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Gd/pi venue:Jdc bytco, Nashik.
Date: 31st may 2009.
time slot: 12:00pm to 1:00pm
Batch :14
cet marks:120(97.57%)

Group Discussion
GD topics:-
1 Economic reforms are making richer people richer and poor people poorer.
2. Animal should not be used in drug testing.

My Batch was of 15 people. but 2 were absent. so total 13 people were present. topic chosen was no: 1. by votes 7-6. I regret that.(being pharmacist I can handle the topic2 much better) I was also prepared for the 1st topic.
I started the topic. I gave info about Manmohan singh’s magic in 1991. told some things about globalisation and liberalisation. but people in my batch started talking about malls saying that they are killing jobs, they shud abstain the malls and such funda. I tried my best to explain how economic reforms have benefited us. how our standard of living is better than previous. boon to entrepreneurship. ex : Infosys, HCl, satyam, ranbaxy,cipla, foreign reserves. I middle of these one guy started saying about ICICI bank and was saying that it does not lend loans any more. I was shocked to hear that. guy next to me started arguing with that guy. I had to persuade them to please leave that topic Icici and talk relevant about economic reform. then we discussed about jobs created in IT. income level. NREGS. while I was giving detail about NREGS. the Icici guy started saying that it was not implemented and all money was engulfed by politicians. I also talked about gd. our position in world trade. in these gd only four five people were speaking. other eight spoke occasionally. the Icici guy was interrupting others while speaking. while concluding the silent member started speaking and each one was concluding.

Personal Interview

Pi: two interviewers both of age between 40-45.
Q; tell us about yourself?
Q: so why do u want to do mba?
Q which specialisation:
—marketing I told want to start my own firm
Q why are you doing mba as u can start your career in marketing as MR?
( I am a pharmacy graduate)
—told reasons
Q tell me something about environment situation?
I did not understand I asked him whether it is about pollution, global warming etc? he said yes then I told
Q : u wrote something about telecommunication revolution in your profile form explain it?
Q; who started it?
—I said Sam pitroda
Q what r your weakness?
ok thank you.
Date : 4th
Venue :BYTCO college of mgmt,nasik
Time:10 to 11
Batch Size:15 people
cet score 109
Group Discussion
we were given 2 topics
1) public sector job security is myth
2)people not only differ in ability but also in willpower
we chosen 1st
it was a pathetic gd
1 to 1 conversation, fish market, fights ,diversion from topic was all there
4 people include me spoke good
at time of concluding some girl n boy were again start discussing
I told them not to do so
but they carried on for 2 min
then I concluded gd n spoke 4 times in gd
Personal Interview
then gave pi..was excellent
1)tell me about yourself
3)recession n effects
4)what will u do if your father ask u to do job instead of mba
I said I’ll do job if he insists but after 2yrs I all def. Do mba as I want to b a good mba
panelist were 2
all d best to all of u
Finished my GDPI on 28th May. BYTCO College, Nasik.

The overall experience was very fulfilling.. arrangement was gr88 we were first given profile form to fill… Thanks to all who had advised to do so…. I had prepared for the questions beforehand and wrote it very nicely… !!
Group Discussion
GD Topic was-
1) Indo-US nuclear deal.
2) Quality is a myth in our country.
We were given 2 mins to jot down the points and 15 mins to discuss .. 5 mins to conclude..
We chose Indo- US nuclear deal and I started the GD …. made valid pts 2-3 people were equally well informed and spoke very nicely.. everyone got a fair chance to speak n present their views and GD was a very peaceful one.. !!
Personal Interview
PI was one of the best things that has ever happened to me.. everything went as I had prepared for it again thinks to PG last yr GDPI experiences….

2 people one old aged chacha 50+ was very impressed with me from the beginning 2nd one didn’t want me to know what he felt about me so I obliged ..
PI Start
chacha: what did u study in BBM ?
gave him list of all subjects …..
chacha: which was your fad??
Advertising n media..
Chacha: give me the various types of advertisements !!
Knew the types but couldn’t rem at tht time but then too was thorough with concepts so told…
chcha: wht are various types of media ?
chcha: if u want to advertise some product how will u choose media?
I aswered this very thoroughly..
then came some personal questions why nasik center?? ( guys if the center is ur homwtown its okk otherwise be prepared in my acse its sort of hometown )
then P2 : Y MBA??
Where do u see yourself 5 yrs frm now….
answered him well
he said ok best of luck… !! n it was over … feel good GDPI was happy for myself treated myself with devils delite choc cake in monginis..

All those who have GDPI scheduled in coming days –
Read PG GDPI experiences once thoroughly and make a database of all the GD Topics last yr n this yr… same goes for PI questions .. mine was smmoth but some of my frnds were grilled .. so be pepared for awkward n irr questions also… !! be prepared with answers in such a way tht they do not question u again on the same ones.. for this ur ans should be honest genuine and convincing.. !!
For GD topics go to a read all current national n international affairs.. its very good..helped me a lot.. I could make such valid points with stats % s production of electricity etc in GD only thnks to competitionmaster. !! u’ll get everythg u want there.. !
Also with the database prepared give 5 mins for each topic n wirte the points down … u’ll know where u stand as far as ur knowledge is concerned to make valid points in GD .. u can work accordingly.. !!

All in all it wont be very tough.. as far as i know frm my exp n my frnds exp .. !
All the best everyone..
Gave My GD/pI yest in NASHIK
Here we go with experience

Group Discussion

7 were absent out of 15 so we 8 ppl decided to conduct a descent business GD

1 IPL shd hav played matches in INDIA
2 Corruption is not getting minimised so why not leagaliese it..(stupid one)

panellist asked tht whether we will take 2min to think or will start?? I replied will take 2 min. …everybody followed

So panalist rang the bell after 2 min. and …without wasting the time I stareted with defining the IPL..why it got out from india ..
then smbudy putted the same point tht I said
then I thrown 2nd point of economical IMP of IPL getting conducted in INDIa …

6 to 7 entries in GD of 15 min.
also asked a lady who was not speaking atall( ” lets give chance to the ppl who have not spoken”
Inshort GD was completly good

Personal Interview
TWO good and middle aged panalists one lady and one gentelman
P1 & P2(lady)

me – goodafternoon sir ..goodafternoon MAM
P1 & P2 – goodafternoon plz seat..
P1 – where is ur hall ticket
me- it is with the peun ( I gave it to Peun for stamping )
p1 – plz bring it
me- surely sir …just a moment
after coming back

P1 – so Roshan U passed out grad. in 2006 and what u were doing for 3 years??
me- sir I have a business …relate to stamp paper work like Affidavits and etc..
P2 – Ok u are bond writer …u work in court?
me – Not in court but near to it in tahasildar office
P2 – ok Introduce urself
me- blah blah blah (was Prepard)
P1 – why do u think nuclear deal is significant event?
me- blah blah blah (dho dala)
P2 – what is interpersonal skills ?( I wrote Intr persnl skill as one of the quality of succesful manager)
me- told briefly
P1 – why management
me – very favourite ….gave what i prepared
P1 – why here in Nasik?
me – marriage ceremony ..

Panellist was happy ..I was happy
so everything was as i wished
so hope for good results and hope it have helped u all
Venue: j.d.c bytco nasik
time 10 – 11…
Group Discussion
Topics – Should cricket be banned because of non-productivity in people (somethin like that)
We need more managers than leaders… This topic was discussed…
out of 15 6 were absent so 9 of us…
k now the gd… was k… only 3 of us spoke rest all were puttin points in between… no fishmarket at all… people were givin chance to speak(i also gave a chance to speak)…
Personal Interview
den comes the pi… 2 panelists both were ladies… very sweet…
now this is dam wiered but my pi… no y mba… no y the event significant… nothin from the form… infact wen i entered first one lady asked me my name… den she asked tell me somethin abt. urself… den wen i said dat i am aspiritual person… dey started askin me… about reiki… den do u believe in rebirth… do u believe in past like regression and past life hypnotherapy… den do u believe in vastu… n all dat… n den they asked me to justify one of my strenghts i.e. empathy… n dats it… i was like is this it… i mean nothin at all…don know wats gonna happen… hope for the best. so this is it this was my experience… overall a good n relaxed atmosphere…
den i got my arc done… der itself… dey are very helpful… got over soon… hope this would help people… best of luck guys.

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