Girish Sapra JBIMS CET Cracker

Girish Sapra JBIMS CET Cracker

Girish Sapra
Score 142/200
Rank hu 52

Girish was hardworking and engineer from NIT. He had all you need for making it big in CET.

Girish joined cetking full time program dadar branch and started his preparation for CET.

Cutoff for Jbims was 142 and even after scoring 142 marks ie 99.85%ile he couldn’t convert Jbims and wait listed no. 1.

According to DTE rule if any seat is cancelled by student after final cap round it is allocated to next merit student after consulting with jbims.

This process took one month and after month of sleepless nights girish finally got the call of his lifetime from jbims that he is allocated jbims as one student has cancelled his admission.

We salute his determination and patience of going to DTE and jbims almost everyday till that cancelled seat was allocated to him.

Congratulations for the future girish.

Rav singh cetking

“Cetking dadar branch was very instrumental in my success at Cet. Shortcuts and tricks taught very very helpful especially for visual and logical reasoning. I will recommend students to work hard for Cet and try to optimise their mock scores using cetking mock strategies.”
– Girish Sapra, Jbims

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