Tell something about yourself?
Introduce yourself

It’s the most common interview question, but strangely most of the candidates don’t spend time to prepare for it. I think because the question seems to be so disarming and informal, we drop our guard and shift into ramble mode.
Resist all temptation to do so and prepare well because at the end of this question interviewer has almost made up his mind about you. Most of the candidates will answer this question in a monotonous style “my name is xxx I am a student of yyy college or working in aaa company”. Or others who just keep on jabbering for hours about themselves that panelist has to cut him out.

Your interviewer is not looking for a very short description or a 10-minute dissertation here. Instead, offer a razor sharp sentence or two that sets the stage for further discussion and sets you apart from your competitors.
Give them “A synopsis about you” answer, specifically your Unique Selling Proposition. Known as a personal branding or a value-added statement, the USP is a succinct, description of who you are, your biggest strengths and the major achievements in life.

This answer will make a difference in your interview. You will feel more confident and proud about yourself and your interviewer will be sitting forward in her chair giving you her full attention. The ball is now back in her court and you have the beginnings of a real discussion and not an interrogation process.

Lets refine your answers in our Interview clinic.. post your comments below and we will verify your answers.

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  1. Ashutosh Roy

    Hi I am Ashutosh Roy. I am a final year student of Mechanical Engineering from Government College of ENgineering and Research. I made to this college having secured a state rank of 12 in Arunachal Pradesh joint Entrance. With god’s grace I could maintain a distinction in all three years of my engineering. I have done two of them was at S.K engineering as a design engineer and another in Arunachal Pradesh Housing development corporationas a Maintenance engineer. Currently I am working on my final year project of Design and Development of Solar vapour Refrigerator. I have two applied patents in Robotics. I have also beena part of my college Robotics cell. We achieved a rank of 21 in National Robocon 2015 during which I was the Senior Mechanical Designer. I am an avid blogger who likes writing about stories and articles which highlight social issues. I also conducted free seminars and workshop in rural colleges on robotics and career scopes as I love spending time for welfare of the rural children.

    Kindly tell me the changes in this intro??

  2. uday

    i don’t have any acheivements.what to do now?

  3. Sahil

    I am Sahil Loomba currently working as a manager in technical support services in Reliance Ind Ltd at Jamnagar Refinery. I have been working there from since 1 & a half yrs. Jamnagar Refinery is the world’s largest refinery processing about 1.5% of world’s crude and I have been handling certain projects pertaining to finding solutions for optimization of various processes. I did a project on optimum disposal of various blending components in diesel and ATF to maximize profit. Currently I am working on finding optimum fuel selection and distribution for Captive Power Plant at Jamnagar Refinery. Coming to my education, I did my graduation in Chemical Engg. From Thapar University, Patiala and schooling from bdps samana. I was born and brought up in Samana which is a small city in Patiala district. I have been consistent in maintaining my position among top 3 ranks be it in school or college. But due to some health issues I could not perform well in class XII but I was able to recover my strength during college time. I am ambitious, hard working, consistent and at the same time ready to accept life as it comes. Also I love watching cricket. I think any sport teaches you discipline, strategy, team work, execution and temperament and how to combine these traits to achieve victory.

  4. Devvrata Pandey

    Hello my name is devvrata pandey ,i did my schooling from Allahabad after that i did my graduation in computer science from Jaypee University Of Engineering and Technology which is situated in M.P.Right now i am working with accenture as a software Engineering Analyst for the project named Anthem and my job is no automate the manual effort and reduce the cost of the project.My area of interest are music and sports .I love to play different kind of sports like T.T ,Snooker,Cricket and online games.

  5. Kartik Kumar Aggarwal

    I am Kartik Kumar Aggarwal
    I have Done in Computer Science.
    In college I was working on mobile security and launched few android applications on play store.

    Presently I am working on establishing my e-commerce business along with my aunt and also working on educational blog.

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