Just came back from GDPI. Will try to share my PUMBA GDPI Experience.

Venue – PUMBA

Date – 30-05-09

Time slot 3.00 pm Batch Size-16 Reached PUMBA at 2.30 and got the candidate profile sheet. It is same as the one last year. Had prepared the answers beforehand. So just went there n did a copy-paste job Group Discussion we were taken to the GD room at 3 pm sharp. Out of 16 people, 4 were absent. So it was 12 of us for the GD GD Topics- 1. Indian economy is in shambles. 2. Indian cultural heritage is being destroyed. Let us use the educational system to revive it. I wanted to select the first topic but 8 people from the group went for the 2nd topic. So had to go with the majority. GD was pretty chilled out. Every1 got an equal chance to put forth their points. No fish market stuff. But only 4-5 of us were speaking throughout the discussion. Others were keeping mum. So after 10 mins of discussion the panellists asked us to stop and asked all those who had not spoken till then to speak out their points. One of us was asked to conclude the discussion. Personal Interview Then came the PI. I was 2nd in my group.

Two panelists. P1 – Old guy P2 – Young guy

Me – Good afternoon sirs. Asked me to sit down.

P1 started reading my profile. P2 – Tell me about yourself in 3 sentences.

Me – blah blah blah P2 – Why MBA? Me – blah blah blah P2 – If u wanted to MBA why u did take up engg? Me – blah blah blah P2 looked convinced.

P1 – What will u do if u doesn’t get admission this year? Me – blah blah blah P1 – But you are working in a very reputed company. Why does u want to leave your job? Me – blah blah blah

P2 – Tell us something about your experiences in robotics. Me – blah blah blah

P1 – What does your father do? Few questions on my dad’s business. Me – blah blah blah P1 and P2 – Ok I think we are done. Wish u all the best!


Me – Thank u sirs.

Didn’t last for more than 7-8 mins. 2 cents from my side:- Give a lot of thought to the questions asked in the profile form. Be prepared with the answers beforehand.

PI is completely based on it. Be prepared for a lot of counter-questions.

This is all from my side. Waiting for the results now. All the best

—————————————————————————————— Here is my PUMBA GDPI Experience

Venue: Pune University (PUMBA)

Date: 31/05/2009

Batch 14

Time: 12-1 Reached at 11:15 and copy from the profile sheet I had already filled at home Group of 16 but 3 people absent…so 13 in all We were taken into the GD room at 12:20 and the topics were

1. Economic reforms have the impact that the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer

2. Animals should not be used for testing drugs and medicines Wanted to select the first topic but as in democracy the vote was 6-5 in favour of the second topic and 2 people didn’t even vote for any topic Coming to the GD 3 people tried to start …. and there started the fish market there were 3 GDs simultaneously going on in our group of 13 people … I asked the people to speak one at a time so that it would be better for all (hoping to score some points for that)..But after 2 mins the same situation… pitched in 3-4 times in between. The problem was that one “beep beep” guy as he wanted to speak every alternate sentence and he was trying to have a one on one with every person … I seriously hope that the reads this and understands that this is for him. Spoiling the GD for everyone. The GD lasted at max 8-9 minutes and then the panelists asked us to stop. And then one person to conclude. After a girl concluded the same guy started again and the panelists rang the bell 3-4 times to make him stop So don’t know what will happen here

Regarding the PI

P1- Seemed like a student of PUMBA. Around 25 yrs old P2- An oldie… probably in his 60’s

P1- Tell something abt yourself A: blah … blah… P1- You are technically good. Why MBA? A: blah…blah…

P1- The market situation is pretty grim… Why do you want to leave the job in such a reputed company with a good pay (P2 in between had asked me about my pay) a: blah…blah… all this while P2 was screening my form as if it was something novel

P2- Which college? JB P1- why only JB. Why not any other college? A: blah..blah.. P2: Marks A- Told P1: ok Thank you.

Me: Thank you sirs


my cet score is 134 + 4 PAR marks


Venue : PUMBA

Group Discussion in all there were 8 of us..1 girl

the topic which we got was -IPL shud matches have been played in INDIA??? dnt remember the other topic..everyone unanimously chose IPL wala… gd was good..had stats ready wid me.. was extremely confident after gd went into PI wid great confidence but andar bahut bura haal kiya My gd was for abt 15min but my PI lasted for abt 20 min… Personal Interview 2 panelist were ther –1 arnd 50 2nd 60+(was reading newspaper) 1)introduce ur self–bla bla

2)Why not Mtech, why MBA??–bla bla

3)what is global warming??–told

4)then both went thru my profile form..i had mentioned barious extra curriculars n prizes..they asked me for certificates..luckily i had them…

5)what is the quality of MBA?? i told team managing,time managmnt,communication skills…the oldie wasnt satisfied..acc to him it was decison making..i didnt argue wid him.. 6)then he came to last ques frm the form why do u wish to take this course..i replied as frm my past experiences in managing diff events,my curret job profile i find MBA as my goal.. still he wasnt satisfied..he said he expected where i see myself 5 years down the lane.. 7)what do u mean by global power?? last ques was who for the 1st time said tht india will be superpower in 2020 which primeminister.. i replied it was president APJ Abdul kalam as i didnt know prime minister(here i really screwd up) In short it was a very bad PI n excellent GD..waiting for 22nd..


Date: 6th June

Venue :Pune University

group was of 16 people out of which only 8 were present… 3 guys , middle aged….

Group Discussion One of them opened the envelope….

Topic were 1. A peaceful life is a happy life 2. Dropouts – What should Govt do to reduce the dropout rates from school? Should they consider having small classes … [sth like that]

I wanted the 2nd one bt my group went for the first one… I don’t know how many points they have in that topic… GD was ok…everybody has a lot of timje to speak still there were 1-2 who didn’t want to speak. After that, I had my GD…. Personal Interview Panelist were impressed by the extra curricular activities and work ex….. They asked general questions like tell me sth abt urself, why mba, future plans, asked me abt my percentile… got blown up while i said 99.92.. asked which college i’m opting for…. I said if got JB then fine else leave….. Then asked me abt family background…. n again some idiotic / easy questions Overall, perofrmance was good……. _____________________________________________________

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