No more red signals…. get us a call and will convert it for you.

Are you prepared for Phase 2 MBA entrance!
Cracking written test is one thing but success at GDPI is not a easy game!

ØRahul Gore – CAT 99.97%ile – all major IIM calls but Zero converts
ØKshitij Gulati – CAT 99.92%ile – IIM ABCLKI calls but no converts
ØManju Rao – CAT 99.67%ile – All major IIM calls but no converts
ØKapil chaudhary – CAT 99.88%ile – IIM BLACKI + New IIMs but converted only IIM Ranchi (taking CAT again)
ØGeetika – Calls from IIMs, SPJain, FMS, XLRI – converts zero
ØPriyanka Jamwal – All major Bschool calls – 12 calls – zero converts
ØRajesh Kumar CMAT Rank 14 – Sydneham convert
ØPreeti R. CET 99.98%ile couldn’t convert any PGDM colleges

Cetking MDP Program aims to help you become
• Better Communicators
• Better Leaders

To address this, the MDP program is divided into two tracks – communication and leadership. Each one of you has the opportunity to set and achieve his or her individual goals within the tracks.

“There is no relationship between student’s CAT / XAT scores and performance in GDPI”
– Avni Bhatt- Panelist at IIT Mumbai

“I feel sad to reject students with 99.5%ile plus because they are unprepared for the process”
– Sumit Singh – panelist at SP Jain

“Giving kiddish answers are first step towards the exit door at the process”
– Amin B – ex panelist at IIFT

“We are looking for smart future managers not just someone who cleared the cutoffs”
– Mithali Grover – ex panelist at Symbiosis

There fore Cetking is launching MDP program for student who got calls from the management colleges. Program will start in January.

What is Cetking’s MDP
The Management Development Program (MDP) is a program designed to provide students and graduates with the training and experience they need to become future business leaders. The system is based on over 10 years of knowledge and success of Cetking students at various GDPIs. The program gives students opportunities to gain practical management experience and learn valuable skills through different games and learning techniques. Our simple learning model and mentorship make success at GDPI.

Advantages of Cetking GDPI workshop MDP:

  • Focus on all there GDPI success factors: 1. Content / Knowledge 2. Practice of GD/PI 3. Confidence
  • Content builder Economic Basics – FDI, FII, Inflation, Budget 2007, Globalization, Outsourcing, Retail, SEZ and how they are affecting India.
  • Interview Basics – We will be making answers to most expected / common interview questions.
  • GD Basics – Dos and Donts of GDPI
  • Stock Market Basics – All u wanna know about stock markets
  • Confidence Building exercises
  • How and what to read in newspapers
  • Practice Group Discussions Series
  • Evaluation Group Discussion Series
  • The 7 PI Strategy
  • PIs conducted by Professionals and Last years Achievers
  • SWOT Analysis of your GDPI
  • GDPI Day – A proofing session

Cetking MDP covers:

  • Personality Development
  • Communication Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Meditation & Yoga
  • Intrapersonal Skills
  • ConfidenceBuilding
  • Stress Management
  • GDPI Evaluation series

Cetking MDP Faculty & Team

  • Personal Trainers & Experts from industry – Ex DTE panelists, panelist of top Bschools in mumbai and pune and Toppers of last yrs
  • Actual GDPI instructors & Panelists from colleges
  • General Secretaries & Placement Committees members of Bschools

Interview Basics

  • The Do’s and Don’ts of performing in an interview
  • We will be formulating answers to the actual questions asked in CET PI and also answers to the ‘top 10 most frequently asked questions’-always asked in CET PI
  • Aptitude and competencies being assessed in PI
  • How to handle a stress PI and still score 17-17.

Group Discussion Basics

  • The Do’s and Don’ts of performing in a group discussion
  • Discussion on the different aspects of a GD: opening, summarizing, concluding, et al
  • Strategies to put you in the leader’s seat in every GD that you participate
  • How to handle a fish market GD

Mock Personal Interviews
Panelists are ex DTE faculties, students and alumni of JBIMS and Industry experts like Castrol, TCS, Wipro, Proctor & Gamble, McKinsey. Mock interviews would be conducted by CET toppers in such a way so as to give you a feel of the actual interview.

Group Discussions
Panelists are ex DTE faculties, students and alumni of JBIMS and Industry experts like Castrol, TCS, Wipro, Proctor & Gamble, McKinsey. GDs would be conducted by CET toppers in such a way so as to give you a feel of the actual interview.

PI basics
Discussion about PI questions, we will tell you all type of questions, we will tell you all type of answers you have to just go and speak

GD basics
How to handle a GD and what content to speak. We will help you build content with our one minute GD manager

India Today
Story of india and its evolution from 1750s to 2010.. And will explain important business terms like GDP in that.

MBA in a day
Discuss all you should know about MBA as an MBA aspirant before your GDPI

Business Affairs
An overview of all business affairs and explain more economic terms during this session. Like M&A, integration, budget will be discussed.

Current affairs
All major current affairs topics like I am Anna, IPL, curruption will be discussed

Public Speaking
Can you speak infront of a group without any fear?
Public speaking workshop is create a conductive environment for you to start talking to strangers.

How to sell yourself
Selling yourself without offending the other person is a painful task. This workshop will cover all aspects of selling yourself in the GDPI stage and later in the life.

GDPI workshop