Forgetting questions after studying in CAT 2016 preparation

Forgetting questions after studying in CAT 2016 preparation

Why I forget questions next day of studying in CAT 2016 preparation

When we start solving problems of a particular chapter at a time , we naturally set a goal in our minds to master those kind of problems. What does mastery mean? It means that, when we see a different problem in future which has similar properties as the current problem, we would recognise the right way of doing it and solve it quickly.

First, It is obviously important to try the CAT 2016 problem and judging if the same can be done in the time limit provided in the test. After that, solve the question in the right manner as practiced before.

1. Could I judge What they are trying to test?

CATEGORIZE every question you see by topic and subtopic. (If I couldn’t do this, I need to take the time to categorize it now, while I’m analyzing the problem.)

COMPREHEND the symbols, text, questions, statements, and answer choices. ( as urself – How am I going to remember whatever I’ve just learned for future?)

Understand the actual CONTENT (facts, knowledge) being tested. (Go back to your books and teacher to learn / understand anything that gave you trouble.)

2. How well did I or could I RECOGNIZE what was going on?

RECOGNIZE the connection between current problem and the one you practiced before.
(Ask yourself – What have I done in the past that is similar to this one? How are they similar? This may involve looking up some past problem and making comparisons between the two!)

Remember similar problems in the future b1y making a mental note or writing down the type of problems so that when I see it again I can recall it all.

DIFFERENT type of questions are presented in one chapter so we have to map them.
Let’s take an example of easy chapter simple and compound interest. Dedicate your first page of ur notebook or scribble on the book itself all type of questions as u solve them. After you have solved the chapter your notebook first page should look like this:
Type of problems
1. Simple interest formula based
2. Indirect SI questions
3. CI simple questions
4. Mix or CI and SI

If you can do the above analysis on every chapter and problem you study while doing CAT 2016 preparation, then you are not getting the most out of your study. If you have done tons of problems but have not done the above analysis, then you have not completed your part of work! Go back and start doing this analysis. It doesn’t matter if you do fewer problems — obviously, this kind of analysis is going to take lots of time! But this kind of in-depth, high-quality review is exactly how you master this CAT 2016.

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