Kolhapur GDPI Experiences
Venue: Shivaji University, Kolhapur
time: 9 to 10 am
Group Discussion
1. mind is like a parachute, it functions when it is opened.
this was a abstract topic…. but everyone voted for this topic only…
2. are cooperatives relevant in today’s globalised world?

first topic was selected….

panel looks for following points in GD:
1. leadership skills
2. to make everyone speak
3. communication skills
4. points that u are giving

discussed for 20 min….
I initiated the topic and also I was entering continuously into the GD after some time…but all in all a good GD….
then asked everyone of us to conclude….
and then to summarize the GD….

Personal Interview:
questions asked were as follows:
1. tell me something about yourself…
— I answered
2. why MBA?
I answered
3. Which college u are aiming for?
as I had prepared very well for this answer, I answered very well.
4. what is recession?
explained in short…
5. what is liberalisation?
not answered
6. what is globalisation?
explained quite good…
7. tell me something about the Indian economy.
started to explain and suddenly next question.
8. what is GDP? and how to calculate…
explained what is GDP but I was not able to answer how to calculate it.
9. what are we getting from foreign industries that are coming to INDIA and selling their products at a cheaper rate?
– I said technology and then money…
so all in all a good GDPI round…
Venue: Shivaji University, Kolhapur
Date:(6th June)
Group Discussion
GD Topic: 1)Role of media..selected
2) something about managerial quality to recruit people…none of us could understand that 3 line long sentence.

6 people present for GD..only 3 spoke(including me)..finished in 12-15 min.GD was good.
Personal Interview
panel-two male professor in their 50s
1)introduce yourself…told
2)why u quit your first company (CTS) to a lesser known org?..told
3)why mba?..told..new everything going fine..
4)impact of satyam scandal on IT industry.
which college u want to take admission in…told its JBIMS and JBIMS only
5)CET marks? 99.98%
now they gave me some gyaan about IT entrepreneurships..when I told them that I want to take up finance.
ended with handshakes and smiles…

having a hope…let c what happen
date:9th June
venue: Shivaji Univ, Kohlapur
Group Discussion
GD topic :Economic freedom and not old fashioned theories of development make a country grow and prosper
(pardon me for not remembering the second one..but surely it was not to be chosen)

initiated the discussion, talked about stuff entered a few times..gave some stats about the economy.. out of 15 people allotted (I guess), 7 turned up and out of which four spoke..the others were made to talk..
in the end everyone was asked to summarize their own version of the discussion.
Personal Interview
PI had two panelists..P1 around 35 yrs and P2 around 50-55 yrs..
P1:started reading the candidate profile form and asked me simultaneously to tell something about myself..
me: started off but had to stop cuz I noticed he was really not listening and more importantly had nothing more to say..
P1:reading my form asked about my extra-curricullum..
me: explained to him about it:
P2:asks me which stream am I from
me: told him I am from mechanical engg
P2:why MBA then from engg.?
me: had prepared so all the jazz…
P2:looked convinced
P1:you must have learnt some mgmnt subjects in engg have you? which are they?
me: told him about IEM and operations research my elective subject
(now here comes the twist)
P1 ok so you have learnt operation research..so do you know anything about Assignment Problem
me: (ill taken aback) yes sir..told him about it giving a general idea
P1: what is transportation problem then?
me (wow..it’s getting interesting) answd that too again giving a general version
P1:anything else that you learnt?
me: couldnt recollect..so told him that
P1:what is thermodynamics?
me:(phew !!) told him…
P1:what is fluid mechanics ?
me: answd that too..all my answers were a general idea of each subject..nothing intricate..
P2: which stream do you want to go in MBA? why?
me: told him Mktg..told him about the 4P’s of marketing which I learnt from a friend long back just to prepare for it
(both looked impressed)
P1:how did you know about the 4ps of marketing
me: told him the above
P1:anything else other than the 4Ps..
me: din know so told him that
P2:(reading my form)..you have written so much in your form..(with a smile)
me: sir for a marketing person one needs to be a convincive talker (with a smile)
P1 & P2: both look pleased: all right..that’s it..all the best..
said thanks and that was it..
all the preparation and the efforts of the exams that I gave just ended on that very moment..luckily it ended at least in a good note..

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