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Top 10 must do GK topics for any exam..
top 10

10 Geography
Geography ques like Rivers Dams everything become important when it comes to the GK. Run through all important dams of India. Longest rivers and deepest lakes are must do for GK.
Sample question: The Paithan (Jayakwadi) Hydro-electric project, completed with the help of Japan, is on the river
A. Ganga B. Cauvery C. Narmada D. Godavari

9 Politics
Name of all the Prime Ministers, Presidents and Chief Ministers should be on the tips. Especially the first one and the last one, as they are generally high on the list of questions with the examiner.
Sample question: The minimum age to qualify for election to the Lok Sabha is
A. 25 years B. 21 years C. 18 years D. 35 years

8 Events
Birthdays of family and friends are out but birth days of Nehru and Dr Radhekrishnan are in. Do expect questions on the important events in India and the world. Go through all important Famous melas, historical events and important days.
Sample question: Kumbh mela is celebrated in which of the following cities.
A. Amethi B. Barelli C. Nashik D. Gaya

7 India: An Overview
All the states of India and other important questions about India are seen frequently in exams. From cultures of India to Dances of India.
Sample question: The ratio of width of our National flag to its length is
A. 3:5 B. 2:3 C. 2:4 D. 3:4

6 History
Doesnt matter how much you hated history in school days, its going to come back to haunt you. From British era to world wars from freedom struggle of 1857 to 1947. Expect anything and everything right from your school history books.
Sample question: To which king belongs the Lion capital at Sarnath?
A. Chandragupta B. Ashoka C. Kanishka D. Harsha

5 Sports Games
Moving into the top 5 list now. Questions on sports is picking up these days do expect a few questions on famous cups and trophies, Important players and sports equipments associated with particular games.
Sample question: Dhyan chand was famous player of which support.
A. Cricket B. Swimming C. Hockey D. Football

4 Famous Personalities
Important Nobel prize winners, Booker prize and Magsaysay award winners names should be on ur tips for the exams.
Sample question: Mother Teresa won nobel prize in which year?
A. 1992 B. 1979 C. 1907 D. 1933

3 Books and Authors
Dont expect the questions on chetan bhagat or 50 shades of grey. Examiner looks for cult books whole names are long forgotten by us. Must do is the list of top 50 indian and top 50 foriegn authors.
Sample question: Who is the author of Book – Blue Umbrella
A. Rudyad Kipling B. Munshi premchand C. Ruskin Bond D. Leo Tolstoy

2 Economy Business
Taglines, logos and headquarters are few of the must do topics within economy. You can also expect questions on famous business personalities or Brand associated with which country.
Sample question: Magnum chocolate ice cream is launched in India by which company
A. Nestle B. Hindustan Unilever Ltd C. PnG D. Walls

1 Current affairs
Nothing beats current affairs at business. almost 50% of any GK section is going to be current affairs. Go through newspapers regularly but still before the exam revise last 1 year current affairs.
Sample question: Host city for 19th summit of South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) in 2016 is:
A. Delhi B. Islamabad C. Kathmandu D. Colombo

A score of
3+ is decent
5+ is considered to be good
7+ is excellent

D. Godavari
A. 25 years
C. Nashik
B. 2:3
B. Ashoka
C. Hockey
B. 1979
C. Ruskin Bond
B. Hindustan Unilever Ltd
B. Islamabad


500 must do GK questions

For students preparing for competitive exam, the major question faced by everyone is General Knowledge, How to prepare for GK. The reason for extra importance of General Knowledge topics and questions is that it will not only assist you to score very high marks in less time but it will also help you to perform well in Group Discussions and Interviews. General awareness has always been taken at the lighter side by many of the candidates not realizing that how major it can be in competitive exams.

Cetking Gk500 must do 500 questions for GK
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Here are some useful tips for preparing GK:
Tip- 1: Read Newspapers Daily
Tip- 2: Watch Current affairs special programmes on News
Tip- 3: Read Business Today & India Today magazine thoroughly
Tip- 4: Complete Cetking’s GK40 program

Following questions are divided into sets of 25 questions each.

Lets take the tests in parts ie small test of 25 questions at a time to know how you stand as of now in your GK preparation.
Target score in each set.

If you score 00 – 05 = poor score
If you score 05 – 10 = poor score
If you score 10 – 15 = poor score
If you score 15+ = poor score

GK500 Cetking Must do 500 questions for GK in last minute


How to prepare for GK
Exam Results Analysis has shown the biggest differentiation between top ranks and the others is –  GK  !!!!
GK will be key in all of the exams  – SNAP/XAT/IIFT/CMAT/BankPO 

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SAARC NationsVisual GK SAARC Nations

SAARC Nations most common question GK questions. Spend 5 minutes on this Visual GK SAARC Nations and it will be registered on your mind the countries in SAARC Nations and countries which are not. Every country around India is part of India except China & Burma(Myanmar). Which Afghanistan and Maldives are not touching India but are part of SAARC Nations.

Can you try these questions now…. We are sure you will remember this!

Which of the following is not a SAARC country?
a) Maldives             b) Myanmar                            c) Afghanistan        d) Bhutan

Which of the following is a SAARC country?
a) Indonesia            b) Myanmar                            c) Thailand              d) Bhutan

Where was 2011 SAARC summit was organized?
a) Indonesia            b) Myanmar                            c) Maldives             d) Bhutan

So guys lets gear up and prepare for GK – believe me you can improve upon this by leaps and bounds. We also have other innovative courses and programs for