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Cetking Special MET GDPI Workshop 1/2

Cetking Special MET GDPI Workshop 2/2

  • MET PGDM Experience 1

Hi all
I had my GD/PI at MET
The topics that they gave us were.
1) Growing menace of casteism & religion…
2) arranged marriage is better than love marriage. .majority of us selected this one, but it happened that everyone wanted to speak at the same time
PI- was good, mostly revolved around the work-ex., why mba. and other details in the form

  • Experience 2

Hi all,
My venue was MET, Bandra – A decent college and a very co-operative faculty.
The GD started with two topics:
1) Should India continue to pursue talks with Pakistan?
2) Are the principles of peace and non-violence still relevant?
We tried to had a little discussion for deciding on which topic to choose but only I was the one who contributed an opinion to which everybody agreed. We then had a formal poll and select the first topic.
We were then provided 5 mins to jolt down our points.
After the start signal was given, there was a long pause clearly showing people’s hesitation to start with. I therefore, grabbed this opportunity and started with the intro.. went back to history..India Pak partition, Kargil wars and then came to the current scenario which was started under Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s leadership. (one thing I noticed that I was allowed to speak for more than a minute and nobody was ready to take it further. I therefore, concluded my statement saying that now lets take the topic forward by discussing the pros and cons of the talks between India and Pak..)
Finally one out of 8 of us, took it forward (don’t remember the crap he said). A lady in the group (3rd speaker) simply wanted to show off her team spirit and was asking each other to speak up and give others a chance to speak when she herself hadn’t mentioned a single point. Anyways. Meanwhile I also tried to mention the problems faced by each nation and each others’ niche areas which I guess these college freshers were least interested in..!!
People kept expressing their views but kept saying the same thing over and over again that the talks should continue w/o justifying why?
Then in the 5-6th minute, there erupted a until-now-silent-guy who took this stance of destroying Pakistan with nuclear bombs and weapons. People at least 3 at a time pounced on him coz I guess everybody was waiting to get into a confrontation. They continued their war of words and created a fish market. The judges then warned them.

  • Experience 3

Hi friends
My centre was MET Bandra
they merged 2 batches v were 14 people our topics were

1.india is a soft nation

2.our culture is decaying

we selected 2 topics GD was good didn’t turn into fish market they made people speak who were not speaking didn’t tell anyone 2 summarize talking about pi he grilled me 1 panelist just asked questions like y mba, your weakness, as I was highest in tax in my college a few questions related 2 it. the other panelist was trying 2 make me nervous asked a few questions on tax & accounts ,what if I tell u 2 jump from 20 floor & u have a min 2 think what will u think 4 your org? if I want 2 c u on front pg of business world magazine by 2015 what r 3 things you’ll do? Then he said now that I have confused u so much & u r really very angry with me just expresses your anger in 1 line & by maintaining decorum? 1 question you feel I haven’t asked u? & he was constantly asking me r u nervous possibly so that I’ll get nervous. In spite of all these questions my pi went well. friends just keep your confidence level high….best of luck friends

  • Experience 4

Hi friends,
I had my GDPI at MET …
Like all have said it here, they ask u to fill a form with some stupid questions …no original mark sheet or Cet score is required .if U have work experience then you have to carry the offer letters or salary slip etc..
Topic given for GD was *Villages: India’s Strength or weakness” we blabbered something. .there were 12 candidates which I thought was a big number….so it was like a fish market as the topic was relatively easier…. PI entirely depends on your CV and how well you present it. Remain calm, firm. Avoid any lies or do not try too hard to cover your faults, if any..Thank you CETKING..

  • Experience 5

Hi had my GD PI at met in my batch only 5 members were present..
1) private sector not public sector will drive India’s economy
2) inflation is unavoidable in developing country like us..
we opted 4 first one…GD continued 4 about 15 min…everyone had a chance 2 speak.. i spoke about 6 or 7 times at regular intervals..
PI was cool…
1) being an engineer why do u want to do mba
2) Which specialization will u choose..
3) Why not ANY OTHER??
4) What r your weaknesses and what r u doing to improve your negative points
That’s it

  • Experience 6

Hi friends my GD/PI experience was in MET
They told me filled up a application blank with following questions,
Work EX.
Why MBA?
Strengths and weaknesses.
What was an important event in the last decade in India.
GD topic
1) Does India need dictatorship?
2) 1 Billion People and 1 Bronze medal.
the group decided on the 1st topic. Only 4 of us spoke throughout the GD other 4 quite it was a decent GD made some points no fish market scenario,. I was satisfied with my performance
PI was with 2 panelists’ one young one and the other old asked me: tell me about yourself,
Your work profile???
Asked what do you think about justice in our country, I discussed about Jessica Lal case and then they asked, what is the significant event that has occurred in India in the last ten years?

  • Experience 7

Hi friends
Had my GD/PI at MET.
First we were asked to fill a form which had questions like
Name a significant event that has occurred in India.
Then we were taken to a room for GD, we were eight people, two GD topics were given
1. Are women better parents than men?(we discussed this)
The GD was a fish market as everyone wanted to speak since it was an easy topic, strong women like INDIRA GANDHI, KIRAN BEDI, were referred with examples, then the talks shifted to qualities of a metro sexual man, when we lost out on points people started talking of how should a man learn to cook for his wife and what not??…all in all the GD was hilarious and the panel had to intervene in between to tell us to stop talking.
PI was like a sail-through interview….
Was asked why not join Sanjeev Kapoor as his assistant? (I AM A HOMESCIENCE STUDENT)
Why mba?
What are your Strengths and weakness?
What are your hobbies?
What food can you cook well?
Have you cooked snakes or any other worms?
I replied I am a vegetarian, then they were like a chef should learn to cook anything….then I explained in home science we are not taught to be a chef but there are other subjects as well and went on to explain the three year course curriculum, various subjects taught etc…they seemed satisfied also said all the best in the end! It was a satisfying experience!

  • Experience 8

Hi am done with my GD/PI at MET…
it was an awesome experience.. Reached before time filled up their form and was waiting……due to less number of students they clubbed our batch.
GD topic was
1) Are beauty pageants a marketing gimmick??
2) India needs more honest bureaucrats than efficient managers (discussed)
A girl who was seated in the 1st seat started the GD very systematically. As if straight out of the instructions from GD workshop…only 3-4 of us were were mum, it gave me a chance and I made good use of it..No fish market, almost a perfect GD… Those same people who conducted the GD took my PI
Questions were like below:-
Strengths and weaknesses
Since you are good in sports join sports, give up MBA
Great academics, why not masters???
After grilling on above questions they finally let me off, with “a nice to meet you” quote…overall a decent PI

  • Experience 9

My MET GD topics:
1.Ethics in business is just a passing fashion. 2. Cricket is a waste of national resource.
Well we all choose the first topic. The GD was no less than a noisy affair. because all wanted to talk at once…there were incidents where 5 people started talking and they gave no one a chance to talk..the DTE panel gave us a warning that if we do tat again, they wont give any marks, but the scene never changed. I could talk around 2 to 3 times…in a total group of 11….
The Personal Interview: –
This was very good …it was based totally on my profile and bio data for which I had very good reply.
They were impressed with what I had written on my bio data, and the questions revolved around that, so please remember what you write in your bio data.
Hope it helps someone

  • Experience 10

Hi all
Had my GD/PI at MET, BANDRA today
Is consumer the king in India?
Is management education an unnecessary expense on a poor country like India?
we voted unanimously for the first topic.
We discussed about hw there’s a war between big brands to make an impression in a consumers mind space, how various multinational brands have modified their products to suit Indian needs( KFC, McDonald’s), the GD was basically smooth running, btu we ran out of points and had to end the GD abruptly..A QUIET GIRL was asked to summarize and she did…n we were let go….
My PI was pretty smooth too, I managed well!
Why mba?
you are an engg, why not masters?
Extracurricular achievements?
and other bio data related questions were also asked (people please fill bio data carefully and remember what u have filled
So all the best!

  • Experience 11

I had my GD/PI at MET Bandra.
two batches were merged total 13 people were given 2 topics both abstract we were given 30 min to discuss and then each one had to sum up in 1/2 min the topics were 1. Time is the most ‘variable’ resource. We have to use it properly
2. Lust for power is not routed in strength but in weakness
the GD was cool.. no fist market all of us had valuable points to put forward, then came the pi …
just a few questions.
1. Why not ME or MTECH
2. Which college you want to do MBA
3. Why MBA, I told them I want to be an Entrepreneur
4. What kind of venture are you planning?
5.. Name 5 countries in Africa
6. Who is CM of Kashmir?

  • Experience 12

I was in Batch 19 MET at 3:15
They did’nt ask for any payments or documents at the centre just filled up a application blank same old conventional questions:
Marks,Work EX. Why you want to do MBA?,Strengths and weaknesses,what was an imp. event in the last decade in india.,..etc..

GD topic
2 topics were given 1) Does India need dictatorship? 2) 1 Billion People and 1 Bronze medal.

I wanted to select the 2nd topic as it was interesting but then grp decided on the 1st topic including me 4 of us spoke throughout the GD other 4 quite it was a decent GD made some points and thank god it did’nt turn out to be a fish market, it was a quite and nice GD. I reasonably did good.

PI was waiting for my turn entered the room 2 panelists one young one and the other old one young one did not question anything the old one asked me abt my background and abt what i do. so the start was really good later on at the end had a discussion with the old one regarding dedication of Indian students towards studies. but in all
GD was good
PI start was good end OK OK
lets see wat happens when the results come.

  • Experience 13

had my GDPI today at MET, bandra (batch 11, 8am slot)
First GD
1) Science is pool of Bane.
2) Swapping the people in states leads to terrorism…….. ( a huge topic, don’t remember)
I started discussing which topic to choose and prefered 1st one. Even others were agreed as well.
Then started GD, i gave introduction to the topic by defining it. Then many ppl started to talk on. but wasnt fish market as such. i came wid many pts like cloning, defence, internet etc etc. Everyone were speaking on those lines. Then moderator asked for sum other ppl to talk. Finally after a 15 min GD we were asked to conclude, i was in no mood, but nobody took initiative. so again i had to go on. But conclusion from me was very bad, i got confused and gave summery thn conclusion. All in all a fine decent GD.

Then came PI ,
I was 6th one to go. Everyone ahead of me were coming out of room understress. I went inside. Two ppl. P1- Young person. P2- Old person.
P1- Asked me what have u been doing last whole yr. ( i took a break )
ME- preparing for cat and related exams. thought to take up a job, but didn’t cause thought i may not be able to focus on both CAT.
P1- so u r in race wid IIMS?
ME – Sorry couldn’t grab a call.
P1 – Favourite sub
ME – Accounts.
P1 – Quick Ratio ???
Me- (said, but he unnecessarily started shouting as i m not giving proper ans. he was trying put me under stress. I kept on smiling and kept myself under control.)
P2- Significant event?
Me – (hah my Q.) Tata – corus. Told every facts and figures.

P2 seems interested.
P1- But its not good as it was overpaid.
Me- Sir they are looking for long term approach. blah blah. (nally he got convinced)
P2- U may go. All the best.


All in all PI was decent, but thought i could hv done better.


Place: MET Bandra

Date:3rd June
Reached the centre by about 8:30am.MET is near Lilavati Hospital so puys tell the rickshawala to drop their as mine didn’t knew about MET college.So entered and i was told to assemble in a room.Forms were given to fill.I thank you puys for early information about the form hence i was prepared with the answers.My suggestion for others would be to prepare this answers well in advance as it helps a lot.Specimen forms you can get from these site.Anyway,we all were told to assemble in a room were chairs were arranged in semicircular position.Panelist then entered.In all three of them.One oldie(nearing retirement i think),others a lady and a guy both in their mid 30s.
Group Discussion
Topics were given.
1)Yesterdays wars were fought for supremacy,tomorrows war will be fought for market share.
2)One does not need an MBA to pursue successful career in management.
All of us unanimously voted for the second topic(the first was bit to lengthy i think)We were given three minutes to jot down our thoughts an then were asked to begin.I wanted to start but couldn’t as a girl started before me.The GD was excellent.Better than i expected as i had heard that most of the other GDS were fishmarket.It was healthy discussion.Everyone was giving chance to others to speak except for one girl who didn’t wanted to give chance to anyone.The girl in blue shirt(if she is reading this),in GD team behaviour matters hence i had to cut her to make my point.But credit to her as she was thoroughly prepared and presented good points.I pitched in 5 times. Made some valid points the GD were at a time dominated by three of us.The panelist then stopped all of us then asked us to conclude the topic.
Then were divided in groups and were asked to wait till we were called for the interview
Being the first one in group i was called first in the group.
Personal Interview
The panelist P1 was aa women in her fourties and a guy in his thirties
P1:Why do you want to do an MBA(so soon i had expected this question but not so soon)me gave the answer as was prepared with it.
P2:Which field do you want to specialise in
P2:What qualities should HR manager have… me told but then she said the very mentioned qualities are your weakpoints(Had mentioned it in the form)I corrected her by saying that it was weak point but now iam working on it and also stated an example how i countered the very weak point.
P2:How can your Degree in Chemistry( I am a Chemistry graduate) help you on these………me answered
P2:If you have a conflict between your workers and management whose side will you take….i answered who is right to which she said there is no right or wrong in these world(Big thing)then i corrected my answer and i think i was successful in explaining her.
P1:(After a long gap )Asked what do you think will be thought in a HR MBA course.
I was prepared with the answer
P1:Name three women presidents of some countries
I could not recollect the name of german chancellor….
P1:Name the youngest minister recently inducted in the cabinet
Knew it byheart
Then i was asked to leaveNo graduation related questionNo work related question not even GK questions.STRANGE.
Then i came out and went to verify my documents as MET is an ARC centre for verfying documents.I would urge you puys who have their GD & PI here in future to bring the originals and one photocopy each of
1)Postal Receipt of form
2)10th marksheet
3)12th marksheet
4)Graduation marksheet
5)Graduation passing certificate
6)Nationality certificate (Domicile or school or college leaving certificate where nationality as Indian is mentioned)
You are not required to present these during GD or PI But you can verify these documents here in these visit itself and save a second visit.

  • Had my GDPI on 1st June 2009 at MET Bandra

Group Discussion
GD Topics:
1. Terrorism in Jammu-Kashmir
2. Boundriless World – Dream or Reality? (discussed)

Personal Interview
PI: (Not many qstns as it was a late batch at 4pm – 5pm)
1. Tell me abt urself.
2. Why MBA?
3. Abt my job profile.
4. Sm GK qstns like President n vice Precident of India, CM of Maharashtra, Mayor of Mumbai, etc.
Thats it.
PI lasted for hardly 5 mins.. (not only 4 me bt 4 all d candidates in my batch). God only knows how they r going to evaluate….

  • Hi all I am posting my GDPI experience….

date :05/05/09
Venue: MET,BANDRA at around 2.55pm (was late)plz avoid that…. as it was scheduled at 3.00pm
neway filled up the form and straight away i was asked to enter the GD room….

Group Discussion
We were 8 of us 2 absent….
there were three panelists
two men,one female
the 2 topics given were

1.Convenience must not be given preference over conviction
2.Reduction in the interest rate level of Indian banks is required as per the low interest rates of international banks (Something like that)

chose the 2nd topic….
mostly 3 of us spoke while a a few kept mum, the guy then asked the others to speak, the GD was fairly OK as there was no interruptions and also no awkward silences it went quite smoothly….

Personal Interview
then came the PI almost instantly…. (after 5 mins) guess they were in a hurry….
I went in the room,there were 2 men fairly in their 30’s
the questions they asked me were as follows…..
Diff. between GSM and CDMA (as I am from engg.)
He asked me wat I did for 1 yr. as i passed out in 2008
Why MBA after engg.?
Future aspirations
then the other guy asked me who is the CM and deputy CM of Maharashtra?
answered all….
thats it…. not even for 5 mins I was in there….
Not sure how much m gonna score….

  • Venue: MET

Date :friday,5th.

Group Discussion
GD topics:-
1.Laughter is the best medicine.
2.He who graduated yesterday,stopped learning today and was uneducated tomorrow.
We chose 2.
The panel had to interenen in between,there were two men and a lady.
The lady was maintaining decorum and instructing aggressive ones to stop.
Asked those who didn’t speak to give their views.

Personal Interview
Two men,one old(IT Faculty),one younger.
Very nice and friendly people.Would put you at ease instantly.
Asked me to state 5 FMs of india.
1.Morarji Desai
2.Pranab Mukherjee
4.Manmohan Singh
5.I faltered here,I said Yashwant singh.But corrected myself.
Its Jaswant Singh or Yashwant Sinha
Who is the only women finance minister of India?
they gave me a Clue:-What happened after 26/11?
So,Its Indira Gandhi.
Asked a bit about my company and software development.


  • Venue : MET, Bandra

Date: (Sunday, 7th June)

I attended GDPI at the same venue last year too, so knew the place well. Had ample time to fill the profile form.

Group Discussion
GD was pretty cool. The two topics were:
1)Politics, teacher, students should be kept apart.
2)Slumless Mumbai is a distant dream.

No one knew what the first topic meant and hence none opted for it. We got 5 mins to jot down our points and start.
Everyone got a chance to speak and was well conducted by 3 mild mannered panellists. There was a proper introduction, discussion on issues faced by slum dwellers and crap talk common to GDs and a summary of everything discussed at the end.

Personal Interview
PI was downright pathetic. Panel consisted of a grumpy oldie and an ill-mannered middle aged woman. None responded to my greeting when I entered the room.
They read the profile form for two minutes and then it started:

Oldie: Tell me something about yourself.

Oldie: Describe family profile

Lady: Why do you want to ditch your job for an MBA?
Me: I’d love to go back to my company and work there, albeit a different role.

Lady: Would they hire you again?

Lady: Which MBA do you aspire to do?
Me: Marketing

Oldie: What is the one significant recent happing in our country?
Me: Elections

Oldie: Your thoughts on it?

Oldie: What do you expect from govt? Any major change in reforms?

Oldie: Who’s the president of France?

Oldie: President of India

Oldie: Finance Minister of Maharashtra?

Oldie, Lady: That’s it.

  • Venue : MET, Bandra

6th of June, 3:00pm batch…

Group Discussion
GD topics:
1. Drop outs – Individual attention, safe schools and smaller classes. Is that the way to stop students to drop out?
2. A peaceful place is a happy place.

We chose the second topic. Only 9 out of 15 were present in the batch. GD was very peaceful. No interruptions, no cutting of points, no fish market. Every person spoke on his own, so the panel did not have to interrupt.

Personal Interview
PI was amazing! It went for around 15 minutes. My panelists ( Mr.Kamat and the other lady, unfortunately I don’t remember her name) were great. They asked me questions on my candidate profile form. I mentioned UPA government winning as the significant event so there ws discussion on politics. Then he asked me a subject of my choice like food, music, sports etc… There were questions on food, restaurants etc. Music, sports, general knowledge were all discussed…
He asked me how much I would rate myself in the interview out of 10. I said 5-6. He said he would give me 8-10..
They seemed happy with my performance.

It was the best PI of my life!!!!!! Hoping for the best!
Best of luck to all!

  • Venue : MET Bandra

Date : June 9th
Time : 4pm-5pm

Went 2 hours early, to finish document verification as well.
We were asked to assemble 30 minutes before our time, to fill up the form.
Group Discussion
1. Politicians should be reminded that the well of seats at the parliament, is not a boxing ring

2. Dynasty in politics should be done away with (Selected)

The panel asked us to raise hands, for selecting topics. There were 8 of us, and we got tied for selecting topics, after which the panel selected the second one for us.
GD went superb, with me starting, and making several entries. My only worry being negative marking, since I was involved in cutting people, several times 8|

Personal Interview
PI was shorter than expected. I had prepared so so so much for the PI round. The interviewers seemed tired or not interested. Spent most of the time reading my form
PI1 : Why did you took a year’s drop after your engg
Me: Replied
PI2: Tell us about the most significant event u wrote in the PI form
ME: Replied
PI2: What do you want to specialize in MBA
ME: Marketing or finance
BOTH PIs : Thank you
me: 8| Thank you sir, thank you madam….
Waitinggg for the results now…


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