What are your greatest achievements?

This question can be asked directly or in a subtle way by asking about tasks completed in previous job / college / extra curriculars. Another way can be What makes you feel that you will make a successful manager?

You can answer this question in many ways:
Brainstorming – How did you improve ‘things’ while you were working at your previous jobs or at college? For example: Great initiatives and fresh ideas, Developed a new program, Target sales, new sales, Reached new clients or Great team work, Innovative projects at college or organizing a social event in college.
Actions – Think of the actions that you took to achieve the goal. Every single step that you have taken for achieving the objectives: Tasks during the activity and the changes and difficulties that you handled effectively.
Value and performance – How was your target goal measured, Who was the initiator – you or your bosses and What did your bosses say after achieving these goals?
Results – What were the results of your achievement?

Lets refine your answers in our Interview clinic.. post your comments here and we will verify your answers.

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