Aurangabad GDPI Experiences

  • Time: 11 A.M

Venue: Aurangabad
Group Discussion

GD Topics :
topics were 1] should reservation b removed from our education sys
2] service sector gives benefit to revenue of our country
2nd topic was chosen
1 girl was in a hurry and she introduced the topic
then some good points were discussed among 3-4 members.
all 16 were present ,,, I told 6-7 points.
again when they told us to stop the same girl concluded in 12 seconds

Personal Interview
interview was very good
Panellists were 1 madam and 1sir

1.told me to introduce myself
2.asked me the topics and syllabus of engg. IT
3.then asked @ ma project in details and they were happy and interested
4.asked diff between “data and information”
5.then why mba told me 2 justify and were satisfied the explanation

madam was very happy with ma interview

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