Post your KJ Somaiya GD PI Experience here…

Lets get an idea of how are the GDPI experiences of others also.

1 helluva GDPI today…

Venue: KJ Somaiya
Time: 4pm to 5pm

GD Topic: Are MBAs necessary to make a company successful??

It was a good 1. 12 ppl in all. Stoppped short of a fish market, but every1 got to make their points and there were spans where an individual was talking alone. Making 3-4 good points will help. Me and another guy were kinda conducting the GD. We also interrupted a “Group Bully” to let a girl talk. . Anyways, Good GD..

But the PI was a rape. (Sorry for the cuss words, but hell yeah, it was…)

2 old men. Thoroughly disinterested. I was feeling like I had disturbed from der afternoon siesta and looked thoroughly disinterested. Anyways, here are some of the Qns they asked.

– Are you sure its “Ramnivas Ruia”.. last I heard it was Ramnarain Ruia???
– Are you interested in politics???
– Why not???
– Name 2 MBAs in politics
– I want strictly in Indian Parliament, Are u American???(Bcuz I said Mitt Romney)
– So u have done performance testing (my work domain)??? Which tools do you know???
– Do u know Rational Rose??(when I said Rational Robot) It is the new tool.. you should know?? The tool you use is outdated..(as if it’s a f****g carpentry tool).
– Wat is the cost of the license for the tool for 1 week???? Only 5 lacs?? Then will you do testing for us if we give you 5 lacs?? But u have to use “Rational Rose” and you don’t know?? (When I said ill learn and help you)… But we want it tomorrow..Can you do it???()
– Ok.. wat do u know about capital markets??? Anything related to finance?? (I said NO, I wanna do sytems)
– Ok… IT GUY, tell me 5 Databases
– 5 Operating systems
– Wats difference between load testing and stress testing??
– Wats difference between functional and non functional testing??? Is integration testing, functional or non functional testing???? :@ :@
– Who was ur client at Tech Mahindra??? (I said British Telecom)?? Who’s the CEO of BT???? Who is the Telecom minister of Britain??? (who the fuck knows that??) Who is the Telecom minister of India?? (It’s Sachin Pilot)
– Ohh… Ur an Instru engineer??? Wat is SCADA ????

Ohh… dats enough.. U can GO NOW… That will be all…(Translation- We’ve had enough fun with you.. lets try sum1 else now)

1 pointer for KJ Venue ppl : Get ready to get ur asses whooped.. others with me had similar experiences.. Mine wasnt an isolated case.

More on kj somaiya gd pi coming soon……

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