgot about wiimax itself. Thought of saying something about Wi-Fi but restrained myself) don’t know Sir.
P1: Tell me about 2G spectrum controversy?
Me: Spoke at length about the controversy, players involved, name of companies, govt loss etc.?
P1: Why is govt at loss? Companies have got the license at low cost so they will make profit and give it back to country? Whats the point of loss here?
Me: Sir during the 3G auction govt made huge amounts of money that brought down the fiscal deficit from 5.5% to 5.1% of GDP. If 2G auction had taken place that way fiscal deficit would’ve gone down even further.
P1: But now that 3G is here then 2G then will become obsolete? Why raise so many hue and cries?
Me: Sir 3G is still at a very nascent stage in India and with allows penetration.2G has already penetrated the Indian market and has a much bigger presence. Also you’ve to think about the cost factor. It’ll take lots of time before 3G takes centre stage over 2G.
P1: But other than monetary losses what could be other issues?
Me: The issue of national security. Swann Telecom sold the license to Saudi based telecom company Etisalat. Etisalat has been trying to enter Indian market. But Indian govt has issues with national security when it comes to that company. Secondly we also need to track where this huge amount of money has gone. It could be used for nefarious activities that could be even related to terrorism. Tracking the money is another important concern
P1: If you’re in govt’s position how you would tackle this issue? How would you recover the loss? Cancel the licenses?
Me: Cancelling the licenses is not a good option. Firstly get hold of players in 1st round and interrogate them. Track the money that they received by selling the licenses in open market. At this stage contact the 2nd round companies and interrogate them also about their motives and business plans.
Everyone was nodding their head at this point of time.
M1 and P1: Cat score and other calls?
Me: Answered
M1 and P1 k you may leave.

Overall PI went ok from my side. I felt they were trying to stress me out, first on handwriting then on 2G issues.
Both GD and Extempore were ordinary. So praying to God that results turn out to be positive.
Overall I feel the time is too less to judge anybody in a 10 min interview. The process is too random and subjective. No questions on hobbies, extracurriculars or any other stuff. One doesn’t get to showcase oneself in such a short duration.

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