group activity job criteria

group activity job criteria

Group Planning exercise campus calling..

Assume you are a fresher. Rate the following factors of a company that you will consider for your first job.
1. Salary offered.
2. Brand of company
3. Location of company.
4. HR policies such as incentives and allowances
5. International projects
6. Job profile of your interest
7. Excellent training facilities.
8. Flexibility in working schedule
9. Promotes creativity.
10. Assures Job security.

How it works…

Step 1 do your individual ranking..
Step 2 discuss in group as ideal ranking
Step 3 see expert ranking.
Step 4 find difference in expert and ur ranking
Step 5 find difference in expert and group ranking
Step 6 lowest difference

Expert ranking

1. Brand
2. profile
3. salary
4. training
5. international
6. Creativity
7. incentives
8. Security
9. location
10. flexibility

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