How to Gear Up Preparation One Month Before CAT

How to Gear Up Preparation One Month Before CAT

Exam Preparation for CAT

Now that hardly one month is left before the D day when aspirants attempt the CAT exam, it is important to gear up and strategies to utilise the limited time most effectively.

By now you must be aware of the theoretical aspects of solving the verbal and quantitative sections. The last months are time to hone the skills of accuracy and speed. Given that there are only 60 questions to attempt within time constraints and more than 2 lacs students are attempting the exam, one correct or wrong answer can create a significant gap of percentile.

The first thing one should do is to begin with is a series of good mock CATs. Choose a mock test series that will give you solid feedback. At the same time if it generates your comparative ranking and provides you with a comprehensive analysis of areas of your strengths and weaknesses, it is all the better, Because that’s what is really needed – to find out areas that you are weak in and the areas that you are already okay. Also, the area should be identified as specific topics like Linear Equations, Para jumbles.

Once you know the areas you are comfortable with and the areas that need more attention,  prioritize them in the order of their importance – your strengths and also their importance in the CAT.

For each of the areas that need for time and effort to be excelled in, dedicate two days and learns all the nits and grits. Practice in those areas and solve questions. Solving 100 questions of the same type is not required. Instead, solve differently patterned questions of a particular concept to understand applications.

After that, you are sure gain more insight and solve more questions of that specific area. Hit the mock tests again and check your scores.

Repeat the process. Identify areas where you need to improve. Practice, work on your speed and accuracy. Most importantly, keep taking the mock tests regularly. You are definitely going to see improvement. Do not eave any topic completely untouched.

Note that it is really essential at this point that you practice the mock tests in exam like environment. Try to take a live test for straight 3 hours in one go. This would prepare you for concentrating and solving questions in one sitting during taking CAT.

All the best! Remember to prepare for the worst and hope for the best!


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