March 1, 2012

Nagpur GDPI Experiences

Department of Business Management Nagpur GDPI Experiences

Today I had my GD/PI at Department of Business Management Nagpur at 5:00 pm.
I reached there at 4:30 pm and straight way went to fill the candidate form. Thanks Guys for providing the candidate form. Filled the form.

Group Discussion
Around 5:00 pm we were directed to a room where GD was scheduled.3 panelist were present all above 50.We were asked to take our seats. A total of 15 slots were there for our GD batch out of which 6 were absent.
One panelist took the envelope had it signed by one member from our GD batch. He opened the envelope and gave the topics for GD.
Topics were :
Commercialization of Health care sector Good or Bad.
Failing organization are usually over managed and underplayed

I including a girl voted for 2nd topic but all other voted for the 1st topic
so the second topic was chosen.2min were given before starting GD and after 2min nobody started
Finally the panelist had to ring the bell to start.
I started the GD by saying commercialization of Health service in the U.S., Europe, good revenue generated by it and also few pointed the negative aspects of it. Then other members started. It was a good healthy GD with no interruptions and fish market. Around 5 members were active while others were relaxing. There were few moments when there was lull with no points. Then the panelist asked to conclude, all the active members concluded , there was one guy who interrupted a girl while she was concluding don’t know why coz he had already concluded. I was astonished that few people who didn’t speak were not asked to conclude.
So the gd ended.
Personal Interview
Next in the Interview there were three panel A,B,C.
I got C panel and was the first to go .Interview panel had one lady (gorgeous) and a gentleman. Both were young .
the lady was going through my candidate form and gentle man was asking general questions like where did u complete your Engineering, why MBA? Which field? what did you do last one year (I m 2008 batch pass out )told him that I was selected in an IT (L&T InfoTech)company but joining got delayed and haven’t got joining till now. In the middle a person came with tea, both panelist took tea. The lady offered me one that was kind of her. I refused. Then she asked about what India should do to become superpower I had written good job opportunities for graduated and tackling unemployment. She screwed me hard on the topic at few points I fumbled but then convinced her my point. During the process suddenly gentleman started asking questions in HINDI. I was surprised a bit but kept answering in English. In this way PI also got over.
Overall GD/PI was a good experience.
Thanks guys for your feedback without GD/PI wouldn’t have been a good experience
Venue: Nagpur .. dbm college…
Date :7th June (today)
Time :10 to 11 am slot…
Group Discussion
the gd was fine…
they were not very extrovert and knowledgeable people I would say…no offence intended…but then this was the advantage for me

there were 2 topics…
1. US financial management are responsible for the current economic depression.
2. Eve Teasing should be severely punished.

no doubt all of us unanimously selected the 2nd topic…

but here I did a mistake…and I want all of u to learn from it…
when it was asked that who wud like to go for the 1st topic…though I was comfortable with it…but at the same time I was aware no1 else is going to opt for it…I cud have raised my hand…forming a solid impression of having the comfort for both topics…but my stupid second that took over me and I didn’t do so…which actually I feel was wrong…

newys there is no point regretting over what has been done…and again I was a good speaker in the entire GD…Nagpur being the only centre for vidarbha…there was a crowd from small villages also…and some of them couldnt even understand EVE TEASING…which kind of was a shock for me…whatever…I opened the GD…and then contributed much in the gd in a sensible way…some stupid people were bringing in dowry issues in EVE TEASING…so the gd was kind of ok chances of fish market…cuz some people dint had any fish to sell…at the end I concluded the gd…
Personal Interview
and then came the PI…
2 oldies above 50…(male)
both were jolly…

it went cool…
honestly speaking I was quite nervous till morning that I hadn’t prepared up to the mark…but then the way PI went…I wud say…I was lucky…
there were simple questions….
why mba though u have good job wid good pay…
why take risk in this poor market…
what streams and why…
who are role models…and why…(get all details about whomsoever u going to talk bout…I talked about Che Guevara…and was asked if there is any book he has written…I knew it…)

and then whoz the VP of India…(Mr Hamiz Ansari)
but than was asked what was his earlier post…I confessed that I m not aware… 🙁
and then the other negative for me was…which newspaper u read…I said…TOI…and then was asked that watts today’s headline…and I dint rmbr to read it…so again confessed about the same 🙁

overall everything was cool…

than to all of you for the inputs…

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