Lets kick off our preparation for GDPI…

GD clinic

GDPI Clinic – Coaching 2.0

CETking Initiative 10 must do things for GDPI.

1. PI Clinic
1. Start making answers to common interview questions
JBIMS Students Speak:
– I was asked why I wish to join JBIMS – It took me ages to convince them that being rank 1 in CET, I want JBIMS 🙂
– I was asked almost same questions in every interview
– Interviews is all about Why MBA and your Strengths and Weaknesses
– CETking answers help me gain confidence in PIs

Most of the questions in Interviews are fixed repeated every time in every interview. Therefore, making foolproof answers to most common questions is very important. It will be great if you can write down all answers to common PI questions like Why MBA, Strengths & Weaknesses, etc.
We have compiled 100s of PI questions and their answers in CETking’s GDPI Clinic. Drop in and see hundreds of model interview question & answers. In short a perfect assistant to convert your call!!
Start making answers to all frequently asked questions PI asked in http://gdpi.cetking.com/

2. Practice on Actual Questionnaire given in GDPI “Student’s profile”
JBIMS Students Speak
– I already knew what i am going to say in the GDPI thanks to the student’s profile
– My interview was based on the Questionnaire only
– CETKING workshops told me everything what to write and what not to write in the form

During CET GDPI you will be given a Questionnaire to be filled. We have got the actual questionnaire for you to work on. It contains a list of questions asked in the Interviews, download now and start making your answers. Take 4-5 copies of the forms and start making your answers, take this with you in every interview you take for CET. Get actual CET questionnaire in free GDPI kit.

3. Practice on Actual GD topics & PIs centre wise
JBIMS Students Speak
– I had read all GDPI experiences of my centre – Sydneham before my GDPI and it really helped
– Same questions are repeated by every college every time so it’s a good idea to read them
– CETKING workshop helped me prepare for individual questions of every GDPI centre.

GD & PI questions are repeated by most of the centres. Example welingkar GDPI is concentrated on current affairs and SNDT focused on “Student’s profile”. List of Centre wise GDPIs are compiled in GDPI Experience Bank  http://gdpi.cetking.com/

4. Practice GD’s – daily GDs
JBIMS Students Speak
– 7/ 12 students in my GD were silent observers
– CETking’s 1 minute GD strategy helped have enough content to talk about in GD.
– Practice Practice Practice is the key to GDPI success

Practice different types of GD and keep a track of key facets which the panelist will rate you on in each GD. We have started daily GD on facebook to help you build your content. http://www.facebook.com/groups/248410011919397/

Get daily GD by sms for practice in train, classroom, spare time and even toilet!SMS – ‘JOIN CET2012’ to 9220092200. ie go to your sms and type JOIN CET2012 and send it to 9220092200.
Sample of wht you get by sms:
GD Topic of the day: Arranged Marriages are better than Love Marriages. Centre was Welingkar CET 2011 actual GD topic.

5. GD Clinic – the content builders
JBIMS Students Speak
– Before cetking workshops I used to struggle in making pointers for GDs
– Knowledge is key in any GDPI success

we at CETking believe that content is most important part of any GD so start building your content through our GD clinic at  http://gdpi.cetking.com/. For GDPI most important thing is content but second most important thing is communication skills. Start working on your communication skills and grammar.

6. Business Affairs
JBIMS Students Speak
– Knowledge about GDP, M&A, Budget etc are equally important for GDs and PIs
– Knowing GDP, Inflation helped me in Group Discussion
– Economic & Business terms like backward integration got me 17, 17 in GD and PI
– CETKING rocks!! GDPI workshop with lectures on economics and stock markets helped me score 34/34

We always rank business knowledge content more important than communication skills. You are applying for the job of business manager not TV anchor so business skills are more important than communication skills.
Keep a check on your business knowledge in GDPI Clinic on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/groups/248410011919397/

7. Current Affairs
JBIMS Students Speak
– Current affairs are equally important for GDs and PIs
– I consider current affairs and business knowledge is most important thing in GDPI
– Current affairs taught in workshops is really helpful especially the primers given and daily lectures

We always rank current affairs knowledge content more important than communication skills. You are applying for the job of business manager not TV anchor so business skills are more important than communication skills.
Keep a check on your business knowledge in GDPI Clinic on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/groups/248410011919397/

8. MBA in a day & technical questions
JBIMS Students Speak
– I was asked about three golden rules of commerce because of my commerce background
– Being from Engineering background I was prepared for engineering related questions
– I was grilled on finance, thanks to the workshop I was prepared for this.

If you are in final year or without work experience is prepared for questions on graduation subjects. If you are planning to MBA in Finance, Marketing or Operations be prepared for questions on sales, NPV or SCM. Let’s fine tune your answers in the GDPI Clinic on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/groups/248410011919397/

9. Keep yourself updated on PG courses and CAP rounds
JBIMS Students Speak
– CAP rounds are the most critical part of CET preparation. One wrong marking can cost you dream college.
– Thanks to CETking I was prepared for throughout for my MBA prep
– For students who couldn’t score well start preparing for PG programs

Keep yourself abreast with CET CAP rounds and PG courses knowledge with our PG special website on cetking.com. Unable to score good marks no worries. Lets crack PG courses. Info on  http://gdpi.cetking.com/
and on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/groups/targetJBIMS/

10. Practice Practice Practice – GDPIs
JBIMS Students Speak
– It took me 20 mock GDs and 3 PIs to get into JBIMS
– Take as many mock GDPIs for CET they help you improve your confidence
– 7 PIs strategy taught in workshops really helped me score 34/34 in GDPI

Practice, Practice & Practice will make you perfect. We will put cutoff at minimum 10 GDs and 3 PIs to perfect your GDPI skills and build confidence in speaking.
Join CETking GDPI workshop for best preparation for your GDPI. Details on  http://gdpi.cetking.com/

Feedback from students of JBIMS, compiled by CETking

All the best for CET
Team CETking