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SIBM WAT PI GD PI Experiences

SNAP-99.1734, SIBM P, SCMHRD-First merit list

Here is my interview experience of SIBM Pune on 5th February.

5 Mins to see the picture and write on it.
Some convoluted roads were displayed. We had to write around 150 words.
I could write only 7 lines, but they were qualitative.

GE: Group Exercise
This year GE was essentially a Group Discussion.
8 people were there in the group. Everyone in my group had perhaps the loudest throats that this universe could have heard.
4 news paper cuttings were presented.
We had to come at a consensus in 5 minutes to choose a particular topic.
7 people wanted one topic and I wanted some other topic because it was my are of interest(Dissing against nation is not secular). Eventually , I persuaded and my topic was selected.

Personal Interview:
Extempore topic: Betting should be legalized.
Surprisingly, I had read on this topic earlier so it was a comfortable area for me.
Stood and delivered presentation on it . Said that economy will be benefited, illegal will be dealt with, gave empirical evidence of various studies that how it would create a positive impact on GDP. Elaborated further.

Q1 Tell us something about yourself.
Ans1.Told about my origins of Jammu & Kashmir, my schooling , college, work ex, hobbies.

Q2. Tell us about work ex.
Ans- Explained my work ex in depth.

Q3. How will your goals help in achieving an organization’s goal.
Ans 3.Told about how my skills will help in achieving goals. Mentioned some 3–4 skills. Panellists seem convinced.

Q4. What was the testing you did?
Ans 4 -Answered in depth

Q5. What all did you learn in last one year at TCS?
Ans- Told them in depth, mentioned about Toastmasters.

Q6. You must be having MDPs (Management development programme) at TCS. Why don’t you join it?
Ans6 Explained them benefits of MBA vs MDP.

Q7. Why Sibm -Pune?
Ans-This was my favourite question.

Again, answered with clarity and in depth. Listed some alumns, mentioned about exchange programmes, student council initiative, case study learning

Q8) What if you don’t get in this year?
Ans- Again, an expected question. Told.

While I was leaving from the room, one of the interviewers said “Dude, we forgot to shake hands with you.”
While I came to the waiting room to collect my bag and other stuff, a person from ART of SIBM came and said “The panel has told me to inform you that there is a toastmasters club here as well.”

Verdict: First list convert

Takeaways:SIBM-Pune has perhaps the most organized B School GEPIWAT process.
Things are managed by students.
Try to be as honest as you can and engage the panel.
Have fun during the entire process.
Be creative during GD/GE.
Be thorough with your SNAP C form. Although aspirants aren’t asked to carry it, the panel has a copy of that.

2) Ayush Khajanchi

Date: February 6th, 2017
Venue: SCMHRD Pune

There were 2 WATs.
One was a picture based.

Other one was a situational one. A particular situation was given and we had to give suggestion. Around 4–5 hashtags had to be created for this WAT.

There were 2 GE.
GE 1: It was essentially a case discussion.
Cows to get Aadhar like tags with details of horn and tail. Other details were given.

GE 2: Cricket can be played with football.
I believe our group didn’t do well in this GE. Panel interjected couple of times to come back to the topic, but we created a mess

We had to then deliver a presentation on GE 2. Again the presentation wasn’t too good. It was ok-ish

PI: 10 mins
Was the first one to be interviewed
Panel- Two professors: M1, M2
Sharing questions only as I don’t remember the answers now

M1: So , tell me something about your work ex?
M1: You worked in Chennai as well. Do you remember something in Tamil?
M1: Tell me how to solve such cases using Salesforce(the technology that I use at work)?
M2: I am the professor of Statistics. Salesforce has certain graphs. Here is some data. Can you draw a scatter plot graph for this data?

M1: What is your typical day like?
M1: Any fruitful results that you achieved after joining Gym?
M2(seemed pissed off with me by now)
M2: Ok , we have an extempore. Choose a topic and speak on it for 1 minute. You can sit or stand, you can make use of white board.

Topic: I am my Instagram.
M2 : It was a great presentation.
M1: Show us the certificates that you have mentioned in the form.

Verdict: First list convert!


Everyone is talking about SIBM-Pune and there is enough and more information available about the same. Since no one has touched upon it, I think I will answer on behalf on someone at SIBM.

I had my GD-PI-WAT process on 7th February.

The next morning after getting ready I reached the college around 30 mins before time, thanks to my nervousness. We were divided in groups of 7 or 8. The GD Topic was demonstrated via video. The topic was related to science and spirituality.

After the GD, we had a personal interview. My personal interview was quite easy. A lot of personal discussions ensued, including a discussion about how my dad is a government sector employee and how I chose not to follow his path. The interview was driven towards more general topics later, such as the BMC elections in Mumbai. Then I was questioned on whether I will shift to Bengaluru from Mumbai.

I was done with my interview around 4 pm and I was pretty confident that I would make the cut.

Other than the process itself, I was overwhelmed with the hospitality that the Admissions Committee of the institute displayed. They gave a full-fledged tour of the campus which made all of us want to get in even more.

All in all, it was a pleasant experience.”

  • Centre: SIBM, Pune
    Slot: 8:30 AM, 7th Feb
    Profile: SNAP Score-99.50 Xth- 90%, XII- 85%, Grad- 78.3%
    Work-ex of 19 monthsThe process began by dividing us in groups of 7-8 people and each group being assigned with a group coordinator. They were SIBM first year students and were very friendly people. They helped us in getting our documents checked. Once the documents were verified, the real thing began. We were shown a wonderful video which motivated everyone sitting in the hall. After that, we were shown a video clip for our first GE/PI exercise. It was the first story the commencement speech given by Steve Job at Stanford. It ended at “Stay hungry, Stay foolish”. We were supposed to discuss on this topic for seven minutes. I entered third in the group (can be considered second because the first person was not able to give a structure to the GD at all, it was the second person who actually started the discussion). It was an abstract topic so I tried to give more examples. Introduced points like, it’s a scientific fact that when there is a vacuum,i.e. when there is a void and then you let an opening, it begins to fill, similarly when one accepts that one is foolish or rather when one knows little, then he is motivated to learn more from others and that is when true learning begins. And also that when one is hungry, one develops an urge to seek for more, which again acts as a motivation for learning new things in life. Mentioned a relevant excerpt from some article that I had read in past. Made 3-4 entries in 7 minutes.
    After that there was a break for two minutes and then there was next GD on the topic : “Banning of the trade unions is beneficial for the economy.” Again the same person started and again he said something which was not substantial at all as a start.
    One tip guys : Don’t rush to start just for the sake of starting. It is better to not begin the GD if you don’t have some concrete point.
    Everyone discussed about the unions that form in companies and their pros and cons. Nobody discussed about the trade unions which nations form in order to monopolize trade. It was not a great discussion, everyone was just beating around the bush.
    Then came the PI, which was a wonderful experience. There were two interviewees. I had mentioned my father as my role model so the first question was related to that. They asked me how does he inspire me? I told them about his influence in my personal life as well as my professional life. He is an entrepreneur and I told him how I have observed him working and handling the business and how that motivates me to work harder towards my goals. The they asked some questions about my family. Then came to hobbies. I told them about my inclination towards art and craft and towards designing apparels and accessories, also took this opportunity to mention about my aim of setting up my own creative studio. Then came the most expected of all the questions : “You are an artist, why don’t you join NIFT or NID?” I told them about the courses offered at these institutes and about the courses offered at SIBM and how the latter are more relevant to my career goals than the former. And I was able to convince them
    One more tip : Substantiate your answers with facts like I used subjects in this case. These people like to hear such things.
    They posed the question that: “Did your father do an MBA?” I told them no. So they asked me if he could do it without an MBA, why are you wasting two years, go and start your venture straightaway”. to which I told them some of my father’s experiences and told them how studying in SIBM will help me in doing business in a better way.
    Then there was an extempore on : “Issues like Babri Masjid deviate people’s attention from major issues like poverty, malnutrition and unemployment.” Spoke for around two minutes on how people instigate the crowds on such sensitive issues for political motives and then make them take violent routes and that people should invest their energy in bringing up the backward sections of society, uplifting those who are suffering from the deeper issues. Mentioned some facts about poverty and malnutrition etc.And that was it.


  • SIBM Pune
    Slot Sunday 8:30 AM
    Rounds                 No. of People in grp/panel      Time Duration
    Group Exercise             7 P 1 A                              17 +2 minutes
    Group Discussion          7 P 1 A                              17 +3 minutes
    Interview                         2                                   10-12 minutes
    Extempore                       2                                   ¼ + 2 minutesFirst round was group exercise
    A clip of Narayan Murthy was played for 2 minutes, he explained about leaders and their abilities.
    The clip was common to all the groups.
    The group was given 17 minutes to discuss about what he said ? Do you think something more could be added?
    Descent discussion was held for GE.
    Second Round was GD
    Topic: FDI in retail
    Discussion was held for 17 minutes and 3 minutes were given for arriving at a conclusion to the whole group.
    Third was PI
    In my panel SIBM professors were not there
    There were 2 panellists from Godrej and Pidilite.
    Most questions were asked from work experience.  (what have learned  working at your org.)
    What work did you do for the clients
    One question was about HazratGanj in Lucknow.
    One about smoking.
    “Women are better politician than men”
    15 seconds for thinking and 2 minutes for speaking.
    I spoke that it is not gender dependent.



  • Just back from Pune after attending my GE/PI of SIBM and SCMHRD. I am sharing my SIBM Pune experience here.
    Center: SIBM, Pune
    Slot: 12:30 PM, 5th Feb,2012
    Profile: SNAP Score-94.5 Xth- 63, XII- 74, Grad- 68.45
    The process was smooth. A group of 8 was formed and a group co-ordinator was assigned for each group. No faculty involved at all. We were shown a motivating video about why SIBM-Pune(Indeed motivating). Documents were verified.And admission process started from here. A video clip of about 2 mins featuring Mr. Ratan Tata was shown. The interviewer asked to Tata that in the present scenario do you thing Asian economies are ready to take up the challange and lead from the front? Mr. Tata talked about the credibility crisis and CSR. The video ended there. A question was thrown to us that do u agree with Mr. Tata views that corporates should do more for the society? Three minutes were given to us. Discussion among group was not allowed at this point of time. All groups were moved to their respective panels after this.Two gentlemen welcomed us in the room and told us to start the discussion. The ball started rolling. we were seven. I was 3rd or 4th to speak. Yours truly started with Occupy wall street protest and how public is skeptical about corporates. Talked about market at the bottom of Pyramid, Tata-Swach. Pitched in 3-4 times about how to restore credibility in the corporates by a transparent mechanism. Talked about 2G scam, Warren Buffet, Azim Premji etc. The discussion ended with panelist giving 30 sec each to put yours as well as group summary. Audio Visual Exercise ended here.We were given 2 mins of break and 2nd GD started. The time was too short. Only 5 mins. The topic was:- “Is Indian companies capable enough to compete with global MNCs?”. Again the same guy started the discussion and I was 2nd or 3rd to pitch in. I started with the 1991’s New economic policies and how the Bajajs who were skeptical about foreign groups entry benefited the most. Talked about India’s cheap labor, average age and English speaking crowd. Put a word of caution that SMEs should be given advantage over cash rich business houses. Pitched in twice or thrice. Time was too short.Interview:
    Two Panelist: Let us name them P1 and P2. Both gentlemen. Chilled out.
    P1:- So you have worked in TCS for 40 months. Why MBA now?
    Ans:- Talked about my Business Plan(Litchi:-)) and how I want to get into marketing, FMCG and learn marketing tactics.
    P1:- But then you may not get a lead managerial position. How will u learn marketing tactics?
    Ans:- Talked abt how I came to know business processes in TCS while working as a ASE. Fundas that you can learn things even if you are a small part of the process. Seemed satisfied.
    P2:- You have written Mohammad Yunus as your role model. Why is the difference in SKS microfinance started by mr. Akula and Yunus?
    Ans- Talked about formation of SHGs and felicitating women rather than men done by Mr. Yunus.
    P2- Do you think India’s Political system is outdated?
    Ans:- Defended it. Said how the flaws are existing even in other countries. Gave examples of countries which are facing serious flaws and how Indian electorate has matured over the years. How India has survived everytime when West has predicted its crumbling. Gave examples of India’s Partition and JP Movement.
    P1:- Tell me the good things done by Nitish Gov?
    Ans- Talked about four points- Infra, Security, PDS, Jobs creation.
    P2:- Where do u see yourself 10 years down the line
    Ans:- Blah blah…
    P2- Tell me abt your strength and weakness.
    Ans- Mentioned. Said Public speaking as my weakness.
    P2- How do you think this is going to impact you? You speak good English
    Ans- Thanked and talked about how i need to be influential to persuade farmers for my venture. Talked about Toastmasters and how m trying to improve.Extempore:-
    Told me to pick up a chit. I said that here comes the tough part. Both interviewers encouraged me and said you are going very good. It indeed helped. The topics were all socially relevant(as gathered from others in my group) except mine. I got very absurd topic- “We are as sick as we are secret”. I was dumbfound for 5 secs. Collected my thoughts for 20 secs and spoke. Started with the quote of Osho that how being alone brings the best in you. Talked abt the inhibitions, fear and positive energy which are suppressed because of presence of others come out when one is alone. Talked about its negative impact that how aloofness leads to depression and even to suicide. Concluded by saying that its good to be with friends but we should take time out for ourselves once a month, introspect and decide future course of action.


  • coming to the 3 rounds … for our group, sequence was GD -> PI -> GT … each group was allotted group coordinator
    GDNo case study for our group … ” Ragging helps to break the ice ” was the topic.Were given few minutes to think and then it was open house for 15 min .. i chipped in 3 times with different points .. it went smoothly and did not become fish market at all except sometimes, few people raising the volume of voice( and saying already mentioned point ) instead of coming up with new pointPI2 Persons .. one was old lovely lady ( p2 ) and other was a cool gentleman ( p1 )…both very experienced.i entered … was asked to sit .p1 : So, your name is varun and you are from lucknow
    me : yes sir ( with a smile )p1 : how are you feeling ?
    me: fine sirp1 : So , you just switched in 5 months from your first company?
    me : sir, got campus placement in infy .. joining delayed due to recession.. utilized time gap … blah blah .. ( impressed )p1 : what is current work in infy ?
    me : told .p1 : does infy gives something extra to its employees too or everything is for clients?
    me : with a smile … answered positively ( smile on their face too )

    p1 : would you like to join infy after mba?
    me: yes sir.. mentioned reasons etc

    p1: your marks in qa are very good …. calculate exact compensation which you would like to take from infy after 2 years?
    me : told figure… then he asked how did you calculated .. i told  .. again both impressed

    p1 : will you join mba if it was 10 year course?
    me: no sir.. gave reasons … then explained why i want to go for 2 yr course… then asked , why not 1 yr course.. answered it ( again appreciation from panel )

    p2: would you like to ask us something ?
    me: yes mam … asked 1 quesn .. they did not answered it and asked to contact student committee for that.

    p2: thanks … good answers ( both smiling)
    p1 : all the best for sibm

    me: thanks .. have a good day !

    group task

    began with psychometric test ..followed by selecting one of the 4 figures drawn on board .. then,

    group was divided into 2 groups of 5 each .. .2 volunteers from each group had their hands tied with rope in complex manner ( i was one of the volunteers) ..and group was asked to untie us with 3 conditions:

    1. rope cant be touched.
    2. knot cannot be opened
    3. we cannot slide our hands out
    4. we cannot be touched by other grp members

    could not complete task but were appreciated at end … here they try to create stress conditions… stress testing

    one amazing thing happened…. during post task period, when faculty was giving feedback … they asked who all visit pg… almost everyone raised hand… .then they said, who is very active bas kya tha, i raised my hand

    then they fired questions on pg to m  asked what tasks are mentioned on sibm thread.. i told ( they were different from given to us ) .. asked which is most frequently posted task … i said, 3 bricks wala … they said, go and correct there… its not 3 bricks but 2 bricks then , everyone smiled… 1 faculty gave a positive expression on his face seeing me .. they kept asking questions on pg and smiling… asked me if am the employee of pg after listening my answers

    then, we were asked to leave for the day ..

    overall great job by sibm students in managing the process

    wish everyone all the best !!!



  • My experience at SIBM-P…..my process was at 9 am at Lavale Campus..thank God they had arranged Transport facility..so went to Senapati Bapat marg at 7.30 am and went in the bus of Sibm….Reached the Serene campus of Sibm and were greeted by pretty Ladies of Sibm…and were led to a audi to sit …Then documents were verified and we were led to another Classroom where we were assigned Batch numbers and evry batch had a Coordinator…Ours was Sumedha…Then we were led to the GD rooom…GD: There were 2 moderators…one was a Colonel who was cracking jokes and another person was a bit serious…Yes 1st the Colonel gave us as shocker by saying to Discuss on “Financial Status of Turkey”. And then he was laughing ..looking at our faces…then he gave us the Real Case Study..
    The Case study was abt a girl who was working at a small area in a Retail firm and now she is given the responsibility of a larger area. She has record of achieving outstanding results in the past but now her supervisor has complained against her to the head office abt her inabilities to achieve targets. But when asked her she tells she is being victimised in a male dominated atmosphere….What would u do if u r from head office?One dude Prerit was there who acted as leader, he gave some points,…
    I came up with new points and it was a healthy discussion…One person wasn’t talking much so the mods asked him to give his views and summarise also….it was over i thought i did wellPersonal Interview: Before going for PI we had some snacks…and chatted with sibm seniors on many things…
    Then we were called one at a time for interviews….
    There were 3 people in the panel–One lady(L),One Old man(OM),One Middle aged(Psychologist, i think as he didn’t speak)OM:So Tell me what r u working on in your company?
    Who r your competitors?
    Who is your clients and its competitors?
    ME: BakarL:What r u hobbies?
    Me: Stamp collection,swiimming,cricketL:What rare stamps u have?
    OM:So can u tell me world’s oldest stamp?
    Me: more gyaan

    Thank u….it was hardly 5 mins and they said its over…i was getting recharged and it was over….i doubt wat they say in me….Overall i felt it was good…but who knows what they thought….

    Group Task: Ours was the age-old group task of passing Volley ball without using hands and half would be blindfolded and half normal…there was a circle and 5 will be inside it and 5 outside and we had to pass from 1 to 11 number in our grp…There was a senior in the room who was acting like he is the mod and shouting at us ….he thought he is in Vastrapur or Joka,but it was Lavale Gaon and showing attitude ( i felt bad abt it, maybe he was advised to be like that by mods..)
    We were given 3 mins to strategize and 4 mins to perform….
    We managed to pass the ball to 7th number which was me…so it was a good job/….
    Then the mods asked our own views to all of us and asked us r u satisfied with your and grp performance…they shouted and tried to stress us out but we were cool as cucumbers./…

    My contribution in GT was that i was blindfolded and i tried to give ideas to help blindfolded people…

    It was over and that’s it i made some good friends ,Prerit in particular….

    Prerit has been waitlisted and he will definitely convert…

    Verdict for me: Reject (91/150 marks) fell short of 8-9 marks for waitlist …



  • SIBM experience : Reached SIBM old campus at around 11.SNACK TIMEfirst was the snack time for our group. sandwich and tea. this was the time when we were slowly getting into the groove.CASE STUDY.then we were called for the case study. There were two panelists. the lady professor told us to be relaxed and told she will give an easy case study. apparently the group before us had made it a fish market. The case study was about a driver who runs over a girl. this has already been described in PG. we were all a bit nervous. but the good thing was that
    we dint make it a fish market ad everyone were allowed to voice their views. personally i felt that the discussion was a bit narrow and somewhat lacked in the broadness. personally speaking i came in a fair bit of time. Made some repetitive points though. but do not know if i made a decent contribution. i tried bringing in a point which i felt was relevant. but the entire group vetoed me.
    i feel that would have been the negative for me. also i misinterpreted the word ” careless as rash” and again paid the price. nothing like i dominated all thoughPInext up was PI. one of my group mates told that her friend was quizzed on the annexure for more than 25 minutes ( and for the record, the maximum time a person spent in PI was 45 minutes it seems. a lady in some previous year . and oh she was not selected ). for my group it was an average time of 10 mins. i was the fastest to come out in less than 5 mins.
    this is such a worrying thing.dunno if i was really bad or i managed to impress them. a precarious situation.there were three panelistsone guy to the extreme left in white shirt( quite a serious person who was constantly making notes) , a lady professor(P1) and another professor(P2) ( both made me feel a ease)P2 : tell me a bit about yourself?
    me : ………….P1 : why an MBA ?
    me :……….

    P2 : what are your strong points and what are the things which you feel will be a setback for you for doing MBA?
    me : …………

    P1: what are your interests ?
    me : ……….

    P1: having such diverse interests , how will you feel they will contribute to your MBA ?
    me : ……….. . felt i lacked the punch in this question.

    P2 : what next after an MBA ?
    me : ………….

    P1: anything u would like to tell us?
    me : nothing ma’am

    though i was comfortable , there was something not satisfactory. I should have guided them more in the direction of my strengths. no feeling such as ” i aced it ” all. anyways got to learn from the mistakes

    this was over in less than ten minutes.


    we were given a psychometric test . one girl was constantly yelling. she reminded me of my correspondent. later she asked my group coord to tell us she was really sweet
    and a couple of my co ord’s friends asserted that.

    we were given two bricks and made to stand on it. ten people. we managed to balance for about 3 seconds but we lost it out. the strategy was good but the execution was bad
    don not think if i made my presence felt but did not fumble real bad. this was followed by some reactions from the panelist who i heard are a psychologist among others.


    this was followed by the campus tour. amazing campus. awesome

    the whole process was smooth. but feeling that somehow i could have done better


  • Hi,My GD/PI was on 31st Jan at 1 pm.
    Our batch had first PI. I wanted PI to be first as most stressful part will be over in beginning.PI
    There were 3 panelist sitting inside. On the left hand side was lady sitting whose name I’ve read somewhere. Now I’ve come to who was she.First question was asked from my work ex. How was your experience and what all projects u have done.
    Second was “Why MBA” …but before asking me he told me that i want different answer. It was like they were sitting inside to be entertained…..wanted something different.
    But still I managed…..will come to know within week.
    Third was what are your goals ? Gave my answer….
    PI was over !!!!
    Yes it was over….it wasn’t stressful. Panelist made us comfortable…
    Don’t know what exactly they are looking for…
    GDThere were 2 men sitting inside room. One of them was colonel and other was faculty member.
    Got an abstract topic “In theory, theory & practice are same but in practice theory & practice are diff. “. It was easy one…got chance to start GD
    GD was fine…..no fish market at all. The faculty member kept his eye on our composure, body language throughout the GD….colonel sir was listening to us.GT
    It started off with psychometric test….It was easy one.
    30 quest in 3 min..
    The co-ordinator was trying her best to make us stressful but she failed….we could easily understand that she is faking. but she was nice gal.
    Then was GT….we were divided into two groups of 6 each. We were given a task to design a car. One group will be drawing front part and other one rear part….and we were supposed to come up with a car when we join both chart papers.
    1 leader was chosen from each group. Only leaders can communicate bw each other. 2 min to think and arnd 4-5 min to draw.
    It was nice task.. we managed very well…Overall Exp.
    It was great experience. Whole process was co-ordinated by students itself. They co-ordinated very well.



  • At SIBM, it was a great experience. First of all, I was taken for Group Discussion.Case study was that that a small restaurant is open in front of a huge one. The small restaurant attracts youngsters and is going well and taking up the business of the huge one. What should the owner of the huge hotel do ?
    The panel checking us had already said don’t make fish market. Be cool..& don’t interrupt anybody if he’s making a good point. start maine li, but wahi pe mujhe 1 ne kat diya…aur fir to bas beech me 1 time aya ki sab eksath blast kiye…but it was fine overall.Group Task- The same old one that 2 people(volunteers) were handcuffed with the ropes in a group of 5 each. The 3 rest people were asked to untangle them with 4 conditions-
    1) People who are free are not supposed to touch the volunteers.
    2) Ropes could not be broken.
    3) We can’t slide our hands through ropes.
    4) Complete task in 3 mins.We were given 3 min for that. Both subgroups(5 people) in our group could not do that. We were asked was it possible to open. All people in other group said NO and thus the invigilator shouted on them…do u think we are fool to give an impossible task and blah blah blah…..
    Next, my group was asked was it possible…probably from the fear all my team mates said YES (what the hell..) but I said NO…then same shout was thrown on me. Thanks to PG, I knew it was all fake to demoralize us. He asked me were u satisfied with your performance, I said YES and all others in my group said NO…once again I was invigilators’ target for shooting …”Who do u think u are, your teammates are unsatisfied and so on…what are your parameters of satisfaction?” I calmly said.. sir I know we could not reach the target , we didn’t succeed but we didn’t failed as well coz my parameters are- Efforts, Approach and the ideas. Probably they were satisfied with the answer coz they stopped shouting.Before that there was a psychometric test as well, to draw a figure u like most. Circle, square, triangle, Z. Then, a form with 30 Qs. Were very easy. At the same time there was a student of SIBM working as the invigilator…that madam was also trying to make stressful environment. Nice acting madam!!PI- my PI was the last PI not for my group, my batch but for whole SIBM call getters. So, jab me andar gya to interviewers said ki ye to sab pooch k aa gya hoga ghot ke. fir they said to me, wahi q pe pooche ki naye?? wahi q poochenge to naye answer dene padenge, TIME, CL ka tape mat sunana… I said, sir as u wish, jis type k question poochne ho..pooch lijiye.
    they even asked what people said about their panel, I said frankly that people are saying ki 1 sir with the cap is trying to make environment stressful, but others are cool but OA the experience is great. They laughed.
    They said, Okk…mr Sarth tell us about who is mr. sarth originally??
    then, i said something….and then there was a friendly discussion amongst us all.
    So, in this way gd/pi of 2010 season SIBM ended…
    It was a great experience as I came to know through whole process that they are looking for Genuine person. My suggestion to all- Don’t fake!!
    And, to my GC, Kapil (with beard as Raghu of MTV Roadies)..u really made me feel at ease by talking before PI.



  • I would have to start with the efforts of the SIBM Admissions Team. The whole process was well co-ordinated and brilliantly organised. Until now i only read about the praises for the SIBM Admissions Team. Now I realise the full extent of these praises !!!
    The Campus — I was simply spellbound by the Location and the surrounding Natural Beauty .Met Kedar — The GC .. He put people at ease. Gave us details about the procedure.The first of the three was PI..
    Had a Panel of 3. Guessing a Mix of 2 Alumni + 1 Professor.
    Referring to the Sirs in the Panel acc to their positions.
    The PI was mainly about the Extra Currs
    (L) How would the work place react after knowing its employee’s MBA aspirations?
    (L) So many IT guys planning to do MBA ?
    (L) So u Cycle ? – Yes I Trek and Cycle
    (L) What do you find interesting in Trekking ?
    A– The exercise involved, planning, the team spirit..
    (M)What Events have you organised?
    A– Told about being the Co-ordinator of College Technical Event..
    (M) Asked what i learnt from it
    A– Told abt the Scheduling of Activities, Dealing with People..
    (M) Asked about specifics of Dealing with people ..
    A– Various aspects of people involved and how i dealt with each …
    (M) What does Dealing with people do ..?
    A– Told about the necessary rapport developed and its importance at later stages .. ?
    (M) So u mean to say u use them later ?
    A — No sir not use them. It’s vice versa too They might need my assistance at later stages also I might need their assistance later …
    (M) So it’s reciprocal ..
    A– Yes Sir it’s Mutual.
    (R) Tell us about your Family Background.
    _- Told about it.
    Formalities Done Left the room.The next was GD
    Topic was -“MBA is Mediocre, but Arrogant ”
    Was a nice GD, where most spoke. I pitched in at proper intervals.
    Gave example of Bill Gates.
    Overall it was a Healthy GD.Had the GT immediately after that.
    Had a Psychometric Test . Instructions Given in Military fashion

    • GT was the Ball to be balanced on the structure…
      Gave suggestions to form pillars and strategically place them at appropriate positions.
      Co-ordinated it well..
      The Team Chemistry was good. Participation from all corners.
      Finished the structure at the Nick of the moment.. ..
      Were asked to place the ball on the structure .. Thought it would stay .. was very optimistic…
      Still it stuck for about 2-3 secs..
      This was followed with more Stress Qs . This was also interesting…All in All .. A wonderful experience ..



  • Here is my GE/PI Experience from Pune but from the other side of the table….!!All slots .. 3rd to 6th Feb, 20127:30 AM
    Arrival at the Venue…!!Candidates start arriving from 7:30 onward..!!8:20 AM
    First round of attendance taken..!!8:40 AMSecond round of attendance taken and begin with PPT..!!It was important to interact with the candidates than to provide them more gyan about SIBM as such…!!We have always believed that we are first students and should help aspirants on MBA more…!!As I mentioned in every PPT..we are MBA’s and we love giving PPT’s and Gyan along for any length of time..!!The questions always started with some hesitation… we would have loved if the candidates were more interactive..!! Perhaps the tension of GE/PI had set in by then..!! But I guess interacting is the best way to ease your pressure..!!

    Document verification goes side by side..!!

    Original SNAP Admit card with SIU stamp and signature is very much required, without these the students were sent back from the process…!! The admission dept. are very strict about the documents..!!

    Here are a few important pointer that might help..!!

    1. Keep all your documents ready, don’t give reasons like “I forgot”…you cannot forget as this is the question of your future…!!

    2. Documents are to be attested and not “self-attested”…!! Please be very clear on this.

    3. Kindly ensure you have all the documents. Kindly re-check everything before leaving your home.

    Don’t be under the impression that “manage ho jayega” funda..!! Let me be honest… “Nahi Hoga”..!!

    Kindly ask question and interact this would help you and your group to clarify many question that you might have..!!

    We as seniors would be eager to answer and more happy to have an interactive and enthusiastic batch of 2012-14.

    The GE should be a smooth process followed by PI in the serial order as per the tag numbers..!!


  • Centre – ELTIS, Pune
    Date – 03/02/2012
    Time – 1.00 PM- The process started with a presentation of SIBM-B by the seniors followed by document verification. Note – The staff are extremely strict here, and will cross check each and every thing, so make sure all your papers, as stated in the admit card, are in order. Everything, from who attests your documents to what you state as your percentage, are cross checked. One of the aspirants got into hot water when the verifier found that even the E Mail Notification was attested. She went on about how can you attest something which has no original… etc etc etc. Also, make sure that the E Mail notification print out is taken as is from the mail box of yours, ie – Do not copy paste it into Word / Notepad and then print it. Again the verifier will ask – Anyone can do this, how can you prove this is a mail from us…. etc etc etc.Photographs need NOT be attested. Just carry 2 photos, and write your name behind it, its sufficient.- Next up was the GE. It was a standard GD, nothing GE about it. There were 16 persons, (9 Present in my group), one of us had to pick a chit from a bowl full of them, then 1 minute was given to think on it, followed by a 15 minute GD. The topic our group got was “Are celebrity endorsements effective?”. Easy enough topic with much to say for both sides. We had a pretty balanced GD, with everyone contributing nicely. After this, everyone was asked to give their view (NOT summarize the GD) in 30 seconds, in 4-6 sentences.- This was followed by a 10 minute SOP Writing (Surprise!). It had 3 questions, to be filled in 10 minutes. Paraphrasing, Q1 was about your career plans, Q2 about how SIBM-B fits into your long term plans, and Q3 about your non-academic extra-curricular achievements.- Last up was the PI. Same panel as the GD, one faculty (a young lady), and 2 industry seniors (Elderly, and amiable). Before PI, there was a 2 minute extempore. Again, there was a bowl of chits placed in front of you, you had to pick one, think for a minute and speak for 2 minutes. My topic was “To react is negative and to respond is positive”, It was pretty much a standard HR interview with all standard questions. It was an extremely chilled out discussion, and no acads or anything (Marks were discussed though). Standard questions about your strengths, challenges faced in life, your hobbies and interests, why MBA, Why SIBM-B etc. One recent news headline regarding Facebook, that’s about it.- The seniors were great. They are a bunch of chilled out people and will help you be comfortable and be at ease. The whole process went extremely smoothly, but, I found the waiting time a bit excessive, mainly thanks to the lengthy document verification. I was out at 5.45PM.Sorry, not too detailed an experience posted, I know. Got SCMHRD GE/PI tomorrow, and SIIB GD/PI the day after. God alone knows what was the thing I was high on when I was booking the slots.ATB to all, it’s a smooth process, so don’t worry too much.

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