How I prepared for ATMA

How I prepared for ATMA

Tips from the Topper


ATMA or the AIMS Test for Management Aptitude (ATMA) is the MBA entrance exam conducted by Association of Indian Management Schools (AIMS). Though earlier the exam was conducted once a year in the traditional paper pencil based format has been now transformed into computer based format, multiple times in a year. There is a total of 180 questions the duration of the exam is 180 minutes. Just like other management entrance exams, ATMA has a similar pattern.

Sections No. of questions Allotted time
Analytical Reasoning 30 30
Verbal Skills 30 30
Quantitative Skills 30 30
Verbal Skills 30 30
Analytical Reasoning 30 30
Quantitative Skills 30 30
Total 180 180

There is a total of three sections in the ATMA Question Paper, which are Analytical Reasoning, Verbal Skills and Quantitative skills. Check the detailed analysis provided below —

  1. Analytical Reasoning:- Critical Arrangement, Deduction, Distribution, Data Sufficiency, Input-Output, Coding and Decoding, Statements & Conclusions (Inequalities).
  2. Critical Reasoning: – Cause and Effect, Strong and Weak Arguments, Course of Action, Cause & Effect, Inference.
  3. Verbal Skills: – Synonyms (word pair), Fill in the blanks, Para Formation Questions (PFQs), Idioms, Error identification, Sentence completion
  4. Quantitative Skills: – Equations, Ratio & Proportion, Variation, Percentage, Profit & Loss, Partnership, Numbers, Simple Interest and Compound Interest, Average, Mixture and Alligation , Time & Distance, Geometry & Mensuration, Time & Work, Number Series, Quantitative Comparison, Permutation & Combination, Probability,
  5. Data Interpretation: – Pie Chart, Caselets.

Preparation Tips:-

ATMA seeks to measure the aptitude of the student for higher management education. Such an aptitude in a person is typically shaped and developed over a long period of time and cannot be altered in a short time frame. Hence, preparation for ATMA cannot be similar to that of university examinations. However, familiarity with aptitude tests and speed can be improved with diligent and regular preparation.

For the Reasoning section, the candidates can practice similar tests to be precise and accurate. Since for this section, there is no precise formula, the candidates can solve as many mock tests as possible. Simple preparation for this section can be done by solving puzzles and riddles.

For the Quantitative section, the candidates can prepare from the NCERT books or secondary and Higher secondary level mathematics books. Candidates can also opt for solving mock tests, previous year’s ATMA question papers and CAT Question papers.

Lastly, for the Verbal Section, the candidates can brush up their grammar, vocabulary and increasing their reading speed. Reading from various topics can give an advantage while dealing with long passages.


This article is prepared as per tips given by our ATMA topper, Ashish Aggrawal, 99.99ile

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