Neville Wadia Institute of Management Studies and Research Pune GDPI Experiences
Venue: Neville Wadia Institute of Management, Pune.

Group Discussion
GD Topics: 1)It is easy to do bigger things in life coz they have little competition.
2)Managerial skills taught in a classroom are better than those learnt thru experience.. (Discussed)

V were a group of 9…7 boys n 2 girls..
The panelists explained everything about how gd will go..said 5min wud b given 2 decide d topic n 2min 2 think..however as soon as d topic was decided 1 guy started d gd (weirdo)…so lost d chance 2 initiate…..But den gd went on very well..entered into gd several times…gave points supporting both classroom training n experience..most of d people were speaking senseless especially that weirdo..moreover only 5 of us were speaking..remaining 4 kept mum… I asked d group 2 gave a chance 2 d 1s who had not spoken(Hoping 2 get marks 4 d same)…… very few people were speaking soon d points got exhausted n gd got over in 12min..thou 20min was d allotted time..n as I started 2 conclude that weirdo cut me again n he concluded…but d panelists were very good..They said I had started with the conclusion part and asked me 2 conclude again(so sweet of them)…all in all gd was pretty good…entered several times n gave relevant points…so happy!!!!!!!

Personal Interview
PI 2 was pretty cool…
p1:A lady probably in 40s
p2:Man probably in 50s

Questions asked,
Tell me about yourself??
y Pune as centre??
significant event?
do u read newspaper?whch1?whts d headline 2de?
asked about teach 4 India(I had been a volunteer)
what r your strengths n weakness??

thats was cool..they didn’t grill me at all..!!!!were impressed..didn’t ask overall a very good Wadia GDPI experience..!!

P.S: The panelists r pretty cool n helpful…so don’t panic, just chill n b confident(thats most imp)…thats all 4m ma side..all d best 2 u guys!!

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