All those who have their MMS GDPI at Chetana can follow this page and share experiences of how is the Chetana GDPI Panel…

  • Venue: Chetna’s, Bandra

Time: 9 – 10 (extended to 11)

Group Discussion
GD Topics:
1. Politicians are not interested in the future of the country.
2. Should there be a right to die?

Sadly the first topic was chosen!!

The panellists were chilled… Gave each 1, a min to summarize at the end.
So overall GD was ok
Personal Interview
PI panel was cool too.
Asked about the background… was surprised and a bit excited for engg.
Asked about “system’s approach”.
Mathematics question: How does u optimize a function?
Made me recall the whole TOI front page of today’s
Discussed about those topics…
Future plans for 10 yrs…. and how do u go about it…
Mba in which field… Why do you want to leave your job in such bad economic conditions….
Tip: Prepare for whatever you want to say … explore each direction…plan

  • Gd date: 1st JUNE

Gd venue: CHETANA
Gd time: 11.00 to 12.00
batch no: 13
Group Discussion
gd topics:

STARTIN MY EXP: Initially panelist signed and told to occupy our seats… than she said the rules about wht they r looking for GD ( same we here frm classes prof : content , Healthy discussion , dnt look at us n bla bla ). Panelist war very cool n nice to us. Then they said the topic and told that majority will be selected. And discussion time was 20 minutes.
Batch OF 15 … 2 absent… So out of 13…. 6 of us including me went for the first topic as I knew little about NGO … and 7 selected the 2nd topic…. Moderator were surprised to see that … they repeated twice that u want to go for that topic n also explained what DISARMENT means …
Guess what guys 7 people who selected the 2nd topic did not contributed to GD much and wasted the opportunity to discuss on first topic … 1 guy was good at this topic and contributed … I got the opportunity to speak 4 to 5 times and overall it was very healthy discussion every1 except 1 contributed very good points and thru was no FISH market nor pause at any time of our discussion .. After 20 minutes moderator told that guy who hasn’t opened his mouth to speak and put some points … he was also given freedom to speak in HINDI n repeat point which others said … but HE glued HIS LIPS WITH fevistick and remained reserved…. THAN moderator told each of us to summarize and conclude the DISCUSSION….

MY 3 friends were also thr at the centre on same day thr GD topics are as follows…


Personal Interview
1- Tell me about something?
Ans: – bla bla … stop me at my project and asked few question on that…
2- significant event i mentioned wer N-Deal n INDIA wining T-20 world cup so why this is significant abt T-20?
Ans: – I said that after wining craze of 20-20 was so high that I brought the new concept of IPL and this is now around $2 billion league and contributes majority of TAX…
Why N-deal … why is good for India…. READ this article from net and u will be able to answer the entire question.
3- You seems to have done ENG in electronics than why MBA (FAV QUESTION AT CHETANA ALL MY FRND WAS ASK THE SAME)?
Ans: – I fumbled a bit but eventually I convinced him …
4:- than the trickiest question in my life it is same of the type .he asked which feild came first ELECTRICAL or ELECTRONICS… GIVE THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE 2 IN 1 WORD?
Ans: – I knew that he was not form technical… so i said electrical and semiconductor and IC’s is main diff between tht … i dnt knw am i right or wrong … but gave the answer.

MY FRIEND ( both have same PROFILE)
1- have u seen DHOOM 2 in that movie hritk and ash sits and revolve something on that table what was that( bcoz he said he want to go in marketing n expand his dad’s business)?
ans:- GUN… then they started to pull his legs …
2- have u seen DON2 in the camera is focused on the SRK glares for 10 sec and producers have earn lot of money from that y was the done and for what ?
Ans he answered… promotion of product n bla bla …
3- they said tht they wnt to open a saloon HW they will start?
Ans: he said some answer… but she was expecting the answer of 4 P’s of marketing…PRODUCT, PRICE, PLACE n PROMOTION study tht part if u say marketing…..
4- Started to pull his leg…. talking wth each other why u want to do MBA u knw y … he wnts to marry a beautiful GIRL … other panelist said no he wnts to add 2 zero in his dowry figure … my frnd juz enjoyed wth thm ……. BY THE panelist were smart enough to knew his intentions .. the first reason ……… LOL ……..

We all had a very good time at chetana n enjoyed our GD- PI ….. u all do the same …. the questions are asked mainly from the FORM which is given …… and prepare tht …. no certificates r required …………


  • Venue : Chetana

Batch Size : 17 (3 absent)
Group Discussion
we were given 2 topics to choose from
1)should india export its mythology and culture
2)environmental conservation is a luxury for india
we chose the first topic….
it turned out to bee good….
at the end each one of us was asked to conclude…
the gd pi was good tooo…
if the faculty belongs to ur field of work or study then expect technical questions…
know abt recesssion.. why and wat led to it…and know abt the indian political scene in general…
thats about it….
and yeah greet the faculty with a smile… always works!!!!
i hope that was helpful for all…

  • Venue: Chetana

Time : 10 to 11
Had my gd pi on 26th at Chetanas..time slot 10 to 11..i reached centre 20 mins early..filled 1 candidate profile over thr,for chetana v need to fill only 1 candidate profile where in some centres like JB students r given 2 candidate profiles to fill..
Group Discussion
coming back to the topic..In our group there were 15 ppl in total..and 3 panelists(all of thm were 50+)..panelists gav us instructions on gd..we were being given 2 topics.which are:

1.Should tainted ministers be allowed to fight elections.
2.Retailing is killing Kirana Shops.

ppl unanimously selected 1st topic(except me),i dont know whether they really wanted to select ths 1 or not?!?

I started off d gd,initial 5-6 mins went good..but after tht gd was totally a fish market..thts bcoz v had hardcore fans of Modi and Lalu..i tried to calm d grp,but it dint work..after a minute or two panelist had to interrupt..thn they gav a chance to ppl who dint speak at guy started of explaining his views in HI
NDI..again v started of wid d gd..n ths time ppl were like they will never ever get chance in gd again so again chaos..panelists interrupted us and said v were diverting frm d topic and explained us Active Listening…thn at last panelists asked each one of us to summarise us d other guy summarised in Hindi..and while 1 guy was summarising other guy interrupted him and was arguing against him.. .. so u can imagine kind of gd i had..

Personal Interview
After completion of gd v were being asked to go for PI..there were 3 PI rooms in total..i was the first 1 to go frm my batch..there were two panelists(male n female)..
they asked me qs like:
why mba?
indian noble prize winners
woman entreprenuers
what is asp n its new versionwhich specialisation i wud love to go
which news pprs i read and its headline
my hobbies..etc
and last qs was whts ur cet score..

overall pi was good..

PS: be confident during ur PI,they wont grill u much..and read headline of the news ppr on d day of ur gd n pi..
if u have already passed out and r working, they wud mostly ask u Qs on ur workex…

if u r still studying or have just passed out, they can ask u the general Qs… (it wud b better if they ask u ur fav subj n u r prepared on som subj)

GSM n CDMA (fav Q)
network topology (ring, star, bus, etc.)
history of comp. evolution
open source s/w n ur views abt licensing…
Neural Networks
RFID Technology
Language Processors.
Diff between C and C ++
Hub, Routers, Switch
Data structures
IP Addressing
Internet functioning
Different Protocols
Software Dvlpt Life cycle
Data Warehousing
Data Mining
Proceedural programming aspects
What are ports? Name standard port.
Diff between C++ & Java
Public and Private key concepts
P3 & P4 Processors
Macros in Excel
Software models – Waterfall, Iterative, Spiral e.t.c.
What is CMM ? CMM models
Different types of files. JPEG – stands for?

These are some of the common Qs generally asked in a pi…

  • Center: chetana college

time: 3-4
Group Discussion
my gd topics
1) is the npa ordinance too harsh.
2) ignorance is a voluntary misfortune. (discussed)

group had 14 members out of which 2 were absent.
gd started well many points were discused about voting, luck, social activity, education, recession, cigarettes smoking, terrorist attacks, polotics. panelist 2-3 times because of fish market. i entered 5-6 times. and one point was i think a plus point for me, where gd was bit foccussing on one point i said “guys we are to much discussing on politics we must talk about some new points & after that 2-3 guys who were not talking entered the gd. there wer 3 panelist two men one ladies all around 40-45. guys in a group of 14 if you enetr with 5-6 good points i fill it will be a good gd.
now comes the pi
Personal Interview
i say it was a mixed bag pi.
two panelist around 40-45
me:good afternoon sirs
p1:” ”

p1 was in no mood to take a professional interview

he started with ur side face look like hrithik roshan.
me: thank you. blah blah

p1: lions college???
me: no sir its p.d.lions college.

p1: last movie you saw??
me ghajani

p1: director
me: a murgadoss

p1: governor of rbi
me: d. subbarao

p1: fm of india
me: pranab mukherjee

p1: good
than enters p2

p2 asked about current ratio, contract, profit, what is a use of contract etc.
me said

p2: hobbies
me said

p2 asked about tennis (hobbies)
me said

then p1 comes with a story. and in the end a ?
that answer i was not able to give.
than they told me to ask a ? to us
I asked how was ur day sir?

thats it
dint asked any q’s from the form waste of all prep.
i would say it was an ok pi

  • Hello Guys

Date: 2nd June
Venue: Chetana College Bandra
We were made to sit in an auditorium before the GD..
Group Discussion
The Topics given to the group was:
Failure of organisations is due to Over management and Under Lead
Commercialisation of HealthCare…Good or Bad

We opted for the 2nd topic….5 mins to think and 20 mins to discuss..The panelists were friendly and told us to give chance to everyone as theres ample of time to talk….
The Gd went very smooth and there was no fish market situation…
Ppl who didnt speak were given chance to speak at the end…

Personal Interview
Later in PI….two Panelist asked me the usual questions
Tell us sumthing abt urself
Why Mba….
Why Mktg
Define Mktg
Diff between Mktg and Sales
Why not Dad’s Business
Company you would like to join

Pls prepare the Candidate Profile form as questions are asked from it….
The management of the college was good…Got done within an hour
Other topics which ppl got were:
1. I have never in my life learnt anything from anyone who agreed with me
2. Why cant we be the world players in Industry as we are in Software
3. Advertising and Pricing
4. Having Knowledge is not important but applying it to opportunities is
5. Reservation divides the society
6. Can India be the Superpower by 2020

On a day around 10 or more topics are discussed…. Same topics are usually not repeated the next day but it helps at times coz we can always relate the topics to sum point…
All the Best….Rock it……

  • Centre: Chetana College, Bandra

Time: 5pm
Batch no: 18

Group Discussion
3 judges: 1F and 2M (one guy was wid a fractured hand )
They gave us some time to select our topic and 5 mins to think on the selected topic. They also encouraged everyone to participate in the GD and requested us to avoid a fish market.

GD topics:
1) Failing organizations are usually over managed and under-lead
2) Commercialization of health care; good or bad

Group was supposed to be of 15 people. But 3 of them were absent.
We had a poll and we selected the 2nd topic.
Didn’t have much idea about the topic. I was the 2nd person to enter as the first person hadn’t given a good start to the GD.
I tried to give a backbone structure to the GD and then later on chipped in around 7 more times.
We defined Commercialization
Discussed the current scenario
Commercialization in various sectors as of today
Current status of the health care industry
Comparision with other countries like US, UK.
Some brilliant examples kept on coming: NAAZ movement, KC students carrying out the cataract campaign.
Some superb statistics were being poured in by a group member.
We also spoke about the involvement of NGOs into the health care sector. How commercialization attracts foreign players and even foreigners (for medical treatment)
How it can contribute to the growth of the country
We spoke about commercialization at the grass root level.
How the food crisis is affecting the health sector.
& lots of blah blah blah

3 people (3 muskeeters) never spoke a word in the GD. So at the 10th min, they interrupted us and asked these 3 to give their views on the topic.
Then we continued with the GD. At the 18th min, they asked 2 people who had entered less no. of times (apart from the 3 muskeeters mentioned previously) to conclude in their own manner without adding any more points.
Then they gave the 3 muskeeters a chance to conclude.

Not at all a fish market GD.
They seemed to be quite happy.

After the GD, they took us to some other room where they divided us into
3 to 4 groups and made us sit accordingly.
Then made us sit in the waiting area as per our PI room no.
I was supposed to be the first guy for my PI batch. But I hadn’t completed that sick form so I took my own sweet time to fill it up and allowed others to go for their PIs.

Personal Interview
My PI panel consisted of 2 males. One was in his 40s while the other one was in his 30s.

Me: May I come in sir?
P: Yes.
P: So, ur name is Kawal, right?
Me: Yes sir.
P2: Oh. Its a very unique name. I first thought that it was Kamal. What is the meaning of ur name?
Me: My name stands for the first morsel of food that u have sir. U’l find its reference in a Shlok that Maharashtrians chant on special occasions before having their meals. Then I chanted the shlok ‘Vadani Kawal Gheta naam ghya Shreehari che………………(presented it as if it was a Sant Kabir’s famous shayari)
P1: Oh. Good. So now temme, why are u switching ur line from engg to management?
Me: Blah blah blah (Started wid my monologue)
P1 and P2 (giving me the smile of confidence)
P1: Ok, so lemme test ur analytical skills by asking u a question.
Me: Sure sir

P1: How much is 40% of 40.
Me: 16 (what was he thinking???…lolzz)
P2: So, how exactly is ur Engg degree gonna make u a better manager?
Me: blah blah blah (started wid my 2nd rattofied speech and spoke about the qualities of an ideal marketing manager)
P1: Ur 10th and 12th marks seems to be very good. But ur graph has been going down since then.
Me: (spoke about how screwing Mumbai University is and how different it is as compared to Anna univ and how u can’t score here)
P2: Why have u written about ‘ban on smoking’ as the most significant event?
Me: I know that there are other topics like nuke deal, etc. but they don’t directly affect the common man. I chose the above event as it can help my fellow citizens. Its not been completely implemented but atleast the work has started.
P1: What are ur hobbies?
Me: Calligraphy, typing, lip reading, sign language
P2: Ok, then try to lip read me
Me: (Got 2 to 3 words of the small little sentence that he was trying to say.)
P2: Good good..u were almost there…
Me: (I explained to them how 2 words can have same lip movements)
P1: What is ur CET score?
Me: I’ve scored 108 sir
P2: Do u think u’l get admission into a B school this year?
Me: To be honest and to be practical, I’m targetting the top 5 institutes. Apart from that, I’ve also appeared for other competitive exams like ATMA wherein I scored 98.13%ile and I got a call from Welingkar for their PG course. Now I’m awaiting their results.
P2: What if u don’t make it?
Me: I feel that everyone shud have a backup plan. I too have one. I’l take up my placement as a software engg at Infosys, Mysore.
P2: Aaaaaah….Infosys!!!! Thats a dream company for many. Why are u even thinking of doin an MBA????
Me: blah blah blah (wanna chase my dreams and blah blah)
P1: Will u try for CET next year?
Me: (told about my plans)

P1 and P2: U may leave now
Me: Thank u sir

  • GDPI date: 5th June

Time: 2-3 pm, batch 15
Venue: Chetna (Bandra)

Group Discussion :
3 panelists… 1 sir n 2 maams
attendance : 12/15

the sir told the rules
and one maam gave us the t(r)opics:
1. Business should be like religion and science. It should know neither love nor hate.
2. 2 yrs of military assignment should be made compulsory for every young man between the age of 20 and 25

i voted for d 2nd, but majority voted for d 1st t(r)opic.

GD went smooth. no fish mkt.

my suggestions : speak to the participants, dont look at the panelists. Eye contact is very important.
and wear smth formal, it only looks professional.
jeans and a tee is a nono.

Personal Interview :
panelists: 2 sirs both in their early 30s.
the one on the left did most of the asking.
he asked only basic qtns like
y BSc(since my acads were very gud)?
y computer science?
y MBA?
y Finance?
ok u have an analytic mind…. so u can solve a problem in any situation i give u?
i said yes… and ws expecting a case…
but he did not ask.

justify d significant event : my fav qtn!!

ur score,
and which colleges r u aiming at.

i’d written smthing abt multitasking….
so he asked, y do managers need to be gud multitaskers.

the sir on the right asked only 1 qtn at the end…
y MBA, and not CA (as i’d mentioned my dad is a CA, and my bro wants to do it too)

my suggestions : give a smile, be polite, and be very confident!
the most imp: rather the only imp qtn is y MBA.

Abt the ARC :
takes 10 mins, but there was a long Q…had to w8 for more than an hour.

provisional results on 22nd…
All the best!

  • Venue: chetna college(bandra east)

batch no-18
Time 🙁 5pm-6pm)

Group Discussion
gd topics were-
1)knowledge revolution creates a vibrancy in the country.
2)government will never sincerely carry out the poverty eradication programmes bcoz poverty is a blessing in disguise for politicians.

batch of 14-bt 4 were absent…majority voted for d 1st topic
one girl startd d gd bt it was not good at all….overall gd was ok….most of the points were repeated….one of the panelist told us not to interupt each other oderwise negative markings wud b given…then d same person told us to stop d gd as no newpoints were there n askd each 1 of us 2 conclude….after d gd other panelist told us to go home n check in the dictionary the meanings of knowledge n revolution…(so it was undstd that v screwed)

Personal Interview
pi was better…2panelists were cool…they askd me 2 interview them…so i had 2 ask them questions on bcom subjects(since i m a bcom student)…askd them few questions abt their fav subjects,on accounts,eco…n then i had 2 answer d same…then they askd me wat is d diff bitwin microeconomics n macroeconomics,y mba in finance…i must say both the panelists were very kind n cool….no stress…overall pi was better than the gd…..

i suggestion-pls smile wen u enter d pi rum….

  • Venue: Chetna

Date: 7-June
4 out of 14 were absent….
Group Discussion
topics for the Gd:
1: Today’s youth select safer job option rather than entrepreneurship risk.
2) Lok sabha election 2009 stimulus for Indian Economy.

9 out of 10 selected topic 1 so I had to go with them.
A really good Gd almost 7 people were involved.
No fish market at all.
I came into the Gd a good no of times with genuine good pts.
So overall Gd was good happy with it.
People who didn’t speak were made to speak.
Personal Interview
Now I was the 1st in my PI panel. Totally 3 groups of panels were there.
Went in a young lady (L) in higher 20’s n sir(S) in higher 30’s.
They made me sit:

L) Tell about yourself:
me…bla bla

S) do u think mba needed for business? Dhirubhai or laxmi mittal not mba
me) answered well also stated that these big people made their children do MBA…

L) Y business?
Me) bla bla…

L) Y IT then?
Me) again the same old explanation

L) Ur in Infosys one of the biggest IT brand then y u wants to leave it?
I) explained dads business is diamonds n have plans of it.

S) But diamond business is totally down n out!! Y u wants to go into it?
I) explained myself well…
These quests took almost 15 mines

both were happy till now…

S) So tell me about 4GL?
Explained a bit then

S) go for more technical details!!
I was down..Said don’t know…
he made a strange face…

S) Tell me about the OS used in cell phones?
Me) Symbien, Windows, Linux.

S) These r common ones tell something diff…
ME) don’t know studied these many…

S) Being an IT engineer u should be shameful about yourself n start screwing my case badly.
Got blank out totally started sweating in a chilled room.

S) Tell me full form of HTTP…
ME) dumb totally

S) Okay tell URL
Me) sir just give me a min please…
then i jus calmed myself down
then said Uniform Resource Locater

ME) World Wide Web..

S) Now tell me HTTP
ME- hyper text transfer Protocol

S) y u dint answer b4?
Me) sir got tensed when u yelled at me…

He made a highly disappointed face n told me to go.

I am highly upset now don’t know what will happen…!!!!


Anybody with the same views or different can share them here. Post your Chetana GDPI experiences and help your fellow aspirants…..

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