How I prepared for IIFT

How I prepared for IIFT

Tips from the Topper itself


These are just simple guidelines but the most important thing is your dedication and determination. If you read these steps and appreciate them but don’t follow them then these are of no use. Therefore, I recommend every student to be very sincere and give a good try. The steps are as follows.

  • Buy or get a copy of Preparation book for IIFT if possible with solutions. Having a hard copy is very important and we are going to refer it again and again during whole preparation.
  • Refer to each sections and analyze the number of questions asked in each area. As all sections don’t have equal marks. The paper can be split into three parts: concept-driven, practice-intensive and environment-sensitive. Quantitative Ability & select areas of Verbal ability are concept driven, which means that the questions depend heavily on core concepts. For example, a question featuring a term like “cyclic quadrilateral” is virtually impossible to attempt unless the corresponding concept is known. It is therefore suggested that you prepare the key concepts of Arithmetic, Algebra, and Geometry & Modern Math in the Quantitative Ability sections in a thorough manner.
  • To tackle the Verbal Ability section, one has to focus on improving one’s reading speed because the paper typically features 3-4 Reading comprehensions. Also, you should prepare the basics of grammar in order to solve sentence correction questions. Practice is required to solve usage-based questions like analogy, fill in the blanks etc. A good vocabulary proves to be an asset in order to the different kinds of vocabulary questions that feature in the exam.
  • General Awareness is an environment-sensitive area and requires familiarity with both static and current components of the environment. For static GK one should focus on topics like history, geography, economics, political system etc. For current GK, you can refer to our GK junction section and use our various current affairs related sections.
  • Allocate realistic time for each section. And read it all, as there is huge to cover and it’s easy to ask few marks question from anywhere in a subject.
  • Finish through reading of a chapter of a particular section, make short notes of important points, this will help you at last moment to revise what you have read.
  • Once finish a chapter, go back to IIFT Question papers and solve the problems from that chapter. These days there lots of question banks available in market for IIFT do buy one and practice. Also to try to get Test Series from other friends. Solve all of them. This will help you to assess yourself for level of understanding of the chapter you read. Use a single note book for question answer solution because you may refer it while revising.
  • Finish detailed reading at least one and half month before. Keep one month for revisions and clearing leftover doubts. Have a look of question you solved during preparation for IIFT and remember how you solved them.
  • Keep last 15 days for fast practice and revision. Solve as many papers and question banks as you can get from any source.
  • Keep documents related to IIFT like, acknowledgment of application, like hall tickets, application number and other details, in a safe place. Give it to mom or someone responsible, who can give that back to you when you need them. This is to avoid last minute tension for obvious things.

I hope these points will help many of to take a start off. Please don’t waste time and take a start. The one who start early and work consistently reach early and hope see IIFT for MBA. IIFT is a simple exam just needs constant effort to crack it. Don’t worry about competition by number of candidates appearing for IIFT, make highest marks as your competition.

Wish you all a wonderful luck…

This article is written as per tips given by our IIFT Topper, Aviral Aggrawal.

IIFT Score:- 66

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