Vishwakarma Institute of Management,Pune VIM GDPI Experience
Date: 3rd June
Venue: Vishwakarma Institute of Management, Pune.
Mine was Batch 17 and the timing was 16:00-17:00.
I reached the venue at 14:45 and went through the ARC procedure without wasting my time. As there was no rush for ARC it took me just 10 minutes to get it done.
At 15:30 we were given the candidate profile form to fill up and were asked to take the same with us for GD/PI. (Please come at least 45min before your GD/PI scheduled time in order to fill the profile form neatly)
Group Discussion
There were 5 students in our GD batch (4 guys and one girl)
and the GD panel consisted of 2 males (one was around 50 years and the other was around 65) and 1 female (of around 45 years).
The GD topics given to us were:
1. Software Professionals do not have social life.
2. Globalisation is responsible for Recession.
Since only 2 of us were from software background we went for the 2nd topic. I started the discussion and for a long time only me and one more guy were speaking. Later on the panelists stopped us and asked the remaining to put in their thoughts. Since some of their thoughts were not relevant I got a chance to correct them and make an impression on the panelists. In the end each one of us were asked to summarise and conclude.
Then we were moved to one of the 3 PI rooms.
Personal Interview
PI panel for me consisted of 2 Gentlemen (P1: Around 45 years old and P2: Around 65 years old)
The questions they asked me were:
1. Family Background. (When did my parents retire from work etc.)
2. Why MBA?
3. Why did u quit your company?(Infosys)
4. How do you your temper? (It was one of my weaknesses)
5. What is Infosys’s today’s share value?
6. What was India’s GDP in 2008?
7. What is the effect of recession on Infosys and what strategy are they implementing?
8. Name 3 Political leaders whom you respect and Why?
9. Which books have you read recently? (Even when reading was not my hobby 🙁 )
10. Tell me one Sanskrit phrase. (I had Sanskrit till 10th. But this was an in swinging Yorker.)
11. How much marks should we give you on a scale of 100?

Overall good experience……..All the Best!!!

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