GK General Awareness Preparation tips and test

GK General Awareness Preparation tips and test

GK General Awareness Preparation tips and test

The general awareness section is all about how many general knowledge facts you can store in your brain’s memory

It is expected that the GK portion will have 20-30 questions. You should not spend more than 10-15 minutes on it. Believe me, 20 seconds is more than enough time for a GK question.

Questions in general awareness will be from politics business, economics which is too much to be covered in given time we have. We have started with GK40 program which covers 40 major topics of GK from Nobel prizes to Famous books… Slogans and taglines to Dances of India. which is more than sufficient to crack the exams.

You should concentrate on the following areas for Business GK:
1.    Current heads of major Global / Indian companies.
2.    Information on brands and companies as in ‘Dettol is a brand of Reckitt Benckiser’
3.    Taglines of major Global / Indian companies
4.    Major books released in last one year, business related books and business biographies.
5.    Current Business Affairs – Major economic decisions, mergers & takeovers, etc.

Lets take a small test with only 25 questions and see how many you can do…
5/25 is decent, 10/25 is good and 15+ is excellent

  1. National Women’s Chess Championship 2014 won by –
    a. NishaMohota
    b. Mary Ann Gomes
    c. Padmini Rout
    d. Nimmy George
  2. Driest location on Earth is in which country?
    a. Kenya
    b. Chile
    c. Congo
    d. Kenya
  3. Who among the following was the author of Anand Math?
    a. Bankim Chandra Chatterjee
    b.Ravindranath Tagore
    c. Raja Ram Mohan Roy
  4. Which among the following countries will host the 2017 ICC Women World Cup?
    a. India
    b. SriLanka
    c. England
    d. South Africa
  1. Which Indian company has become largest Smartphone firm by taking over Samsung ?
    d. Lava
  2. In which of the following cities India’s first monorail service has been launched, recently ?
    a. Mumbai
    b. Bangalore
    c. Kolkata
    d. Chennai
  3. Which newspaper has won Four Pulitzer Prizes including the Award for Investigative Reporting ?
    a. Palo Alto Free Press
    b. The Tahlequah Daily Press
    c. New York Times
    d. The Taos News Online
  4. Currently, there are __________ member states of the United Nations.
    a. 190
    b. 193
    c. 196
    d. 197
  5. Which from the following countries does NOT yeild veto-power?
    a. United States
    b. United Kingdom
    c. Canada
    d. France
  6. ‘One Family one Bank’ is the tagline of which Bank?
    a. Bank of India
    b. Indian Bank
    c. Bank of Maharashtra
    d. Union Bank of India
  7. Albert Einsten was a famous
    a. Physician
    b. Chemist
    c. Physicist
    d. Biologist
  8. Which among the following planets is smaller in size than the Earth?
    a. Saturn
    b. Uranus
    c. Neptune
    d. Venus
  9. The motto of UNO is _________.
    a. It’s your world!
    b. Life for All!
    c. Peace!
    d. Love and Peace!
  10. Who receives Dronacharya Award?
    a. Scientists
    b. Movie actors
    c. Sports Coaches
    d. Sportsmen
  11. Which is the second largest planet in the solar system?
    a. Venus
    b. Jupiter
    c. Mars
    d. Saturn
  12. The European Union’s working capital is in _________.
    a. London
    b. Lisbon
    c. Austria
    d. Brussels
  13. Which scientist discovered the radioactive element radium?
    a. Isaac Newton
    b. Albert Einstein
    c. Benjamin Franklin
    d. Marie Curie
  14. To which king belongs the Lion capitol at Sarnath ?
    a. Chandragupta
    b. Ashoka
    c. Kanishka
    d. Harsha
  15. The Battle of Plassey was fought in…
    a. 1757
    b. 1782
    c. 1748
    d. 1764
  16. Which among the following river does not flow from east to west?
    a. Tapti
    b. Narmada
    c. Krishna
    d. Mahi
  17. Which Site is not located in delhi ?
    a. JantarMantar
    b. Rajghat
    c. Red Fort
    d. BulandDarwaza
  18. In 2013, where did the natural calamity known as Himalayan tsunami occur?
    a. Uttrakhand
    b. Arunachal Pradesh
    c. Jammu and Kashmir
    d. Sikkim
  1. which railway platform breaks the record of kharagpur as the longest railway platform in the world
    a. Kollam, Kerala
    b. Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh
    c. Gorakhpur – Uttar Pradesh
    d. Jhansi, Up
  2. The first secretary general of the united nations was.
    a. DagHammarskjoeld
    b. U. Thant
    c. Dr. Kurt Waldheim
    d. Trygve Lie
  3. Which day is the International Human Tights Day?
    a. 10 Dec
    b.   4 Oct
    c. 14 Sep
    d.   8 Nov




























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