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Photo’s from Cetking & KJ Somaiya GD PI workshop at KJ Somaiya.

Advantages of CETking KJ SOM GDPI workshops:

  • Focus on all there GDPI success factors: 1. Content / Knowledge 2. Practice of GD/PI 3. Confidence
  • Content builder Economic Basics – FDI, FII, Inflation, Budget 2007, Globalization, Outsourcing, Retail, SEZ and how they are affecting India.
  • Interview Basics – We will be making answers to most expected / common interview questions.
  • GD Basics – Dos and Donts of GDPI
  • Stock Market Basics – All u wanna know about stock markets
  • Confidence Building exercises
  • How and what to read in newspapers
  • Practice Group Discussions Series
  • Evaluation Group Discussion Series
  • The 7 PI Strategy
  • PIs conducted by Professionals and Last years Achievers
  • SWOT Analysis of your GDPI
  • GDPI Day – A proofing session
Last KJ Somaiya & CETking Workshop.

CETking Workshop covers:

  • Personality Development
  • Communication Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Meditation & Yoga
  • Intrapersonal Skills
  • ConfidenceBuilding
  • Stress Management
  • GDPI Evaluation series

Faculty & Team

  • Personal Trainers & Experts from industry – Ex DTE panelists, Toppers of last yrs
  • Actual GDPI instructors & Panelists from colleges
  • General Secretaries & Placement Committees members of Bschools

Details of workshop here>

Day 1: Interview Basics + 2 mock GD’s

  • The Do’s and Don’ts of performing in an interview
  • We will be formulating answers to the actual questions asked in CET PI and also answers to the ‘top 10 most frequently asked questions’-always asked in CET PI
  • Aptitude and competencies being assessed in PI
  • How to handle a stress PI and still score 17-17.

Day 2: Group Discussion Basics + 2 mock GD’s

  • The Do’s and Don’ts of performing in a group discussion
  • Discussion on the different aspects of a GD: opening, summarizing, concluding, et al
  • Strategies to put you in the leader’s seat in every GD that you participate
  • How to handle a fish market GD

Mock Personal Interview

Panelists are ex DTE faculties, students and alumni of JBIMS and Industry experts like Castrol, TCS, Wipro, Proctor & Gamble, McKinsey. Mock interviews would be conducted by CET toppers in such a way so as to give you a feel of the actual interview


[bold_title]Past GDPI Experiences[/bold_title]

Ashutosh May 4, 2012 at 8:41 am
I reached at 12 noon in somaiya campus. I have time so I enjoyed the meal @ somaiya canteen. At 12:45 pm we were called to auditorium @ 4th floor for introduction of kj and essay writing. But all the participants were not arrived until 2pm so the process is delayed.
Written Assessment test:
After the introductory video, the essay writing was started @ 2:15. There was 2 topics:
1) Should management modules be added in medical education?
2) related to religious leader in politics.
I selected the first one.
After essay writing, we were told to go to conference hall on 1st floor for the GD/PI. There we were divided randomly into groups, 13-14 in each group. In each group a number was assigned to each guy like 1 to 14. I was 9. Around 3pm we were called in a room for Gd.
Regarding GD: The GD was case based. There was a page long case/situation about software company in crisis and 2 minutes to analyze it. Then each member was asked to speak for 90 seconds. After that real GD started. The GD was good. Overall each get chance to speak and ends well
Then there was document verification. They verified percentage of 10,12 and graduation from original docs. To my surprise, they had not asked for the certified copies.
Regarding PI: Then we were called for PI according to number assigned. I was 9 and my turn came @ 5:15 pm.
There is 1 male and 1 female.
They asked questions about my work ex, my role, which technology, why mba, hobbies, why IB, weakness…
Overall the exp was good. I got free @ 5:30pm

Gaytree May 4, 2012 at 8:42 am
After the clip about KJ Somaiya, we had to write and essay
The topics for the same were
1. Medical Education needs to have management modules?
2. should religious leaders enter politics
Opted for the first and I feel that was a wrong decision, could not complete my essay
PI topic a case study: It was about a a company named infotech, who had to design an ERM for some other some V… Metallics. Bala is the project head, many employees switch over to other company as they get higher salary and an opportunity for a job experience abroad in a year. This affects companies performance. Bala also fails to communicate the details from the metallics company for the project requirements. Somehow manages to complete the program in given time does not check it before deliviring. It has some bugs, next the company gets more order but loses out on many offers due to this. They had asked how do you suggest to handle this situation?
Initially everyone got a chance, my attempt was quite decent but had few more things to suggest before I was stopped by the panelist. So could have been better.
When the GD started it was bound to turn into a fish market and it did, whenever I use to come up with something I was cut short by someone or the other. Again missed out on few points even when I tried to summarise a guy interrupted, so again not satisfied with my performance here too had to hold myself back from getting aggressive.
2 panelists, A LADY and a Gentleman
The moment I enter, they had a look at my form and reacted ohhh Pharmacy, and gave an expression which I dont know what was that for?
Both were smiling all the way,
Then they asked me about my experience at my retail pharmacy..
I shared that,
Lady: So when you come for PGDM your dad would use your license
Me: No, He himself is a pharmacist mam.
Lady: You are a lone child so why are you leaving your parents in Pune and coming to Mumbai
Me: Mam Mumbai has more job opportunities than Pune
Gentleman: Has your leadership skill ever being tested
Me: Yes shared my experience of being a president of an organisation during my grads. and experience as the captain of the college football team
Gentleman: Tell me about your reading habits
Me: I am not an avid reader sir
Gentleman: Your strengths
Me: Optimism, honesty and communication skills
Gentleman: Weakness
Me: Agression and overenthusiasm
Gentleman: weaknesses you would like to change
Me: Same as above and would like to read more because it is a necessity.
Gentleman: Which other colleges have you applied
Me: Told him which other colleges I have applied
G: They do not have a specialisation in IB, what would you opt for out there
Me: Marketting
G: Had you applied for both PGDM and PGDM(IB),
Me: Yes, but could not get through PGDM due to my score.
Both: We are done,
Me: politely said thank you and by mistake was taking my personal information form alongwith me
Lady: This has to be kept with us
Gentleman: Overenthusiasm and smiled
Well the answers for which colleges and had you applied for both are gonna be my nemesis.
So keeping fingers crossed but not speculating anything, coz me myself am not satisfied, could have been better, my honesty may turn out to be my weakness for this interview..

Ankush Gupta May 4, 2012 at 2:23 pm
Process started at 2. Registration process was done in 15 mins where they verified Personal details form, CAT score card and original photo identification.
It was followed by an app 10 min presentation on KJ prepared by the students which showed the campus, alumni, Placement Details, about faculty etc.
Written test started at 2.30. It was for 15 mins.
Topics : Should corporate social responsibilty be made compulsary in Indian corporates
Does India have many Warren Buffets in the making?
I was in Panel 3 and there were 9 guys in my panel
The case study was on news media putting ethics over its commercial news
we were given 2 mins to read and each one was called at random to tell his views for a max of 75 secs and after that the discussion was open.
The GD went smoothly, no fish market situation. I gave 2 points and some tit bits in between.
For PI there were 2 gents in the panel but only 1 was asking most of the question. When I sat in the chair P1 said to move the chair a bit back and sit ( I started to think r they planning for a stress interview )
P1: Tell abt urself
me: told but was interrupted in between to ask qns like wat is ur pay, I write diary , so he asked isn’t it dangerous if ur wife reads it . I managed those qns.
P2: what ype of books u read , tell the last 3 books that u read
me: told
P1: U would have worked hard and prepared well for CAT. So tell us what u prepared to crack the interview?
me: told some stuffs and at the end said the word GK
P1: how good r u at GK
me: Not very good sir but ok
p1: How many states r der in India
me :28 sir
P2: is it 28?
me: yes sir
P1: how many UTs?
P1: name 3 UTs other than pondicherry( I am from Pondicherry)
P1:they then said Delhi is not UT , it is state.
me: I said it is an UT with state like powers.
P1: Do u know abt Indian economy?
me: s sir somewhat
P1:What is inflation?
me: said increase in proce of goods and services.
P1: Assume the cost of this bottle was Rs12 and now its rs 15. Is it inflation.
me: Said some stuff and then he concluded by saying so inflation in increase in proce level and not price.
P1: What is india’s inflation
me:not sure but I think it is right sir
P1: Which state has the highest percaptia income?
me: I dono sir but I ll take a guess. Since Bombay is an industrial place I think Maharasthra.
P1:it is not maharasthra. Take a 2nd guess.
me: I thought for 5-10 secs. he then went to next qn.
P1:suppose u r travelling from pondicherry to mumbai by train what r the states that u ll cover.
me:TN,AP and Maharashtra
P1:In AP what route u ll take?
me: I haven’t travelled sir but I think different trains take diff routes so I am not sure.then P2 said theoretically u can cover all 28 states to cover that and they smiled. I also smiled.
P1: What other economic prob India is facing other than inflation
me: thiught for few seconds and said corruption
P1: corrpution has always been there.
me: sir but in the recent times lot of scams have come and it has affected us a lot.
P1: s I agree corruption is a prob, so what can be done to make India corruption free.
me: It may be difficult to make corruption zero but it can be reduced by making the securties tighter and reducing back money.
P1:what is balck money
me: Money for whihc IT is not paid
P1:thank u . U may leave
me:thank u sir
This has been the most chilled interview I had attended…But dono what to make of it
Other than the fact that I could not watch the match at my home everthing was fine

Minal Shah May 4, 2012 at 3:01 pm
So i reached my centre around 12:15 pm.The centre was easy to locate as it was one of the renowned Kolkata college.A professor(probably) ushered me into this dilapidated classroom(bhutiya tha wo room!!!!).Met some people out there and slowly in about half an hour the entire room filled up.
Then we were taken to a nice conference room(yaha to AC lagaa tha)
Then the normal procedure of registration was followed.We were also shown a video about the institute in which some students and faculty talked about how good SIMSR is(One of the founder members in the video seemed to read down something in front of him,it was a little funny).Then there was the written assessment test.
Written Assessment test:Two topics were given and we had to write on any one.(time given was 15 minutes and only one page was provided)
1)mobile has changed the banking services.(i chose this one)
2)creativity can not be taught in classrooms.
Then we were devided into groups and directed to our respective rooms for the GD.
Regarding GD:
GD Topic: Some case study about India moving on from an agriculture based economy to service based economy to a manufacturing economy to….??what should be really done and such stuff….(pura to yaad nai…achha lamba chautha tha)
Number of participants: 12
Brief snapshot of discussion:First there was some initial comments from the moderator,then we were given the case.Each person had to speak individually for about 1.5 mins on the topic(randomly) and then the house was open for discussion.
NOTE:Our panel was the best as they continuously stopped the fish market situations and warned students to let everyone speak.(The other groups were mostly fish markets).So people don’t try to over dominate,SIMSR panellists have been told to cut marks for people wo do just that.
All in all my performance was good.Brought in the budget(which luckily no one had mentioned,mentioned increase in service tax,excise duty,subsidy on food and fertilizer etc.).There was a guy from CA background.Man he had a lot to speak and mostly when he spoke every one else was like
Also a girl din’t speak at all,while all others chipped in also
then the long wait(i was 10th in my group).But i had a good time while waiting.There were some good people in my group(No. 4,anyone here??)
So there was this old man(OM) and a uninterested lady(UL) in this panel
PI Questions:
Me:hello sir and madam.And goodevening to both of you.
OM:Goodevening..So why MBA ??
Me:gyaan,funda(saare interviews me to yahi bola hai,ab to majak lagta hai ye question)
Om:So you are doing a B.sc course?
Me:No sir ,mine is an integrated course(its a 5 year course)
OM:Oh ok,which subject?
me :Chemistry,sir
OM:Ohh chemistry(jaise maine koi paap kar diya ho)Then why not a phd.You will have some great options after that.
me:No sir,i have set up my aim in my life(had mentioned in Why MVA question) and i believe that an MBA would help me in achieving that AIM.
OM:If u had set up that aim then why did u join a masters course in science,why not a BBA or something similar
(I thought,sir kyuki achha college mil raha tha aur BBA mostly log tab karte hai jab koi option nai rehta)
Me:Sir i liked science and got a great opportunity to join XYZ and further my development.Also sir ,my time in XYZ has far transcnded the theoretical knowledge that i have received.I have grown a lot as a person and have learned a lot.
(All the while the lady was sitting there like a robot,yawning and yawning.I don’t even know why she was sitting there??)
OM:So u think you would not have grown in an BBA course?Or does it mean that you always change your aims in life?
Me::spla t:
Sir,i have never had anything against a BBA course but it was about what i liked and even now i am doing what i think is the best for me.
OMk(looking at my form now)Your hobby is travelling.Where have u travelled?
Me:Sir,(mentioned lot of places)
OM:(scratching his head)Everywhere but not mumbai??
Me:(gaya to hu ek baar,but pagal hu jo bataunga)no sir,i have not been to mumbai 🙁
OM:So your strengths are bla bla.Hmm(me thinking,bhai pooch bhi le ki maine aisa likha kyu??)And your weaknesses are that you sometimes try to make almost everyone happy.So are u a pshychopath?
No sir.that is an entirely different thing ,my problem is that…
OM:cutting me…(laughing).Hmmmm…anyway….are u confortable with GK
Me:(thnking:Nai Sir,Please chod do ab)Sir,i can give it a try.
OM:Ok,what’s the name of the residence of the british prime minister??
Me:Sir,it’s not coming up in my mind(ameica ka nai pooch sakte the??Well i knew it,but just couldn’t recolect)
OM:there was a very famous movie about a lady british Prime Minister.Did you watch that?About margaret thatcher?
Me:Yes Sir,i have heard about it.But have not watched it.
OM:Entire world has watched it.Why have you not watched?(laughing)So who was the heroine in the movie?
Me:(maine to nahi dekha,ye log bade movie khor lagte hai)Sir meryl streep.
OMk good.Have u heard about the UN?/
Me :(eagerly)Yes sir.
OM:and u must know the first woman president of UN general assembly??Miss vijaylaksmi pandit?
Me:Yes sir.I have heard about it(No,i din’t know much though)
OM:who was her brother.
Me:sir,i don’t know but can only take a guess.
OM:No,don’t take a guess.It’s ok.
OM:Ok,thank you .
Me:thank you Sir and madam
All in all a pathetic interview but a good GD.
Any other Info:Just think before you speak anything and do not over dominate the Gd’s.Also nothing other then a ID and a student profile form was required.i dunno why they asked for a attested copies

Daredevil May 4, 2012 at 3:02 pm
Anything special about you:
Written Assessment test:
We were given 2 topics, may be the words are not exactly the same
1) Have we ignored manufacturing industry over the IT industry?
2) Are the new age festival celebrations(like father’s day, world heart day etc) only marketing gimmicks?
Regarding GD
GD Topic:Mahesh(one new sales guy) he wants to make a deal with a client who wanta a bribe of 25k rolex watch, but his boss refuses to accept any bribe or follow any dishonest ways, he is dissatisfied and decides to give out the rolex watch frm his pocket to catch the deal, boss comes to know and fires him…
Number of participants: 14
Duration: 20min (complete)
Brief snapshot of discussion:The group was discussing about ethics and wht mahesh did was wrong or right..
PI Questions:
1) Tell me about yourself
2) some questions on work ex(lot of detail abot this)
3) strengths and weakness, hw r u working on ur weakness
4) why mba
5) why not part time mba or distance mba
6) which newspapers u read and owner of tht? (but luckily no such gk questions)
7) Any questions about the institute?

Gurpreet Singh May 4, 2012 at 3:05 pm
Reached Mumbai SIMSR 10 minutes before 1:30 PM and then had my documents (profile form and a photo ID) verified. . .
Then they started off with a small intro about SIMSR. . .Then we were given two topics
1) Is the boom in IT over ?? ( I SELECTED )
2) Nano – Jai Ho !! Bt whr r the roads ??
15 minutes , 300 words max.
Then GD was scheduled !! 16 members in group
A CASELET was provided and 2 minutes to understand it… Then randomly any 1 is called for individual view points and after it 10 minutes for open discussion . . .
Then starts PI..a very short n sweet 1…panels were diff 4 GD n PI …
PANEL = 1 mam (cute n smiling – CS) + 1 sir (old n quite – oq)
I – Gud Eve mam, Gud Eve Sir !!
both – Gud Eve , Have a seat .
CS – Abut urself
CS – y don u go for M.Tech with such xcellent acads ??
OQ – What u think , will u be able to continue with programming n designning websites after MBA ??
CS – Whats the things that have changd GUJARAT ??
CS – Whats goin wrong in Gujarat ??
Dats it !!

Rohini Sharma May 4, 2012 at 3:17 pm
Written Assessment test:Two topics were given
1.Will London Olympics bring Laurels for/in India
2.Impact of Information Technology on Society
Obvious choice was 2Gave some very good quotes and Examples
Regarding GD
GD Topic: Education@Grassroots
Number of participants: 14
Duration: 32-34 mins
Brief snapshot of discussion:We were given no tags which we had to tie.Panel told that at first every candidate had to speak individually for 1.5mins and then the topic will be open for GD.I was the no.1 Panel was randomly calling the nos and people were supposed to present the problems that India is facing at primary level education and ways to remove them for 1.5mins.No14 was the first to start and as he started a guy(12 i guess) interrupted in between,actually he forgot that it was extemporeHe was stopped by the panel immediately,14 continued and so on.I gave good pints and was speaking on an on when stopped
Then we had a fish market scene where nobody was ready to allow others to speak,,i could made an entry only but yeah i was able to put my points.I also tried to control the GD but all in vainA lady concluded,she spoke well
PI Questions:2profs both arond 60 i guess.They were relaxed and cool
1.Tell us about your Family background
2.I opted for Finance in specialization so was asked about newspapers i read and then grilled on Fiscal Deficit,Inflation.Somehow answered them.
3.Then came my field and i nailed itCricket.What type of Player are you? Height Of wickets,Diameter of a ball and some more on it.1prof asked about the Speed with which i bowl and then gave the answer himself that i wouldn’t have been able to measure it.
4.Why a downfall in Percentage???(Somehow answered it)
Thank you.Have a Good Day
Any other Info:I was discussing the PI questions with others and the Prof came out for SignatureWe were told before not to discuss the questions…I hope it doesn’t affect
Verdict:Hope to get Through(9.5/10)

Disha Arora April 19, at 6:25 am
Profile : BE IT with Related Work Ex of over 1 year.
Case Study : There are 6 boys(freshers) who have graduated from a college and have been
placed in a Construction company through campus placements. One of these boys is Surya
who has been a good performer in the college and very good at what he does. All these boys go
under six months of training after which they are placed under Mr. Kapoor – The Vice President.
Mr Kapoor is a perfectionist and does not allow for slightest errors. So he does not give any
freedom to the six trainees. He exercises too much control and cross verifies every work of
theirs. He publicly insults the boys for smallest mistakes. Surya, who is the brightest and hard
working among them, does not like this and decides to quit due to Mr. Kapoor’s behaviour.
Question 1 : Whose fault is it – Mr Kapoor’s thinking or Surya’s thinking?
Question 2 : What advice would you give to Mr. Kapoor?
Interview (Very generic and a good overall experience)
Q 1) Introduce yourself
Q2) About Work ex. What do u do throughout the say at ur work place?
Q3)Who is the IT minister (profile specific ques since the candidate is into IT)
A: Kapil Sibal
Q4) What was Kapil Sibal Handling earlier?
A: Human Resources Minister
Q5) So who is handling Human Resources now?
A: Dont know
Q6) Pesonality trait related question. How is your strength goin to help you in ur work?
Q7) Tell us about 2G scam.
Q8) What is bandwidth, spectrum etc.?
Topic 1 : Right to Information
Topic 2 : Financial Inclusion
Q9) Questions on Extempore
Q10) Who is director of ISRO
Q11) Which specialisation would u choose in our college and why?
A – Marketing
Q12) Is advertising necessary important for all brands?
Panelists : Thank you…All the best…

Ramika Kapoor April 19, at 6:29 am
Q1) Why KJ Somaiya?
Then the panelist looks at her profile and says, “I suggest you try for the IIMs. Do not join this college. You will get frustrated”
Q2) What is ur current C2C?
A: Rs. xyz
The panelist says, “even if you do PGDBM from here, we guarantee that you will not get the
desired jump in ur salary which you actually deserve.”
Q3) Based on work experience. Why do you want to shift from media planning to marketing?
Q4) who is your role model in marketing and question based on that.
Topic 1: Can creativity be taught in classes?
Topic 2 : Do B-schools make good managers?
Q5 ) based on the extempore

Sayali Chodankar April 19, at 6:29 am
Q1) Introduce yourself.
Q2) Based on hobbies discussed in the Introduction. Which is the tallest building in India and in the world?
Q3)Questions on technical paper presented by the candidate at the national level. What was the topic? where had you presented it?
Q4) You do want Operations as a specialisation?
Q5) What kind of work profile are you looking for after your MBA. Which company are you looking forward to work with?
Topic 1 : Globalisation
Topic 2 : Brain Drain
Total time : 10 – 12 mins.

Hrishi Varkhedkar April 19, at 6:30 am
Q1) Which college have you passed out from?
Q2) What business does your father do? What is the type of business? Who will look after it, if you do not choose to join ur dad’s business?
Q3) The panelist saw the strengths and weakness, and appreciated the candidates honesty.
They also told him how others fake this section and that they do not choose to give marks to such students. They also gave example of a guy who wrote “Helping others” as a weakness and how fake he it was for them to digest.
TIP: Do not fake ur weaknesses and don’t listen to people who tell you to write a weakness which actually is a strength.
Q4) Work ex related questions
Q 5) Why do we tally the Balance Sheet?
Topic 1: Globalisation and its impact on the economy. Is it related?
Topic 2 : Politics has become a Joke.

Shrihari Navale April 19, at 6:32 am
Work profile (if applicable) NO
Number of years:
Any special achievements: played badminton at university level
About Case Analysis Round:An HR case study…regarding an employee having difficulty adjusting her timing with a US based firm…which was adversely affecting her health..how should the situation be handled??
PI Questions: there was a sir and a ma’m
Q. tellme about urself
A.blah blah
Q.so ur into spirituality?
A.blah blah
Q.why mba directly…y arent u going for a job after ur engineering?
A.blah blah
Q.So ur planning for specialization in finance and marketing,y not in operations as ur an engineer??
A. Operations is well suited for people with a mech or production background,as im an IT engineer so blah blah
Q.y marketing and finance?
A.i like no. crunching and am keen about understanding various stratwgies that go behind making an advertisement..explained them the tzinga example
Q.do u read?tell me about business activities going on currently in india
A.blah blah
Q.ur an IT engineer,tellme about cloud computing
A.blah blah
Extempore topic:My extempore topic was how boom in the indian economy is adversely affecting the poor….
starting mein thoda atka..but threw a lot of info at them
Any other Info:It was a smooth process…case was average…PI was decent..but not much extra
curriculars…no workex..bad grad %age… hope my cmat score takes me through

Rajnini G April 19, at 6:33 am
Work profile (if applicable) :Software Engg
Number of years: 22MONTHS
About Case Analysis Round:Case was about some company facing problem with one of its
employee, she has a project with an inter nation client for whom she has to work at night shift,
she is facing a lot of problem with this time shuffling. she has raised concerns many times but
no response.In a meeting with his boss, she explained the matter and also informed him that
due to this she is having physical n mental pressure which is leading to work problem…..
something like this.
Que were- What solution would you suggest to company to resolve this.
Panel P1 P2
P1: Done to death question tell me something about yourself
P2:Reading my form and asking about the goal part of it
p2:crossed questioned
p2:0k why there is gap of one year during 12th
me: told had some medical complication could not apperaed
p1: ok never heard about this can u expalin what was it and what the docs said
me:darad bhari dastaan
p2:your hobbies
me:reading traveling and watching movies
p2:which book u have read and brief summary about it?
p1:last movie u watched
meulp fiction
p1:brief summary about it
me:all gyan and i dont know why last night had read the wiki entry of pulp fiction so talked on it
like i was Tarantino
p2:scanned a list of extempore topic 30 sec to think and jot points
topic was how difficult is to transfer a book into a movie
Me : ……
p1:added few points which he thought were missed out
p1:tell me two books and two moives which were controversial
me: satanic verses and da vinci code abd about moives just read yesterday that some laywer
have filled a pil against jolly LLB coz he think legal profession is not at all jolly so this days any
movie can hurt anybodies sentiments
p1:had a laugh
p1: cn you name the person who have issued a fatwa againt rushide
me:yes AyatollahRuhollah Khomeini
The end

Manoj Gaikwad April 19, at 6:33 am
Interview Centre: Mumbai
Educational Profile
Undergrad Major – GPA/%age: 70.78
Any other professional certification or course undertaken: NA
Work profile (if applicable)
Number of years: 2 yrs 09 months
Sector/Industry: IT
Any special achievements:
Played state, district and city level badminton tournaments.
Organizational achievements- Star performer
After video clip and a small discussion(query session), all were divided into 3 groups and sent to respective class rooms. There we were given an answer copy and a case paper.
About Case Analysis Round:
Case was about some company facing problem with one of its employee, she has a project with
an inter nation client for whom she has to work at night shift, she is facing a lot of problem with
this time shuffling. she has raised concerns many times but no response.In a meeting with his
boss, she explained the matter and also informed him that due to this she is having physical n
mental pressure which is leading to work problem….. something like this.
Que were- What solution would you suggest to company to resolve this.
There was no word limit mentioned in the case paper, 3 and half pages were given to write.
After this they call one by one for verification(marksheets and work ex letters)
In PI there were many panels, i got panel 4. Two mid-aged ladies (A n B)were siting.
PI Questions:
A- Have u discussed with anyone about whats happening in there?
Me- Yes i just the immediate guy.
B- What did he told u, how bad are we?
Me- No mam, he said u guys are asking about work profiles.
A- ok tell us about urs.
Me- Told
B- After looking at my form(U have so many achievements)
Me- Yes mam
A- Do u have any state or district one?
Me- yes i showed them….
Both started looking at it….. i showed couple more
then i told them my final year project was covered by News Paper.
Again both looked at the copy of it(Nailed)
A- come on siddharth, tell me “we are talking so much about pollution from automobile n all,
what should be done acc to u, should we stop automobile?
Me- Told
A n B both seems convincing……..
A- Do u read siddharth?
Me- I m not into to much of reading.
B- what last book u read?
Me- Told
A- Now tell me how now a days suddenly all engineers have some business ideas, and then
they ended up doing an MBA, and so much desperately need a campus placement? Y?
Me- (socha ki sab IT job se pakk k ye sab karte hai) Blah blah gyan

Siksha Dua April 19, at 6:34 am
Profile : BE student with a work experience in SAP Technology
CASE STUDY: A lady works in a company which is very employee centric. She gets a change
of shift due to a US client of the company. Thus she has to now work in the night shift. This
leads to lot of stress and problems for her. During employee appraisal she asks for a leave and
says that even if she joins again after the leave she will definitely fall sick. Thus she asks the
company to shift her to less stress job.
What should the company do to help her?
Q1) Introduce urself.
Q2) Since the candidat was from SAP background, the panelist who also was apparently from
the same backgropund, bombarded the candidate with all SAP related questions given below:
Q3) What is SAP system for data mining.
Q4) What isthe diference between SAP and OLAP
Q5) What is Business objects in SAP
Q5) Which 2 countries are nearing war?
Topic 1: Do news channels really show the truth or do they exaggerate?
Topic 2 : Night shifts cause health problems or not.
Overall experience was ok, bu too techinical giving a feeling of a viva. Total time for interview
was around 10 mins.

Manali Parekh April 19, at 6:35 am
Profile : BE student with a work experience
CASE SUDY : same across the second slot.
Q1) Why Finance specialisation?
Q2)Who is the big bull of stock markets?
Q3)What is GDP GNP?
Q4) Who is the founder of wikileaks?
Q5)What all sources do you refere to, to stay updated with news?
Q6 Work related.
Topic 1: Foreign Coaches in Cricket
Topic 2: Are Indians followeres or leaders
Overall experience ws ok. Interview lasted for approx 5-6 mins.
Centre : SIMSR, Mumbai (Morning)

Teertha G April 19, at 6:35 am
Work Exp : 13 months (IT sector)
Case Analysis : It involved the Boss and employee (graduate trainee) having trouble working
together due to various reasons like continuous reprimanding and usage of harsh words etc.
It contained 2 questions :
a) Who was at fault?
b) What advice would you give to the boss?
Q1) describe urself.
Q2) since the candidate told he liked to read and write, they asked him about the latest book he
Q3)What inspired him about the author and why?
Q4)It is seen as a trend that the best seller books are turned into films, they asked opinion about
Topic 1: Role of IPL
Topic 2:jai ho NANO: but where are the roads! k.
Q6)favorite team and why?
Q7)Next was an interesting one, about who being my role model.
A: replied as “mr APJ abdul kalam”, I was then asked to quote his famous lines!
Q8) What are dreams?
Q9) Which specialization do you want to choose? (based on that he was asked further
Q10) Where do I see myself after 3 years?
Q11) He was given a situation and asked the course of action for that! (was given a HR
manager scenario (since the candidate wanted to specialize in HR).
The interview lasted for around 10-15 minutes. The panel was supacool! Just be yourself!

Chiran Disha April 19, at 6:36 am
Started with presentation of Somaiya College.
Case study :
FDI in Retail
Farmers would be the most impacted if FDI came in Retail Sector.
What do you think about it? (Do you agree or disagree).
How will farmers affect because of FDI in retail — 5 points
How opposition trying to claim on FDI should not come?
How government is trying to bring more investment from FDI?
Case study is of 3/4th page
20 minutes was given for reading, writing and analysis
Then verification of documents and Personal interview is going simultaneously.
Personal Interview takes about 15-20 minutes

Chiran Disha April 19, at 6:37 am
Topic given for case study was: Allocation of funds in budget in educational sector.
Questions: 1) Will this educational policy will able to meet the requirements of industry?
2) Allocation made in budget is viable or not?
3) As more public is located in villages or rural areas and they are dependent on agriculture, so
more concentration should be on agriculture or not?
– For case study 20 minutes was given
– Basically they are looking for grammatical mistakes and written communication skill and
allocate marks accordingly
Then they proceed with PI.
PI takes around 10 – 15 minutes.
– In PI they ask about yourself, education, hobbies, achievements, extra curriculum
– Why MBA?
– Why MBA in finance/Operation/HR/Marketing…..
– Then where in finance/ Operation……..
– Which organisation would you like to join?
– Which newspaper you read?
– Current GK questions related to sports and finance, inflation %, etc.
– Financial Ratios if you are opting finance

Chiran Disha April 19, at 6:38 am
Following are the events which happened at Somaiya
Started with presentation of Somaiya College.
Case study :
FDI in Retail
Farmers would be the most impacted if FDI came in Retail Sector.
What do you think about it? (Do you agree or disagree).
How will farmers affect because of FDI in retail — 5 points
How opposition trying to claim on FDI should not come?
How government is trying to bring more investment from FDI?
Case study is of 3/4th page
20 minutes was given for reading, writing and analysis
Then verification of documents and Personal interview is going simultaneously.
Personal Interview takes about 15-20 minutes.
Time taken
1. Verification of the score card and photo id proof.-30 mins
2. Presentation on Kj Somaiya.-15mins
3. Case study: 20 mins
4. Interview: 15 mins
5. Extempore: 2 min
Questions: a. Tell me something about urself
b. What is the impact of transition from patni to igate?
c. What are the qualities required to become a leader?
d. Do you think behavioural trainings are must?
e. Extempore( two topics are given-1. Social netwoking media and their ill effects 2. Inflation)- 2mins.