Shri Shivaji Maratha Memo Society’s institute of management & research Pune GDPI Experiences
Venue:- Shivaji Maratha, Pune
Timing:- 1400 to 1500

Shivaji Maratha GDPI Experience:

I reached there at 1300 (could find the college at last) so filled in the profile in relax mood then actual process started at sharp 1400.
Total 13 students were present including 5 girls. There were 2 professors (in their 40’s) & one old female professor (in her 50’s)
Group Discussion
Topics declared for GD
1. To develop nation, women empowerment is necessary.
2. Is management education required for doing good business.
7 students (including myself) voted for first topic, we were given 4-5 min to think. I started off with a bang……..but none of the other students was ready to continue further, I was beating around the bush looking here & there. Finally, person next to me replied back ( hushhhhh). I made 3-4 more points in between. It was good discussion. One girl made brownie points by giving some stats, some other gave one saying in Marathi…..As the topic was Women empowerment, our group was kind enough to give opportunity to each of the girls. Finally, each one of us was asked to conclude. That it……
Then we moved to nearby room for PI
Personal Interview
There were 3 panels……
First panel was interviewing girl for almost 25 min, meanwhile other two panelist almost finished all other candidates’ interviews. I was asked to go to first panel. Two male professor in their 40’s (one Marathi, other one non-Marathi)
P1:- Pronounced my name & asked meaning.
I:-replied back.
P2 asked about my graduation & asked why MBA
I :-bhah…………….
P1:- Where are you working? what is your salary?
I:-replied back
P1:-DO you pay tax?
I:-Yes (obviously, I didn’t understand why he asked so)
P2:-Explained me importance of paying tax (I don’t know, why he explained me)
P1:-What is tax?
I gave satisfactory reply.
P2:- So are you going to leave your job & joining MBA?
I explained in detail
P1:-But why MBA?
I replied with my prepared answer:-)
P2:- What is professional managed?
I could not understand the Q so asked to repeat.
then I talked something about processes, planning & strategies
P1:-So what are you expecting from this MBA course
I replied with some points like case studies, tools etc.
P2:- Does that mean, it’s not possible to run business w/o mba guy?
replied backed smartly……
P1:- Have you done SWATH analysis?
I was bit confused initially but replied back giving my strengths & weakness
Both P1 & P2 stressed me on that but replied back .
P2:- Tell me 5 most imp problems of Pune city…
I started off well but couldn’t continue till 5 so P2 asked me about my home town(sangli) & its two problems
I replied back immediately, P2 asked me why not floods(P2 seemed to be aware of floods in sangli 2 years back). I smiled back
P1 & P2:- All the best
I:-Thank you.

Overall GD was good & PI was better one.
Hope this helps other guys.
Place : Shijaji Maratha Inst of research and Management.
Group Discussion
There were 7 of us for the GD
2 from Rajasthan…. 1 from Akola….. 1 from Up and the rest from Pune
Topics given:
1) Use of force by banks to recover loans
2) Role of women in development

Nobody voted for the first topic so went ahead with the second topic.

Points covered : Good source of motivation, decisions tend towards humanity, sensitive in taking decisions, having key role in Service sector, good patience,
examples : Many yet to name a few….. Indira Nooyi, Savitribai Phule, Kalpana Chawla, Pratibhatai Patil, Meira Kumar. Toppers in CBSC board….. Inclusion in Indian Air Force etc…..

No fish market, no snatching of opportunity, no aggressiveness…… healthy discussion.

Personal Interview
Two panellist both above 50 and friendly. No stress given…… When they got to know about my interest in music they asked me 3 to 4 questions on music. Rest questions asked
1) Introduce yourself
2) Who designed Nano???
3) Who is the recent lady to climb everest.
4) What kind of news do you read in TOI?
5) Significant Event for India that happned.
6) Why MBA??
7) Why are MNCs going to China more than India……
due to the labour cost and availability
Who is the prez and finance minister of India?
Gave the answers and got out of the centre…..

Guys believe me…… keep your cool…. the GD panel gives a chance to everyone to speak and also summarise the discussion at this centre.

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