1. GIM GD PI Experience
XAT Percentile: 94.15

10th: 65%
12th: 69%
Graduation: B.Tech. (IT) – 6.22 , last sem going on.
Work- None
Batch of Interview: 1:30 pm @ BLR
GD Topic: Privatization in India has not worked

:: My GD was crap, I mean I did add few points but I realised later that since I had studied so much on the topic, I could have done better. I got confused, and all my points were about privatization of PSUs, whereas the rest focused on better consumer exp due to privatization. The panel also said the I did not do well in GD.

On the contrary, my PI was very good.
I was the last one. It didn’t last longer (officially).

Panel:tell about yourself?
Me: all said, they seem impressed.

Panel:So you want to become an entrepreneur?
me: yes.

Panel: Whats the meaning of an entrepreneur?
me: told, first in brief then in detail.

Panel:Why entrepreneurship is better than gambling? both involve almost same risk …
me: Told, they seemed impressed.

Panel: Your GD was not very nice!
me: Yes sir, I was nervous, got a lil confused.

Panel: A group of young and vibrant employees, and a group of old unsatisfied employees … how would you motivate them? How will it be different for different groups?
Me: told, both seemed very happy with answer.

Panel: Three qualities of an entrepreneur?
me: told

Panel: Three qualities of a manager?
me: told

They seemed happy. Since I was the last guy, they also came out after me. I talked to them a bit. They seemed really nice, wished luck to a loser like me..

2. GIM GD PI Experience

XAT percentile:-82.95
Class 10:-80.75
Class 12:-73.4
Work ex of 20months in Cognizant

Venue and time:- Kolkata, 28th of February,1.30pm


As soon as I entered the hall, I was stunned to see only 9people including me inside, and I wondered “Have i come to the right place?” Then after observing the formal dresses they wore, I was sure that I was at the right place.


Two men who sounded very polite appeaed with our essay sheets and asked us to write our respective names and XAT ids.


The two men then gave us a topic:- Privatization hasnt worked in India
We were given two minutes to think about the topic.
Then as per seating arrangements, the first person was asked to say something about the topic followed by the second

Then came the actual session of GD, where all the 9 people talked and gave their ideas. It was not at all a fish market,surprisingly and everyone spoke whatever they had to speak.

After that, everyone was given one minute to summarize the topic. This happened in the reverse order.


The two men then asked us to write an essay on the topic given to us during GD. 10 minutes were allotted to us.


I entered the room and saw the same two men sitting there.

Q:Tell me something about yourself
A:I answered whatever I had prepared
Q:Why MBA inspite of a job, is it because you want to quit IT?
A:Answered as how MBA could help my growth
Q:In which field you want to do MBA?
A:IT would be fine, as I have seen BA out there who are getting good opportunities
Q:Asked me what made me go to IT
A:More scope of MBA
Q:Why LR so low percentile?
A:Told him that I had preparations on the basis of previous year CAT papers, and had accidentally give more time to Maths and English
Q:Are you into reading?
A:Not that much,not novel reading, sometimes newspapers,magazines,journals.
Q:What kind of materials?
A:Told anything that captivates my eyes
Q:Three latest business news
Q: Do you have any questions?
A:No, nothing from my side!

Thank you Sir

3. GIM GD PI Experience


X: 69.0
XII: 96.1
Bsc: 78.3
XAT: 88.01

Topic: Privatization worked in India

It was a pretty cool topic and everybody were made to give an opening statement. As soon the opening statements finished a literal fish market started. Did not try to enter it at all, luckily I knew the names of the two who were in the fish market. Addressed them with their names and told that privatization is important as x told, having said that y point is valid, so there should be a blend of both and gave a couple of good points about the operational cost of railways going high and they are looking to prioritize it, coz private sector is performance driven. GD was real good and I was very confident.

I was the 11th person to go for the interview. Everyone before me spent more than 25 minutes for the interview. I went into the interview.

I1: Middle aged sir
I2: Female

I1: Why don’t you introduce yourself?
Me: Answered in detail and also covered why MBA…
I1: So, what’s your major’s in BSC,
Me: Electronics sir
I1: You also had physics, so what’s Raman effect?
Me: (Doomed) can’t recollect it sir
I1: It’s basic right…
Me: Sir, it’s been long and couldn’t exactly get it. I did not concentrate that good in grads, that’s y I want to do a residencial course so that I can get complete insight into what I study.
I1: seemed convinced (don’t know how big a mistake this is)
I2: Tell me about your job
Me: Explained in great detail and how it will help mba
I2: so what’s challenging in your job?
Me: explained again in detail
I1: Your name is new, what does it mean
Me: Gave my version with a bit of humour, both laughed
I1 and I2 looked at each other and told you can leave and the lady told GOOD LUCK

All this happened in just 5 to 7 minutes while others were interviewed for a long time. It’s me who spoke major chunk and they were just listening. Don’t know what to interpret.

4. Slot: 1st march,1.30pm Sanquelim campus

GD: Governance in India has reached a new low
Discussion: Was pretty good, not much deviation from the topic.. took a stance that it was satisfactory and provided some facts on the same and stuck to it till the end

Essay: The summary was pretty good,also took into consideration some points made by others.

PI: Three panelists L1,L2(both females),L3(male babua)

I was the last one to be interviewed

L1:Aao bhai samosa khao chai vai piyo …so we made u wait for long ah
Me: Not at all mam
L3: What were you doin for so long
Me: Sir time pass..class mein senior bhaite te unki batein sun raha tha..n yeah also listening to experiences of people who had just finished their PI.
L3: Oh is it so what did u experience from their experiences
Me: Sir that the interview mainly focuses on the technical aspect of the work or academic profile.
L3: You are right my boy (all of them have a hearty laugh).. Not pick a subject from college you would like to be questioned on.
Me: Computer networks
L3: What is a network address, How is data transferred over a network, What is an IP address, How will u identify a computer over a network…
Me: Sir ..answered them to the best of my knowledge.
L2 The ever smiling lady was boosting my morale..wasn’t getting nervous thanks to her
L3: I.T. ….hmmmmm tell me about your company..
Me: Gyaaaaaaaaaaan …
L3: Your role in the company
Me: (Ohhhh hw cld i miss this one)…Gyaaaaaaaaaaan
L1: Beta academics are on the lower side batao kyun
Me: Tried to explain in the best possible way..was not counter questioned..seemed satisfied with the justification
L1: How many calls do you have apart from GIM
Me: Bata diya
L1: How serious are you about converting this call
Me: bahut bataya
L1: Are you interested in GIM only coz its in Goa?
Me: Nooooooooo… told them how passionate i am about joining GIM and would have applied and tried converting the call evn if GIM was in any other part of India.
L2 smiles again
L1: Do u have any questions for us
Me GIM ka flagship course kya hai is it marketing. And asked them whether IT/Operations will be offered as majors
L3: De diya Gyaaaaaaaaan and smiled

L1,L2,L3 : So that is it and best of luck :
Me: Thank u sir ,mam,mam

Overall: Was a very nice experience…

All the best

5. GIM GD PI Experience

XAT percentile: 89.89

10th score:90.6%
12th score:78.2%

Topic for Gd: Should Facebook be banned in office/Its a waste of productive time.
GD went well, everyone got relevant points to the table. This is after everyone gave their opening statement. I wasnt too satisfied with my contribution, as i was able to add only one relevant point and i interjected only once. After the discussion everyone had to give their closing statement.

PI: There were 2 profs, who also conducted the GD
P1: What does your name mean??
Me: Said ..
P2: So where are you from?
Me: answered
P1: You support FB being banned in office. Why?
Me: Gave my opinion
P1: But in some marketing firm they might require to study trends through FB??
Me: We can have a procedure in place to get approval from higher authorities to sanction the usage of FB for so and so hours … etc.
P1: You did your schooling across various countries n boards? why?
Me: Answered
P1: What did you learn of their culture/business culture?
Me: Told what i thought about it
P2: Tell us about some famous business houses in those countries and how they have expanded?
Me: Answered
P2: So u have done electronics engg ?
Me: About to answer but P1 interrupted ..
P1: you can speak japanese? tell us something …
Me: said ….. (P1 replied thank you in japanese)
P2: Are you good in quant?
Me: Yes
P2: Why is your quant score low in XAT??
Me: Gave a reason..

…. There were some other things, but i dont remember … PI wrapped up in 15 mins i think. I thought it went well, hoping for positive results.

6. GIM GD PI Experience

XAT Percentile: 94.36
10th: 76
12th: 86
Graduation: 79.6
Work-Ex: 0
Batch of Interview: 2nd March, 1:30 PM , Kolkata

GD Topic: What worked yesterday wont work today.
An abstract topic calls for ideas. And pushed in as many as i could.
1 minute for intro:
My Ideas: Economics- ‘ globalization ‘, Political – ‘Caste -Developmental’, Social – ‘Agitation, Uprising’… etc etc
Open house GD: A healthy discussion followed, Every aspect were looked upon.
Summarizing: Again repeated same thing.
Essay: Jotted the same

PI: The same panel . I was the last to be interviewed.

P1: Tell me bout ur work ex.
Me: i regret to say dat i lack work ex.
P1: But ur profyl says .. ohkay ohkay …. (he was lookin in2 sum diffrent person’s profyl)
Me: (phew)
P2: So u dun hav any industrial exposure?
Me: sure I do. told dem bot industrial training
Me: Answered all
P2: U r doing good … relax
P2: Tell us bout some business newz.
Me: bloated out 5 … was continuing wid a 6th one wen I was interrupted.
P1: Dat will be enough
P2: So wat do u do apart from studies.
Me: Blah Blah
P1: Asked sum stuffs bout chess (I had mentioned chess)
Me: Answered wid passion.
P2: Y do u like Viswanathan Anand more dan Gary Kasparov
Me: told
P1: Asked bout Alternative Rock (I had mentioned dis also)
Me: Told dem
P2: Wat other calls do u hav
Me: Told
P2: Anything for us ?
Me: asked
P1 and P2: answered , explained
P2: Anything else?
Me: No sir.

Shaked Hand and Left. Overall it was a very good experience. The panelists were too good always wearing a composed smile.

Result: I feel Positive

7. GIM GD PI Experience

XAT Percentile: 95.35

10th: 92.4
12th: 85
Graduation: 65
Work-Ex: 11 months
Batch of Interview: 2nd March, 1:30 PM , Mumbai

GD topic : What worked yesterday wont today?
Smooth start, a bit of a digression towards the end. Overall one of the better gds i ever had.
Essay to be written in 5 min (but we were given just 4 minutes, infact when the next group had their essay, they were informed when 30 secs were left, no such signal for us, hence couldnt complete the conclusion)

PI: Panel – P1 – eco prof, P2 – IT prof
Questions :
P1: tell me sumthng abt urself (family backgrnd n stuff)
me: told
P2: why MBA?
me: gave sum gyaan to get some dhyaan
P2: why GIM?
me: had prepared a long story for this one but P2 asked to cut short the preamble and get straight to the point, at the end i couldnt convince p2 to the mark.
P1: fav subject
me: microprocessors
P1: what are microprocessors?
me: told
P1: which is the latest microprocessor chip in the market?
me: told
P1: what are J K flip flops?
me: (thought abt footwear) told sumthng, couldnt remember more on that
P1: ny circuit designed by you using microprocessors?
me: project details and sum gyan
P2: asked abt the gd – whose example do you think was the best in the GD?
me: the subject was quite general, everybody gave pragmatic examples.
P2 interruptes me halfway : can u give me an example other than those discussed in the gd
me: gave him one, but sumhow he was not convinced, may be he wanted more of a political/legal one.
P2 : ok, do you have ny questions?
me: how do you promote entreprenuership in GIM?
P1: gave some gyaan
P2 : thats it. please call xxxx and tell him to wait outside for 2 min.

I think my PI was not that convincing, had planned to say a lot, but never got that chance to say. Except for the technical questions, I think the panel was not satisfied with my answers at all.

8. GIM GD PI Experience

XAT Percentile: 95.69

10th: 84%
Graduation: BCA (84%)
Work-Ex: Fresher
Batch of Interview: 8:30 AM @ Delhi

GD Topic: Food Inflation is not under the control of the Indian government. Same format as the others have mentioned. Went on for about 10 minutes.

PI: It was very cool. I was asked to introduce myself, and then asked why I want to do an MBA. They followed it up with a few questions on why my marks in my 10th grade aren’t great. Both the panelists were really polite and positive.

Others in my group were questioned about academics/work ex and stuff but I wasn’t asked anything.

P.S. – The Goa Niwas building is pretty impressive, what with the swimming pool and all! However, finding it was a bit of an issue since it doesn’t show up on Google Maps. Instead you can check out “Yashwant Place, Chanakyapuri” on Google Maps and it’s really close from there.

9. XAT Percentile: 90.37

10th: 79%
Graduation: BE (Mech) (71.4%)
Work-Ex: 2 and half year
Batch of Interview: 1.30 PM @ Mumbai
Date – 1/03/2011

Governance in has hit a new low.
We had total 11 people in my group so 2 batches were formed and I was on the 1st group. Our GD was fine. I was not able to write much in the essay round as I thik we got 4 minutes to write.
They asked about my self and a few questions on them.
I had a contrasting disucssion with the panel regarding former CJI Balakrishnan. I had said in GD that Balakrishnan’s Kin had black money. The panel was asking how you concluded that. I said that I delieve on income tax dept report and CNN IBN nwes channel. I aslo said that it was very rare that powerful people were convicted in any case.
For the first 5 minutes in GD, i was able to speak only once, So i tried to speak more in latter half. The panel was asking that why you intervened with others in GD. I replied that i wanted to speak more so i did that.
They told that you points were good but they were expecting more from me.
They also told that you all missed about corporate governance.
After that they asked about my work and some technical questions were asked about my work.
In the end they asked whether i had paid bribe or not.
I answed in negative. They again asked if a situation will arise, would you give bribe.
I told that if it will be unavoidable condition, then i would pay bribe.
I told that ” I am ‘practically’ honest not blind honest’.

I think my GIM dream is over . ATB to everyone.

10. 10th n 12th: 78% and 81%
engg:8.1 CGPA(comp science)

2nd march kolkata

GD topic: What worked yesterday wont work today..

The Gd topic was endless but the group went on to a very narrow lane.
Overall not the best Gd.

P1. Panelist 1 cool and listener.
P2. half of the time was not there.

P1. asked for my file and said keep telling me about yourself.
me: told all the stuff…he charged up in my hobbies part.

P1. so, you want to be an entrepreneur how will mba help you?
me. blaah blaah( bahut gyaan diya):-P

then he went on to my hobbies

P1 : name some indian photographers(photography is my hobby)
me : told.(1 ki to history de di)

gave them some of my pictures to see.
P1: why dont you make a career out of photography?
me: no scope in india for other than fashion photography and some gyaan.
P2 enters and says ” sahi baat hai”

ab jhatka diya
P2: so, you are a comp science engineer, in your terms tell me how a COLOR televisions working is different from a B/W televisions working ??
Me: kuch kuch bola but couldn’t convince on the comp science thing..
(if anyone knows pls lemme knw)

fir kuch business pe pucha and again my hobbies

finally they seemed impressed

said Cheers and have a nice day

i greeted them with a smile and left

was a good experience over all the panel is cool just dont speak about things you dont know

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