Books :-
0) India Unbound – Gurcharan das
1) Goal I, II
2) Critical Chain
3) Tipping point
4) Blink
5) Outliers , Selling the wheel
6) Argumentative Indian
7) Arm chair economist
8) It happens in India
9) Bankers to the poor
10) Fortune at the bottom of the pyramid – C.K Prahlad
11) Wealth of Nations – Adam Smith
12) Finance for Non-finance
13) Freakonomics
14) The seven spiritual laws of success – Deepak Chopra
15) Many masters, many lives
16) Black Swan **
17) Blue Ocean Strategy
18) Kingdomality (on HR)
19) Harvard Business Review ( on specific topics)
20) Business world case books

Reading all the books shouldn’t be the aim. Read books which interest you best.
The rest, if you get time, read after your entrances while preparing for GD PI.

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