Sinhgad Technical Education Society, Department of Management Studies, Vadagaon | Sinhgad GDPI experience
venue : Sinhgad management college, Vadagaon , pune
date: 7th June , 4pm, batch 17,
attendance: 14 out of 15 were present.

Group Discussion
GD topics: 1] quarrelling on yesterday and today’s event effects future events ( wordings r not exact)
2] Social environment in INDIA is responsible for slow progress.[selected]

panel>> 3 in number. all middle aged . two of them seemed to be tired conducting gd’s whole day

Discussion : It was a healthy discussion involving 12 people while 2 guys were quite throughout .
I entered 4- 5 times missed to start the round.. but m happy wid what I performed.
no fish market
panel asked two guys who were quite thru out to conclude but they decided to keep quite
finally everybody of us concluded 1 by 1.

MAIN points: 1] Indian mentality
2] Women education
3] Corruption
4] politics
5] general awareness
6] Responsibilities towards country…

Personal Interview
two of them , one grey haired[p1] and other black [p2].

me: good eve Sir
P1,p2: good eve have a sit.
p2: Tell me about yourself
me: told
p1h u r working with tata motors as engg?
me: yes
p2:very good, which dept?
me: R & D
p1n which vehicle r u working?
me: NANO
(here both of them got very excited to know details of NANO)
P1: Tell me details of NANO
p2: I have booked luxury version, is it good?
p1: what is nano europa?
p2: when will we get car?
( they started asking questions that they didn’t gave me to speak, I was surprised by their curiosity)
me: I answered all 1 by 1
P1: what is difference between old and new INDICA
me: Told about new EMS SYSTEM ( engine management systems)
p2: I don’t understand Technical terms
me: explained in detail
p1: currently where is nano production going on?
p1: how many nano are made in a day
p1: how many nano’s are made till now?
p1: when will Gujarat plant get ready?
me: answered all.
p2: thanks for info
me: welcome
p1: all the best
me thanks

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