How I prepared for MICAT

How I prepared for MICAT

Tips from the Topper


The MICA Admission Test, commonly known as MICAT is an MBA entrance exam for admissions to the Post Graduate Diploma in Management- Communications (PGDM-C) at MICA Ahmedabad.

You have decided on going to one of the best graduate schools for masters. Now what? How can you make your dream come true? Preparation for MICAT and appearing for the test is a wise choice you can make out of this situation. If you have a natural talent for quantitative methods buckled up with verbal skills, you do not have to worry except take a few practice sessions before attempting the actual test. This is only to get you comfortable with the question pattern. What if you are not such a math geek and English is a subject you only learnt as part of academic curriculum and it is not your native speaking language? This is where the preparation for the test plays a vital role.

You must remember that scoring well in the test is no more an easy task, although it has never been a cake walk for all the students any day. With the questions that MICAT brings in, the students are always ready preparing themselves and getting to be very competitive these days. With the kind of competition that the test takers face, the preparation for the test has become a big time need for the students.

All that you need – Time, Time, Time!

Give yourself enough time to prepare for the test. If you are an undergraduate student just beginning your first year, you have all the semester holidays that you can make use of, to prepare for the test. This way you can prepare at leisure and due to the amount of time you have, you can spend enough time on practising what you learn. If this is your last year, then you may also have some clashes with the normal academic studies and your preparation. Nevertheless, you need to give yourself at least 4-5 months of time for the preparation. You have to make best efforts for the preparation whether or not you have scored well on your academics. The catch is MICA may not consider your scores if you do not have good academic performance. You have to have consistent performance in your academics as well.

Identifying the Necessary Evil

Before joining a study group, tutoring class, online preparation course, etc take a practice test to know your current performance before actually starting your preparation. This will help you in determining the amount of practice you need to put in, the time you need to give for a specific section and the like.

Identify if you have enough time to go to a preparation course, tutoring class. The tutoring classes maybe best in cases that you know that group study will benefit you. The number of students in a group should be limited enough to get individual attention and also big enough for forming discussion groups. Tutoring classes also concentrate on your weaknesses and help you practise on the weaker areas.

Sometimes, the classes may not be flexible enough for the time that you are willing to spend on preparing for the test. In this case, a good alternative may be an online preparation course. There are a lot of good online classes available. They may give you an option of flexible timing that you can make use of. You can prepare when you want and redo some sessions as many times you like to make yourself comfortable. There are also online group study forums available that you can subscribe to, to discuss and help one another in case of doubts.

Online courses or offline courses, buying preparation books are definitely a wise choice. There are quite a few very good preparation books available in the market. Working on the questions from the books is beneficial in the sense that the books provide a lot of past test questions for practice. Some books even have practice test software DVDs that you can make use of to take up some practice test to have a feel of the actual test.

Now, Practice, practice, practice!

Some tutors also provide practice tests that you can take before, after and even during your preparation period to know how far you are progressing in the preparation for MICAT. You can do as many tests you want to ensure that you are indeed ready for the actual test. It is not really advisable to attempt the actual test if you haven’t prepared well for it. You must remember that preparation for the test is not some rocket science if you put in your best efforts in it. Keep your focus and start preparing…now!

Test Duration: 2 Hrs 45 mins

Test Mode: Computer Based

MICAT Test will be divided into 6 Sections which are as follows

Answers to the descriptive section [Section – A] should be typed in the space provided. All questions in the psychometric section [Section – B] must be attempted. Sections C, D, E and F carry negative marking of 0.25 marks for each question. No marks will be deducted for un-attempted questions.

Section – A (Descriptive)
Section – B (Psychometric)
Section – C (Creative Potential)
Section – D (General Awareness)
Section – E (Verbal Ability)
Section – F (Quantitative Analysis)

Time allotted:  35 minutes for Section A (Descriptive); and 130 minutes for the remaining sections. The Descriptive Section will last 35 minutes during which candidates are not allowed to navigate to any other part of the test paper. The rest of the sections (including the psychometric section) will last for 2 hours 10 minutes during which the candidate can navigate to other sections.

The selection process for PGDM-C happens twice

Selection procedures of following steps:

Eligibility: A Bachelor’s degree, with the 10 + 2 + 3 system, or an equivalent qualification in any discipline recognized by the Association of Indian Universities (AIU). Candidates appearing for final examinations for bachelor’s degree were also eligible to apply. Candidates must also have valid scores of at least one of the entrance exams scores, mainly, CAT, XAT  and GMAT. Visit MICA site for detailed information.

Divergent Thinking Abilities:- This section would be consisting the questions from Moderate to difficult level. The question types would be on Word association, Visual Reasoning, Implicit Statement, Assumption etc.

General Awareness:- The questions would arise from media, marketing, advertising, business, contemporary social and industry issues.

Written Communication skills:- The first question would be with Essay writing on the topic. The essay should have positive, negative and the candidate’s own opinion. The next question is to write a story on the basis of images given. This section was the only subjective area in the paper, hence it was the most time consuming section. There is no right or wrong answer in this section and it tested the analytical and creative bent of mind.

Group Exercise (GE) and Personal Interview (PI):- Based on their performance in the MICA Admission Test (MICAT), candidates are shortlisted for Group Exercise (GE) and Personal Interview (PI) to assess their overall personality, clarity in thought, ability to work in a team, knowledge, determination, maturity and fit into the culture of MICA. Short listed candidates will be called for Group Exercise and Personal Interview at Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata & Mumbai.


This article is written as per tips given by our topper Eshwar Gopal, who got 99%ile plus in CAT, CET but still preferred to do MBA from MICA.

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