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  • I attended Chetana’s GD-PI on 11th July for PGDM course.

GD topic: Progress comes with intelligent use of experience.
There were 17 ppl in our group seated in a semi-circle with 2 moderators sitting in front of us. We were given 2 mins to assimilate our thoughts. After that ppl started speaking chaotically. After around 10-15 mins the moderators asked the silent participants to speak for 2 mins each. At the end, each was asked to conclude on the topic for max 1 min, without repeating points which have already been discussed.
My PI panel had 2 mid-aged women. They were super cool.
1st qn: Tell us about yourself.
2nd qn: Why do you want to shift from B-Tech Electrical to MBA?
3rd qn: What changes would you like to bring about in the core electrical sector after your MBA degree? (I was asked this based on my prev qns answer)
4th qn: What specialization would you opt for in MBA?
5th qn: Don’t you think your CMAT score is low?

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