Jankidevi Bajaj Institute of Management Studies (JDBIMS) Management Education of SNDT Women’s University | Jankidevi Bajaj SNDT GDPI Experiences
Date: 28th
Benue: SNDT, Mumbai
Time: 3 to 4

Group Discussion
3 very old male panellists
16 people in one batch (1 was absent so 15 of us)

GD topics:
1)There is nothing that money can’t buy
2)With the internet and cable television, classrooms will become redundant in our educational system.

Went for the second one….
It was a healthy GD, since too many people, so at times many people were talking together…but that’s normal for any GD. I pitched in 9 times (3 times someone spoke along with me so may not have been heard, but 6 original points from me)

Personal Interview [2 young females] I was asked just 3 questions …literally was done in 5-7 minutes…
1) Tell me about yourself (panellist said tell me about your family background also…and what does your dad do???)
2) Why MBA?
3) Give 5 qualities a manager should have

I wished I was asked more yaar…
in fact sab ko score pucha mujhe toh score bhi nahin puchaaaa……

[All 3 PI rooms had 2 young female panelist each…in other PI room they were asking too many questions related to politics…Something like ‘Y is mamata Banarjee so famous in west Bengal’] Suggestion: Go one hr early to get sufficient time to relax and to fill form neatly.
Venue: Jankidevi Bajaj SNDT University Santacruz, (time – 4-5pm)
reached there at around 3:15 was given a form to fill up. Filled d form up in 15 min. went prepared wid d answers hence didn’t waste much time thinking
Group Discussion
At 4 we all were taken in a room the gd batch was supposed to be of 15 but one of them was absent so 14 were there in gd.
the panelist consisted of 3 oldies and all men
2 topics were given
GD Topics:
1)shud management education be subsidised
2)reservations in parliament for women

majority took d second one. The gd was quite good it cud have been a fish market but d panelist stopped those who spoke a lot & gave others d chance to speak. In the end he told a few of dem to summarise d topic especially those who didn’t spoke at all.
the gd finished at around 4:25 . we all were taken in another room and given marking as p-1,p-2,p-3.
the guys as p-1 were supposed to go in a certain room and similarly others.
Personal Interview
The Interview panel consist of 2 women not that old.
My interview lasted for about 10-15 mins .The questions below were asked to me (In the exact order as they were asked)
1.tell me something about yourself(d most common of them all)
2.wat’s d difference between finance & accounts
3.wat’s d difference between capital & money
4.is vat a direct tax or an indirect tax?
5.In which side of the BS does Direct & Indirect tax comes
6.My Ambition
7.asked me about the last book which I read & told me to summarise d story.(In d 1st question I told dem that my hobby was reading books )
8.where do u see yourself 5 years down the line.

I think overall both gd/pi was ok.cud have done better with my answers in interview, some which I messed up a bit.(Don’t ask for my answers u all can think much better)
Others who gave their interview in d other rooms where asked a lot of political questions. So do brush up your politics if you have your interview at Jankidevi(Yeah but I won’t asked a single question on politics, Don’t know y?)

Hope dis helps all of you
best of luck for gd/pi
Venue: Jankidevi Bajaj, Mumbai
Time: 2-3 PM
Batch Size: 11
3 Old panellists
Group Discussion
GD Topics
(1) Is stock exchange indicator of India’s success
(2) doing things right is management, doing right things is leadership.
as 2nd topic seemed quite confusing we chose 1st one , n gd went very smoothly
Personal Interview
In pi there were 2 people around 4ty they asked me basic questions of chemistry , as i m bsc chemistry.
(1) what was your gd topic ?
(2) what is Sensex 2day(as I told them I have invested in share market
(3) describe your job profile(4)what u learned 4m your work experience
(4) most significant event in last decade for India,
(5) what do u feel after babri masjid demolition (as my answer was babri masjid demolition for first question)
(6)name current 5 ministers of cabinet n their roles
(7)how will u correlate 92 blast with ltte activities
(8)tell some controversial steps taken by arjun singh (former education minister)
(9)why this time muslims voted unitedly to congress rather than sp ,bsp
(10)what do u aspect 4m cong about sachchar comity report.(what do u feel not migrating to Pakistan after partition?
(11) ask me about extracurricular activity n college projects …and finally
(12)why do u want do this course ?
Venue: Jankidevi Bajaj Institute of Management Studies.
Time : 15:00-16:00 hrs

I reached the venue by 13:30…was told to wait till 14:00 as registration would happen at that time.
Registered myself at 2 p.m…was handed the profile sheet to be filled in. Had already prepared all the answers and also had plenty of time to do so.
Then at 15:00 p.m., some basic instructions were given regarding the GD/PI process.
There were only 10 in my group, 5 were absent.
At around 15:15, we were led to a room for the GD.
Group Discussion
There were three panellists for the GD, two were very old(must be in the 60s) and one was a middle aged man(must be around 45)
We were given two topics…
1.Indian Economy is in shambles.
2. We are gradually losing our cultural heritage. Let us incorporate these values in our educational system.
I voted the first topic but the majority voted for the second.
We started the discussion. It was a good one. No fish market at all. Two of them in the group didn’t speak at all.
The panellist told them to summarise. One of them did but the other was again quiet. He didn’t speak throughout the GD as also when he was told to summarise.
Personal Interview
Post the GD, we were told to wait for the PI.I was second in line for the PI.
The wait was a very short one. The first person came in just 5 mins.
Then I went in.
There were two members in the panel. One lady and the other gentleman. Both were quite young(say around 35-40yrs of age).
On entering I wished them and took the seat and handed over the profile sheet which I had filled earlier.
Lady : How are you??(the usual niceties)..
Me: good..thank you…
Lady : What is Sensex??
(I mentioned Sensex in one of the questions in the profile sheet)
Me : explained in detail….
Lady : some more questions on Sensex…how does it work?…how Sensex rises and falls??
Me : answered all questions.
Lady : recently the Sensex surged more than 1000 points in a day??…why??
Me : I answered…because of the UPA govt coming in power..
Lady : asked me loads of question on the current UPA govt…who are the ministers which came to power??…by how much margin UPA won??…etc..etc..
Me : was able to answer most of them satisfactorily.
Lady : tell me something on Mamata Banerjee
Me : told her..
Lady : tell me on Singur controversy..
Me : Told her.
Lady : then she asked me on my work-experience.
Me : told her..
All this while the gentleman was just staring at me without saying anything.
Then suddenly he spoke..
Sir : tell me about your achievements in life.
Me : told him
Sir : some more general questions on work-ex.
Me : told some more..
Lady : Thank you, Mukul, That is it.You may leave now.
Sir : Thank you, Mukul
Me : Thank you

That was it.The interview lasted some 15 mins.
Was quizzed on a lot of general awareness question especially politics.
The good thing was I was following the elections very carefully and was able to answer most of the questions satisfactorily.

The entire process got over by 16:30 and I came out and heaved a sigh of relief….whew!!!!!
All the best!!!
Am finally done with my GD/PI. Phew…
Here is my experience …..
Venue : SNDT
Batch No. :13
Batch Size : 14 out of which 3 people were absent.
Group Discussion
GD Topics :
1. Caste less India – a pipe dream
2. We need more of entrepreneurs than managers

Panelists :
2 senior men & 1 middle aged man

Except two of us, rest others voted for 1st topic. So we went ahead with it.

Everyone was waiting for a second or two looking at each other before a guy took the chance to open the discussion.

We were only 2 females in our batch.

Everyone was talking about reservations & quotas.
They were taking abt how we can slowly abolish the caste system in a phased manner.
Then one guy said we are looking at it only from a personal angle.
One more guy joined by saying caste is a part of our society. It symbolizes various customs, festivals, traditions. India gets itsl colourful image only by virtue of its varied culture.
Thensaome of them said how we can go about abolishing the reservation system

Then I added saying the caste system is in existence from the Ramayana, Mahabharata time when people were either Brahmins, Kashatriya, Shudras etc based on certain personality traits like intellligence, bravery etc.
The Brahmins were considered to be more intelligent while the Kshatriyas were considered to be brave warriors.
So we cannot say that the cste system is totally baseless.
India is known for its Unity in Diversity.
But we have forgotten the unirty part & are focussing only on selfish interests.
We are using the caste as a basis to pursue our selfish goals.
We should not think of abolishing caste as it is the backbone of Indian culture. However we should think abt howto not use it for personal gains.

Dint speak much though got to spk only for 2/3 times but mademy point.

Finally the panelist asked a group of 5 people to speak & then asked the rest of them to summarize.

Personal Interview
Was OK.
2 panelists, a guy & a female. Not so young types.
The guy started the ususal tell me something about yourself in short.
Had prepared a long answer for this one but cut is short.

Then the usual round of questions followed by
What is currently happening in India
Some Politics related questions like
Why did UPA win?
Did u vote?
Where did Sharad pawar contest from?

Since I am from the banking industry asked few questions on banking out of which I answered some & for some frankly said I dont know the answer.

After a long series coming from the guy, finally the lady asked what does ur name mean?

How many mngt institutes are there in mumbai?
said 20-25 . afterwards chked it turned out to be more than 50.

She asked whetherr u aiming for any specific college?
Said any coll in mumbai.

OK Thank U
Thank U

That was it.
Venue: Jankidevi Bajaj Institute of Management Studies (Juhu)
Date: 29th May, 2009
Time: 10-11am

Group Discussion
GD Topics thrown at us:
1) Do NGO’s serve the interests of people or are they pressure groups?
2) Unrest among India’s neighboring countries

The majority decided on the 1st topic (though i wanted the 2nd one to be discussed)…

Personal Interview
My CET PI was a ‘JOKE’ to say the least. I was asked the weirdest of questions.
Some of them were as follows:
– Who is the Prime Minister of India?
– How did he become the Prime Minister of India
– What is the full form of MBA/MMS/PGDBM
– Name the subjects of your 1st sem of BMS
– Name the subjects of your 6th sem of BMS
– Name the tablets that u have been taking for TB (since i said i was suffering from it!)
Venue: jankidevi bajaj

Reached at 10..thnks to ma bro. Ws told to sit and fill pi form…Had already prepared for it, so it was just copy n paste. Round 11.05 ,v were shifted to another room for gd,13 of them, two absent.
Group Discussion
GD topics:
1.Does India need dictator?
2.Should smoking be banned completely(12 of them selected dis)
Wanted to start but one girl started so had to w8..I guess I spoke third. It was a bit of fish market, hardly 4-5 of dem were speaking(including me) finally they told us to stop n let others speak..so v kept shut for 3-4 mines..than thy told that others cud join …so a guy said a point than I started wid a point..before I cud complete others started to speak and was becoming a mess..so they told us stop…again picked 2 of them to summarize…and then stop….Der were many good points but v cud hardly say bcoz d girl who started always interrupted bcoz of which others also interrupted..and d guy next to me repeatedly told only 1 point…”this is personal view..if that guys wants to smoke, he can”….he never allowed to complete ma point….damn…
Points covered: active smoking, passive smoking, effects, a bit of rehab centre, warnings written on d pack, why govt. doesn’t ban smoking(bcoz of high revenue),unemployment if closed, rural people affected, advertising, fashion, shown in films, to reduce stress…etc..couldn’t complete in a much structured way..hope it helps others..

Personal Interview
P2 batch for PI
2 ladies…one was just staring at me and didn’t ask anything. she looked a bit scary..I couldn’t speak promptly once I looked at her…other one continuously questioned me..
Q.wat r your hobbies?
Me. blah blah
Q. What does your father do?
Me. Business-owns a garment shop
Q.Readymade garments?
Me. Both .readymade n material
Q.Do u go to d shop? Wat do u do?
Me ..blah blah
Q.Wat is subprime crisis?
Me. Explained a bit but couldn’t continue…was a bit confused and scared after looking at that first interviewer. I told something about Clinton’s administration..but she didn’t seem to b convinced..
Q.President of America?
Me. Barack Obama
Q.d one before him?
Me. George Bush
Q.d one before him?
Me. Bill Clinton(Ws not confident)
Q.So she asked subprime went on for 20 yrs?
Me…started in 98..bt v came to knew in 2006.(was not convinced)
I didn’t’ knew much about politics…but now politics
Q.Hw do u elect a prime minister?
Q.Who is Rahul gandhi?
Q.Is he a MP?
Q.Is Sonia Gandhi a MP?
I gave some half correct n in some I was confused…I couldn’t make up from their face as their faced was emotionless..
Q.Wat is your dream?
Me. blah blah.
Q.Again hobbies and interest?
Me. blah blah.
Dats it…think u..Don’t know wats going to happen..
even the guy next to me was asked politics…guys u shod know much of politics. The one in P1 batch were very friendly and asked from profile form and hardly knew politics….bad luck..I shod have been in P1..this is where luck matters…b confident about water u write in significant event..

After competing gd/pi ..I went to Welingkar(ARC)
Docs reqd.:
SSC mark sheet, HSC mark sheet, Last yr mark sheet, Passing certificate, Postal receipt, Receipt cum acknowledgement form(RCA), nationality certif.(Passport/birth certif./school leaving/domicile(guys take at least 2 things for nationality so that if one thing doesn’t work u have d second one)),caste certif.(if applicable)(don have much idea about other categories…I m from open category).
u don require attested copies if u show them the original…and u have to take the original of above mentioned and one Xerox copies..after verification thy will take 2 printouts of RCA and will gave back one to u after stamping it..thy didn’t check cet admit card..it takes 10-15 mins for procedure but line is very big so it takes 2-3hrs..even if u don’t have RCA they’ll take printout..don’t worry..thy r very helpful..
I asked dem about GAP certif.(I graduated last yr)..but she told me to keep it prepared to b on safer side..she didn’t had idea about it…

I hope it is useful…All d best

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